Forget Ozil – Arsenal have been disrespected by FIFA yet again….

FIFA’s top ten players by Neil Watson

As the dust begins to settle on the racism debacle between Mesut Ozil and the German football association a new form of prejudice has reared it ugly head…

FIFA have announced their short list of the ten top FIFA players and not one Arsenal player is included…. seriously.

Mbappe, Ronaldo, Kane, Modric, Salah, De Bruyne, Hazard, Varane, Messi…….and not one mention of any of our heroes…It’s sacrilege!!!

It’s painfully obvious the World football authorities have a huge prejudice against our club and the players who adorn the historic red and white jersey. That they have ignored our players in the world greatest 10 players tells you everything you need to know when so many fine representatives of Arsenal were on show…

Welbeck, Iwobi, Ospina, Xhaka, Ozil, Monreal… the list is endless and yet not one of them regarded as part of footballs elite. The one saving grace is that from the remaining players in our squad who were fortunate enough to have not made the demanding journey to Russia, they have been saved the embarrassment of prejudice waged against their teammates…

All in all I would say our elite group have been spared, on the whole, a torrid isolation of racial and religious prejudice and for that we all can be grateful…

Neil Watson

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 9:33 pm


  1. Too soon for this kind of humor.

  2. You nearly got me there. That’s until I saw the huge tongue in the cheek ??

  3. Welbeck is going to win
    the (can’t hit) Barnlong d’or 🙂

  4. Ha ha ha ha good one

  5. You should be ashamed for trying to put down your club this way… Support the club and try t make the future better..

    1. Agree with you Chiza, obviously a new fan who never saw the Invincibles

      1. I’m older than Wenger and have been supporting our club for 50 years. I was having an ironic jibe to lighten up your day! Sometimes people take what they read on this forum like it’s the nstional news when in fact it’s fans having fun interacting. Smile, you might enjoy it!

        1. Nice one Neil, can’t beat a good bit of humour, some on this site have lost theirs.

          1. If that was a joke Neil, to be honest, d’you think that was humour wasn’t that funny.

  6. Abah Felix Raphael

    Sorry friend…we’re not there yet, hopefully in the nearest future possible. Let truth be told…no sentiments here…the journey to that glorious moment where our players would be at the helm of world football has just begun with what the new manager is doing…he absolutely needs our support and cooperation as he tries to rebuild the team and also give us a new image.

      1. OG what part of OZ do you live in, I’m in WA.

  7. Let’s remember it’s only a game and good old sarcastic humour is part of what it is to be British. The fact it’s such a big tongue in a sizeable cheek makes this a decent joke not towards Arsenal so much as FIFA.

  8. It’s a sacrilege indeed

    The statue of the world class no 10 playmaker mighty Mesut Ozil should have been erected at FIFA headquarters

  9. Don’t worry folks…Auba is gonna be in that list next year.

  10. Good job I read the complete article as was about to vent my spleen at the writer. Anyway, good one Neil, you nearly had us there, but looks like you got someone!???

  11. Thanks all (most!), the future is definitely bright, we have a great manager, some great players and for the first time in ages lots of optimism. I just wrote this as something that you would spot as fake and smile at.

  12. Seriously, Can anyone tell me who is worth it among Arsenal ‘s Russia representatives.

  13. Thought this was serious to start with then it dawned as i continued to read, love the sarcasm.

  14. Neil, apart from an ironic joke about the paucity of our present talent , esp when compared to the worlds elite – which I guess we must all agree with – your article was about nothing else at all. Shame really and to my mind a waste of your time. And of those who read it and replied, like I did, stupidly.

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