Forget Ozil and Alexis, Arsenal need to keep The Ox!

Oxlade Chamberlain still has a lot to offer! By SK

This season has been the season whereby virtually every player wants to leave Arsenal! From Sanchez to Ozil and then Chamberlain! Don’t be surprised mate, if we start next season with almost half of the team made up of new players! Yea!

However, one player I wish to talk about is Oxlade Chamberlain! The 26 years old English footballer has been in the news recently for every reason! He has not been playing as regularly as he expects and stories are circulating about him wanting to leave the club in search of regular football. Jose Mourinho is even rumoured to want to buy him to Manchester United for next season. We must let that happen!

Arsenal may have lost everything this season; they may end up the season without a trophy and may even end outside the top four! This will expectedly cause a lot of our players to take a decision concerning their future and in all honesty, nobody will blame them. However, one player that we should never let go no matter the financial temptation, is Chamberlain. This guy has the power of a horse while on motion and is a good dribbler. Is this the type of player we should be letting go?

Our midfield may lose Ozil next season and with SC19 getting injured all time, we may need to keep Oxlade, if we are serious about having creativity in our midfield. For some games now, Oxlade has shown us how important he can be in the middle of the pack. He can dribble, run with the ball, give accurate passes and even score! His habit of losing the ball at critical places can be worked on! Given constant playing time and thorough training, this young chap can improve! Need I say more?

Sylvester kwentua


  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I am happy to keep Ox
    But the Title of this article implies that Ox is more important than Alexis and Ozil
    I can’t agree with that

    Ox can be replaced and he is no where near the quality of Cazorla

    Cazorla injuries is a problem though
    Xhaka hasn’t proven his £30 + million transfer fee
    Ramsey needs to go.
    Wilshere is injury prone.

    Ideally we need to get a youngish but proven quality CM who can play both CAM and B2B positions

    Speaking of CM, (I feel like a parrot saying this over and over again) but we desperately need a Top quality defensive midfielder. Coquelin and Eleny won’t do.

    Kante has made Chelsea PL champions
    Kante helped make Leicester PL champions
    Matic helped make Chelsea champions
    Toure and Kompany helped make City PL champions


    We need a player who can help both defence and offence. Someone who can break up play, win back the ball, tackle, start the counterattack. We need an excellent defensive midfielder…… Priority

    1. josh37 says:

      Xhaka has had 17PL starts in his career..
      He needs to be utilised from deep as an actual DLP with support.
      Coquelin was absolutely immense last season or at any time paired with Santi. They managed their spacing and defensive duties incredibly together but coquelin has looked bang average when paired with anyone else. Just shows how important balance is in midfield.
      And Matic, Kante and Chelsea took 10 or so games to find a system and rhythm together despite their experience in the league. Kante didn’t have a range of midfielders to adapt to along the way with drastically different play-styles… (not taking away from the fact that he is the best player in the prem.. cos.. he is)

  2. davidnz says:

    Yes Ox is a genius.
    And only 23.
    Only 6 years in premier League
    so he is just new to senior football.
    Give him another 7 years to develop
    and by 30 he will hit form.

    1. josh37 says:

      He’s been in great form this season mate… again! Bending truths to prove a silly point

  3. jonm says:

    “This young chap can improve”. He is now 26 years old and should be at his peak.

    1. josh37 says:

      He’s 23…

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    what happens to sanchez????

    1. josh37 says:

      He’s gone dude.. Accept it, move on and pray his transfer fee will be maximised and used effectively

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    Yes…keep the ox and everything will be just fine.

    Just like the last however many years.

    Players are not the answer people. The common denominator in our lack of success is the manager and equally unambitious board in case you hadn’t noticed.

    The mindset to win and succeed eminates from the top down.

    Brian clough and his teams were promoted and then went on to be European champions TWICE on the trot. They were not a team of highly skilful players but he created an effective system and drilled an undying will to win and motivational work ethic into them.

    Just think what someone like him or a ferguson could do with even our standard of players. Raineri created something amazing with the backing of a wilful and passionate board.

    Just imagine what AFC could do given the chance and with the right pieces of the puzzle!

    Or we could all just go through the motions..

  6. RSH says:

    lmao, he’s finally found some form after being useless since 2011. His contract talks are coming around and he’s just pulling a Theo.

    1. josh37 says:

      He’s 23 and had two good seasons. Pretty horrid luck with injuries TBH

  7. The way things look now we are lucky if we keep SANOGO

  8. chekwube says:

    Arsenal has a lot of problems, it is only a prophet that can solve it

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