Forget Raphinha – Arsenal already have a perfect backup to cover Saka

Trust in youth, and Hutchinson,the next big thing?? by Vinod

Ok, let me start off by saying that my thinking would be giving priority to the Arsenal youth rather than buying big money signings. But that’s just me. Everybody is entitled to have their opinion, but if we would have bought big money signings, we would not know who Saka, Smith Rowe, Martinelli are today.

Arsenal never depended heavily on buying stars and we always have put emphasis on turning starlets into stars. It has always been the case and it should be given importance in my view. Even Henry wasn’t a star when we signed him. Anelka, Fabregas, all these were hidden gems that Arsenal unearthed thanks to Mr. Wenger. So our youth policy should always, and will always, play a huge role in the core of Arsenal. If you understand Arsenal you should be understanding this much.

Well, coming to the exciting prospects to look out for this season it would be in my view, Marcel Flores, Charlie Patino, and Omari Hutchinson. These three have immense talent and would have bright careers here at Arsenal or elsewhere. I’m pretty sure of that. We need to make sure that the lads are given enough time to mature and grow as players. I believe Flores and Patino may take a couple of seasons to come through the ranks, but I believe Hutchinson is ready.

Hutchinson has had a tremendous season last year and if given the chance he would be the next big thing. The guy gives me glimpses of Robben and a naturally skillful player. When he is on the ball we can expect things to happen. We can start from just passing the ball around to absolutely take off if Hutchinson gets the ball and we can launch an attack. He is such an impact player that he can create something out of nothing.

There is a back up needed for Saka, and we have two exciting talents in Marquinhos and Hutchinson. So why go elsewhere and spend big money on a player unnecessarily when we already have a star in Saka. We just need a good back up option. There can’t be two tigers in one forest. I know many people will disagree but a new star player disrupts the harmony of the squad. We are not Chelsea where the guy sitting on the sidelines would be happy just collecting the paycheck. Our players need game time to keep them happy and if we can’t provide that, it would be a problem related to maintaining a healthy environment.

So that’s my personal opinion and how I think. I hope my point of view is understood and we can expect big things from our academy players and our scouts.

Guest Post from Vinod


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  1. You better calm down and don’t go around spreading hype about what the kid can’t do yet.
    He’s not even had a cameo yet, you’re writing all of these about him.
    I’ve always followed our academy and the boys, same way I followed Saka and knew he was the next deal when everyone had their focus on Nelson being the next thing.
    Omari is a talented kid, but he’s in no way ready to be Saka’s competition yet or even backup.
    It’s a different ball game having Saka struggle then calling on Pepe, Raphinha, Nelson or Martinelli to come on than calling Omari to come do something.
    It’s mental and wrong pressure to put on him just like that.
    Well I understand it’s your opinion but opinions can be countered.
    Good thing you and I don’t run the football club.
    Hoping we get a proper competition for Saka still and not this madness we feed ourselves about our kids.
    Omari’s time would come, when he gets the chance, he’ll have to know it’s a chance to show himself and not sit on the knowledge that he’s the main option after Saka.

    1. 👍👍👍

      If Arsenal we’re willing to splash some serious cash for
      Raphina than maybe Edu and MA should turn there
      attention to the following players…

      M. Diary
      J. Bowen
      C. Gakpo
      O. Dembele
      D. Szoboszlai
      S. Gnabry

      ANY of these players would be quality additions to the
      first team and immediately strengthen the attacking
      options in the final 3rd, however I personally believe
      AFC NEED to prioritize the midfield and LB positions
      before possibly making a serious run @ one of these
      players toward the end of the window.

    2. Agree – has he even made his debut yet? He might be ready for first team football, but we won’t really know that for a while, and if it will not be a good experience for him if we try to push him too quickly.

    3. Well said Eddie next season is not a season to joke with.
      Arteta can’t take a risky gamble on academy players. We need to compete.
      More funds should still be released how can we allow Raphiha and the Ajax player slip fromnus because of funds Kroenke needs to be more ambitious.

      1. I am not sure money will be the reason we don’t sign Raphinha and Martinez. The Barca and Ten Hag effects are having a massive say in these two transfers.

        Barca were just waiting to offload another player to be able to bring in Raphinha, Spurs signing Lenglet has allowed them to do that.

    4. Hutchinson is good competition for saka, currently more offensive than Pepe, Nelson and marquinos. I know what I see in omari and we never saw that in Nelson. Omari is magic

  2. He is definitely one for the future but he is not ready for the league team. The league cup maybe. He is a good confident young player though who will definite come up trumps in the future.

  3. Hutchinson can play on the right wing. But I think he’d be better assigned as Odegaard’s backup, because he isn’t as pacey as Saka/ Pepe and I’m not sure about his hold-up play

    In my opinion, we should’ve promoted Hutchinson and Patino instead of signing Vieira. The money could’ve been used to sign a left-footed CDM

    1. Gai,
      F.Viera is more experienced than our academy players mentioned. For a coach willing to prove something this season and who knows his job could be on the line if he doesn’t perform, I bet Arteta will not rely on our youth players. I tell you the only reason he is yet to sign some maque players apart from.G.Jesus is lack of enough funds. Last season the team was built on lots of youths its time to move on if we must compete for top4 If you consider M.City, Liverpool, Spuds new signings and T.Harg in Man.U, you will agree next season would be a tough one.. I suggest our talented accademy youths should go on loan like Saliba, ESR, Nelson and even Nkethia did to gather more experience. EPL is more tougher than Wenger:s early days. However, some academy players can be tried as subtitutes in small cups.

      1. Yeah Sylva, that could be Arteta’s reason of signing Vieira. He’d need to sell some players first, to increase the funds

      2. EPL is tougher than Wenger’s days? So how did a 17 year old Saka come through then Or the likes of Lamptey, Jacob Ramsey?

        EPL is tougher is a v invalid narrative

    2. @Gai, have you even considered that they are lightweights, Hutchinson and Patino, they would be totally run down,
      IMO, I think the only player ready is Azeez,
      Besides to ensure a strong team, the midfield must be firm,

      1. Vieira is lightweight too, but let’s see whether his performance is more consistent than our existing AMs or not

    3. Hello we hope this coming season is going to be our as arsenal fans if we got a central midfielder who is much experienced like ozil

  4. I do laugh when fans say we need a backup for Saka.
    If we can get someone better than what we have, why not? You are judged on what you can do now. Not the previous seasons. Saka is top quality. But he is not yet there. He still has a lot to learn and achieve. If any of Dembele, Gnarby, Kinsley Coleman is available, the club should buy irrespective of whether they play in the same position as Saka.
    You have to be competitive and fight for your spot.

    No one is guaranteed a spot in the first 11. You have to earn it.

    1. High level competition is well and good, but unfortunately we don’t have unlimited funds. Therefore, it follows that we should probably allocate our resources towards our biggest weak points.

      Saka may have more to learn, but he has pretty clearly established himself as a top level creative force and in the upper echelon of the league. Given his stellar play for the last 2 seasons and the other players we have at his position it’s seems pretty obvious that we would do well to prioritize midfield and fullback depth.

      Take care of the glaring weakness. Then, if there is money left then to bring in another player to push Saka, great.

  5. need to give him time to develop. Getting ahead of ourselves if we think every 18/19 year old winger is ready for first team football. Saka also started with Europa League matches and same should be done for him if he’s good enough. Not ready to rely on him for a whole season yet tho.

  6. As I can.suggest,it’s fine with forgetting about raphinha. I support the bringing of Arsenal academy starlets!!!

  7. Your desire to give youth a chance Vinod is commendable and in an ideal World ,it would be great if we could follow such a pathway.Realistically, however, there has to be a balance between youth and experience to produce a successful side.As it is, Raphina, or any other winger would be well down my personal priority list, particularly whilst we are unable to shift Pepe .We need to focus on a good back up LB and a physically imposing DM which we have lacked for years and is why we are still regarded as a “soft touch” in certain quarters.We need to add more power and energy to our midfield if we are to make the top four.

  8. Vinod seems to be young Hutchinsons agent, so bullish is he about the untried lads ability.

    Few others, if any at all, myself included, see any sense in being so bullish about a kid who as yet has not even had a single full Prem game. All our young players have some ability; otherwise threy would not be at Arsenal at all. But young players who have not made abreak through into the first team are, correctly, held back by the simple fact that our manager deems them as yet, not good enough.

    To argue with the professional manager, whose job it is to decide if or when a kid is ready, is IMO unwise, to put it VERY mildly.

    1. To argue with the professional manager, whose job it is to decide if and who plays in the Arsenal midfield, is IMO unwise, to put it VERY mildly.

      1. Why the “ha ha ha!”? Are you or Vinod thr manager then ? No? ? Thought not!
        Have you ever wondered why you are not the manager then!!

        If you find THAT funny and worth a childish “ha ha ha”, then I pity your IQ level!
        BTW ,are you actually this sites admin? If you are, then why not try to act like the admin and not like our newly resigned greased piglet Prime Minister.

        You seem to grow younger, in IQ level, by the day PAT!

        1. To argue with the professional manager, whose job it is to decide if Xhaka and Elneny are good enough to play in the Arsenal midfield, is IMO unwise, to put it VERY mildly.


  9. I would be great if they are introduced in Europa because our fans are too toxic, a player can be easily called a flop after 1 game For instance Reis Nelson,

  10. I don’t think M. Arteta trusts our youngsters enough. Under Wenger, Patino, and others would be playing now. We had a team so young Fabregas became the captain.

  11. I like having 3 wingers competing for the 2 starting spots. Keeps them sharp and team covered from injuries.

    However, Hutchinson needs a loan where he can start 25 games or so. The Championship would be a great place to see that action.

    I think Azeez is another player on the doorstep and needs a loan to a championship side as well.

  12. we don’t know if he can cover Saka. and any way we don’t need a cover for him but a top player that can take of the burden from Saka. Saka is 20 and had two very intense seasons which he played all games and had some lows. if we don’t want to burn hin out, and have enough talent for the leauge and Europe, we need a top option and not unproven kid.

  13. Well Vinod, you’ve heard the people says. They have in their majorly sayings disagreed with your opinion which you’re entitled to voice it out.
    However, I think Arteta and Edu are during this summer window embarking on building a very strong Arsenal first team squad which after it has been built with the ongoing signings to strengthen the team properly. The team will be in a very strong position to challenge for the EPL title win next season. But not just challenge for a top-four place finish. And also win the ELC trophy too. And win the 2 domestic Cups as well to have a quadruple title wins next season. Some wins that are rare to achieve.
    Thus, us have witnessed the recent 4 top quality player signings that Arsenal have done so far this window.
    And I believe they will follow these 4 signings up which they’ve done with 4 new marquee signings of: a rightwinger from the list of: Raphinha, Dembele. Gnabry and Edon Zhegrova. Then the imperative signing of a CDMF who maybe could be Youri Tielemans but I can say with any certainty. And a top top quality 2nd striker signing in the mould of Gianluca Samacca or Victor Osimhen. Who if signed will give top competition to Gabriel Jesus who scored twice against Nurumberg for Arsenal today. And to Nkethia who scored zero goal in the match.
    Arsenal fans are talking of a cover to Tierney signing this summer. But has the raw diamond that needs cutting Nuno Taveres not provided cover for Tierney last season? I think Arteta should cut the raw diamond Taveres to bring the valuable gem out of him by coaching him right. But nor send him out on loan this summer.
    But if Man Utd will not continue to constitute a stumbling block to Arsenal signing Lisandro Martinez this summer. Arsenal could go ahead to sign the Argentine centreback to maybe play him as a cover to Tierney. But I don’t really know how Arteta intends to use him.

  14. I am sorry guys ,but I think I am right , a bit too much,…that is how I am and I have stats to prove it too….our “marquee ” signings vs “not too expensive signings or Finds ” and our “youth” in the past decade or so and I’ll leave how they fared up to you guys….just to prove that big money is not always the answer.

    Expensive signings
    Sanchez Ozil Pepe Lacazette Auba Mustafi xhaka ,Partey,White,Arshavin

    (Finds, not so expensive)- Giroud, Koscielny, cazorla for 10mil,Guendouzzi,martinelli,saliba,Tierney,Gabriel,sambi,Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Van Persie, Adebayor

    Youth – Bellerin,saka, Smith Rowe, Holding, gnabry, ,Fabregas,Ramsey,wilshere, Iwobi,Walcott,

    1. OT: @Dan How would you differentiate us if we both decides to play the game next season?

      I might have to change my name,
      TheOtherVinod or
      TheOlderVinod (obviously not age).

  15. Its all right to give chances to youngsters and prospective Academy players. But at the same time, a big club like Arsenal also needs experienced senior heads to take the team forward as you cannot win trophies with kids. Raphinha is a senior pro with a lot of PL experience and a Brazil international and would be an ideal back up and there could be situations wherein he and Saka can play together. There are enough games both at home and in Europe to give both Saka and Raphinha enough game time and Saka shouldnt be burnt out. Also when Saka is injured or needs rest, we can depend on a quality back up in the depth chart rather than a upcoming youngster for important games. I am not taking anything away from the talent and prospect of Hutchinson, he is a great player in the making, but just making the point that he still needs more experience and game time at the highest level before he can be an ideal back up for Saka. The ideal thing would be to loan him to another PL team wherein he learns the hard way and comes to Arsenal, stronger and better. To win big and important games, you require quality depth not just back ups like how top clubs like Madrid, City and Liverpool and Bayern Munich operate. They have a quality depth for every position and the youngsters come up the hard way, ready for the big games.

  16. The project cannot continue for ever, the gaffer is right the kid is not ready.

    At this stage a marquee winger could would not only give us a fear factor, but take tremendous weight off our young wingers and help to develop them further.

    We need a Raphinha like signing as the next winger, that should be the blue print to propel us forward.

  17. I think we got a bit of an insight yesterday to Artetas plan b and it worked quite well. Starting in a 433 and treating the match like the pre-season friendly it was we looked very tired and lacking ideas.

    2nd half switch to 352 and the Arteta press and it was a whole new ball game. Nelson, Marquinhos and Martinelli tried as inverted wing backs and to great success, especially down the left.

    I think we will see a lot of plan b, this season.

    His plan A is obviously the 433, the TP issues might affect that.

    Have to say the returning loanees didn’t exactly paint themselves in glory and neither did the new keeper.

    As for Hutchinson, send him on loan, unless we sell Pepe and Nelson. Otherwise the current 9 forwards in the squad should be more than enough.

    Saka Jesus Martinelli
    Pepe Nketiah Smith Rowe
    Marquinhos Balogun Nelson

    There is already 4 players there not even eating into squad quotas as all 4 are classed as under 21. Whilst only Jesus and Pepe are non-homegrown.

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