Forget Sanchez – What Arsenal need is some proper defenders!

All the Arsenal transfer rumours over the last two weeks has been about Alexis Sanchez, Aubameyang and Malcom, all attacking players, but let’s get serious and start looking at the other end of the pitch in the defence. Because Koscielny and Monreal were both out injured, we had to start our young English centre-back pairing of Chambers and Holding alongside Mustafi against Bournemouth

But somehow we managed to gift the Cherries two goals in four crazy minutes to lose yet again away from home, and Wenger made it clear that it was defensive mistakes that cost us the game. He said after the match: “We made mistakes that were not even forced by their qualities, just because we made bad decisions. Overall, it’s very frustrating that we come out down from the stand and wonder how did we lose this game. I don’t really know how. Being harsh, I would say we gave the game away today with mistakes. It was not attitude, because our attitude was spot on. The players had good focus and as well, being objective, we didn’t create enough on that front.”

He was then asked if it was our strikers or defenders that were at fault for losing and he declared: “Both boxes. I would say on the creative side we were not sharp enough. I am surprised by the kind of mistakes we made today. It’s very unusual and very difficult to explain.”

He then went on to say that reinforcing the defence was now “urgent” saying: “I think we need to give more, push ourselves even more and get some experienced players back at the back. We make too many naive mistakes. That is urgent, as well that we strengthen our offensive power. At the moment we have a lot of the ball, but we didn’t create enough in the final third.”

So he Boss was certainly not impressed with Holding and Chambers, but if he is just talking abut getting Koscielny and Monreal back he must surely know that that cannot be enough. We have already conceded 30 goals this season in just 23 games, and I think you will find that Koscielny and Monreal contributed their own fair shares of mistakes to reach those figures. I think Wenger is right that it is now “urgent” to get reinforcements in as soon as possible.

Jonny Evans, anyone? Or maybe Mavropanos will prove to be good enough to slot straight into the team, but he is surely not experienced!



  1. Malcom in the middle says:

    Arsene but out a wack arsenal team

    Arsenal lost

    Nothing too complicated about that

  2. shark says:

    When he’s not blaming the referees, Wenger is surprised when he is losing. It’s like he did everything perfect but a miracle happened for the opponents.

  3. Geekaybee says:

    The problem is not defenders. The problem is Wenger.

    1. Same every transfer window. Get home looking for action in the market, only to find nothing or we’re just selling someone else. Another profitable transfer window? We need a new manager to get the most out of anyone we do buy or even the ones we already have

      1. A.Ball08 says:

        The problem is Wenger and the players
        We have no leaders on or off the pitch. No discipline no pride in wearing the badge
        We sgould be defending from the front but the number if times our players lose focus. Drift around tge litch when they haven’t got the ball is ridiculous.. i lose count every game
        Sol campbell said recently the gaffer said what he wanted.. never shouted and then the players went iut and done it
        If some one didn’t do it on the pitch then the players let him know. Imagine adams dixon sol henry ect barking at you for not doing your job
        What ki d of pmayers can do that now. No shouting. No leader. At times headless chickens
        AW cant do it witht the personnel he has and they cant do it with him
        If he goes then we still have tge same players and bar a few. Most should be sold off or go
        I feel we gave build a great club on quick sand
        Over the past 10 years
        The old board sold us out and took the money and ran
        The new board just keep taking the money
        Problem is when aw does to leave or get pushed we still have people at the top who dont seem to care for us
        Things and personnel are being put in place now but the damage is done
        I soooo fear from us as we are slipping from top 4 to top 7
        I look at pool and feel a bit envious
        They were so far behind us a few seasons ago and now they seem a long wsy in front for now
        They willingly or unwillingly got a defender they needed and we got sweet fa
        Up the gooners
        We are arsenal till we die

  4. Ogban says:

    Wenger’s problem is not about identifying the weaknesses in his team, it’s about providing solutions. For how long have we been crying about a proper DM to provide defensive cover at the back. What we got is Xhaka and Elneny! Now Coqelin who is the closest semblance of a DM is gone! Let’s see how we make any progress with those two!

  5. Midkemma says:

    I want Koulibaly.
    I know he would cost a few £££ but I think he would be worth it.

    He can play in a back 3 or back 4, solid in tackles, tall, pace to burn… What is not to like about this guy?

    Revert to a back 4 and utilize the CM more, have a true DM protect the backline before the CBs have to make that tackle.

    Wilshere shown some much improved def discipline and apart from that one scare, he has shown a new level of fitness. Not a DM but IMO would be aided by a true DM next to him. He can help carry the ball forward or get the foul.

    AMN looks a real prospect and I hope he gets game time in the middle once Sead is fully fit.
    AMN is young so I would like a DM signing to be an example for AMN while at the same time being competition for the starting spot.

    It is more than just defenders, the team defends and as such we need to look at the CM in their failing to defend.
    Xhaka failed to follow the guy for their 2nd goal… He isn’t a DM. Could have been avoided if either the def was better or we had a DM who followed the threat and snuffed it out when needed to.

  6. K says:

    Why not just buy Mikitaryan to take Iwobis position without options of a swop with Alexis. I think this Arsenal has financial problems, only they don’t want to expose it.

    1. HA559 says:

      You need to strap your seatbelt on because Iwobi IS the next Walcott. It’s goood tha African Nations cup is this year, so he won’t be in team for a while

      1. stubill says:

        Different competition to the AFCON, which is next year, and is being held in June & July not February as in the past.

        The comp’ this year is only for African players playing in the African leagues.

        So we’ll have to put up with Iwobi playing again, god damn it.

        1. Sue says:

          That’s depressed me now!!!

      2. Lance says:

        Africa Nations Cup has been shifted to June.

  7. Innit says:

    I reckon We need at least 5-7 more players:
    1-2 Top CBs
    2 Quality central midfielders ie defensive midfielder and Cazorla type box2box
    1 Cam/10 to replace Ozil
    1-2 top forwards (replace Alexis, Theo)

    But first replace Wenger. Because he won’t do the necessary transfers innit

  8. Phil says:

    Maybe a bit of coaching to our existing defenders would help.But no arguments-We have been very inconsistent defensively all season.Solid and disciplined against Chelsea then defend like Amateurs 4 days later with the same line up against modest (to say the least) opposition.Totally sums up Arsenal.

  9. Sal says:

    ok first i hope this exchange sanchez with miki is all BS cash only!! not in the mood of having yet another man u reject on the bench for the next three years, we are finally getting rid of the deadwood so no need for another dud reducing or wage bill, if they got players to exchange its rashford or better yet martial the rest can rot away under mourinho! don’t want them and most importantly dont need them. Really? miki?! to replace ozil maybe and thats a huge downgrade but to replace sanchez your having a laugh. so many young wingers including our very own nelson whos contact runs out soon how about extending his contract rather than pay premium wages for a player whose a shadow of his former self. malcom, pavon, bailey are all better options with resale value.

    As for defenders we need at least two, an experienced defender not evans please! and i would love for us to go for de ligt from ajax as i dont rate chambers. holding needs game time under a manager who would teach him the basics so a loan would be perfect. but lets be honest this is kronkes and wengers arsenal so lower your expectations. That should be our new slogan! # LYE

  10. HA559 says:

    Defenders and MF have always been priority. Normally it was the attack that took us to top 4 even with poor defence. But look at the league table this season we are 5th best attack and and 8th best defence (behind Brighton). We deserve to be 6th. There is no real DMF in the whole squad which is a joke that a manager of so many years doesn’t realize we need one.

  11. Dave says:

    I wouldn’t give wenger any money to spend, wouldn’t trust him to run a bath!
    Had his day….write the season off (again) hopefully get rid of yank, new young manger and coaching staff and let him re- build!
    If only a guys??

  12. Me says:

    14 days before Wenger screws up for the last time.
    I just want him out.
    I’m not bothered about players coming in or leaving.
    Just want the root cause of all the problems gone…

  13. AndersS says:

    There are no defenders in the world so good, they can give us a strong defence.
    As long as Wenge ris in charge, he will let our midfielders and most of our attackers get away with sporadic and unorganized defending, which makes it easy for any team, even bottom teams, to play straight through our midfield and create loads of chances and pressure on our defenders and goalkeepers.
    Eventually they will make mistakes, look like amateurs & loose confidence. It has been the same for at least 10 years.
    So they way to improve is first of all to get a new manager.

  14. Ronny says:

    Damn right.
    We’re worse of than ever as xhaka never replaced flamini and coquelin has just left.
    Per is finished end of season,(now actually) and kos is ageing and even more injury prone.
    Monreal although does okay is not a cb, mustafi looks flaky when he’s flanked by the inexperienced holding and rusty chambers. One cb, a dm player and forward thinking around our goal keeper situation is needed.
    The sooner we can get a younger keeper through the door and cemented into the no1 spot the better.
    How much for Butland?

  15. oba arsenal of lagos says:

    Now that Walcott’s gone pls sell welbeck,debuchy &chambers too.fellow gooners this kind of exodus is what I’ve been praying for,we should hope the new transfer team bring in at least 2 players to replace the outings and bring the rest in the the rest,I hope we bring in draxler or pavon then nzonzi /gueye from everton and another c.b and r.b for that babyish bellerin.above all hope mr Wenger says aurevoir !!!

  16. Bur says:

    There is only one person who is to blame for the demise of SEC and that is weegor. He needs pushed out . It gone beyond embarrassment.

  17. Taf says:

    Forget Sanchez! What Arsenal need is for Wenger to get the …. out!

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