Forget targets – Inconsistent Arsenal just need to take it game by game…

Nacho MonrealArsenal players and fans are full of euphoria after our demolition of Tottenham in the North London Derby, but one swallow does not make a summer, and right now all the team should be focusing on is winning next weeks game at Burnley, while the reserves should be concentrating on the tough away game at Koln on Thursday night.

This is not my opinion but the words of Nacho Monreal, who came back from injury to score our opener against Spurs this weekend. “What we all want is for the team to maintain this dynamic in the coming games,” Monreal said to IBTimes. “We are a team that when we are playing well, when we are focused, when we have solidarity … we are very hard. It’s tough to play against us. It is true that we have this fault: we are a bit inconsistent. We are able to play two, three games at a very high level and then we have a dip. If we were more consistent we would be fighting for more things at the end of the season. But the win over Tottenham gives us confidence for the coming games.

“I think we don’t have to be obsessed about setting a certain target. We go match by match. The target was to beat Tottenham and now the next one is to do the same in the Europa League. When the months of January, February arrive, we will see where we are and what we can achieve. We aim to win everything but we can not become obsessed. In previous seasons we arrived at January as Premier League leaders, it seemed that we were going to win the title and in the end we suffered a blow.”

Maybe he is right, as we have seen many times that Arsenal get a nose bleed when they have a chance to go top of the League, or face crusial games in our season. Maybe if they just concentrated on winning each game, like they did in spectacular fashion against the Spuds, we could be practically unbeatable!

Darren N


  1. Andrew Elder says:

    You’re absolutely right, if only we can mirror our home form to away matches we would easily finish in the top four. We need to win a few games on the bounce to get the confidence back. We also need to keep the Ozil, Sanchez, Lacazette axis going and no more experimenting from AW.
    Winning at Burnley could set us up nicely.

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    The rest of the teams should take it and get it up their skull… coming from our most consistent player for the past 2 seasons with this one making it 3.

    BTW you guys should read your articles before posting. too much errors lately, Mustafi scored against spurs not Monreal

  3. Wolfgang says:

    100%agree.Dont be surprised the gunners lose to Burnley. The thing
    is the gunners will be favourites to win but the great thing about
    the epl is its amore level playing ground at the moment.If the gunners
    don’t want to be a fly by night team they will have to work like in the Spurs games
    otherwise all the positive sentiment will evaporate.
    If MC sew up the epl by Xmas,I fear for all genuine soccer loving fans.
    That means England will be like Spain and Germany where only a handful of tems dominate 90% of the time.
    Just imagine going into agame where the result is aforegone conclusion.

  4. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    We need to concentrate on burnley coz they are in a great form and are hard to beat.I will take a 1-0 win TBH.If we draw or lose to burnley,surely then we are finished under wenger in terms of consistency in a whole epl season.Considering we are in the latter stages of carabao cup,one of the strong favourites for the europa league and defending fa cup champions,I guess a cup treble will be a great season and top 4 finish will ice the cake.Finally,this may prove as the platform for better things in the epl next season.

  5. ayuskol says:

    Nacho MOnreal came from injury to score the opener against Turtle-arms?

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