‘Forget the documentary’ Lee Dixon reacts to Arsenal win against Bournemouth

Former Arsenal man Lee Dixon has heaped praise on Mikel Arteta’s men after their outstanding performance against Bournemouth yesterday.

The Gunners have started this season well and they beat the Cherries 3-0 to record their third win of the campaign.

The team fell short in its quest to make the top four last season and they have added some fine players to the squad to make it happen this time.

Their last campaign was caught on camera by Amazon for their All or Nothing series and it was recently released.

Fans can see how hard the players work to bring wins home, but Dixon says that is an edited video and we can now see that they are truly committed to delivering fine performances for the club.

He said, as quoted by The Daily Mail:

 ‘We’ve seen the development of this team, the youngsters coming through, the ability to go out there and play the way Arteta wants them to. But the bigger tests are coming.

‘Forget the documentary. That’s good to look at, but it’s the stuff of nonsense. It’s not reality, it’s edited… that’s reality out there, what we’re seeing is reality. A great performance, but the bigger tests are coming. Then we’ll be able to see the process is working.’

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The win against Bournemouth shows that this team just keeps improving.

These are early days, but the signs are very positive and we can see that this campaign will end successfully.

But the players must stay focused, work hard and never underestimate their opponents.

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Arteta talks about Jesus, Odegaard, Saliba and the League table after Bournemouth win.

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  1. He’s right of course. What struck me about the documentary was that there were only brief glimpses of real coaching. I guess the club made that a condition – no footage of coaching techniques, methods, tactics etc.

    We saw a few ra-ra-ra speeches and pep talks but most of the real coaching and tactics were (rightly) kept under wraps.

    1. Exactly top level sport is too competitive to allow that kind of access so you get an interest insight into how certain people are and how they react to things and motivational talks 🙂 Good for us Arsenal fans, the rest just try to find banter in it.

  2. I agree IDKWIC and I would also suggest that, if there were real “unsavoury” scenes, they would also be deleted.

    I’m surprised at the use of flip charts as well, I thought they went out with the ark!!!

    The other thing that I wasn’t expecting, was the style, wording and actions of Mikel, when he talks to the players.

    I don’t know why, but I expected something deeper and more probing, as the motivation techniques were those I used with my teams when I was working.

    Of course, Mikel delivers it with such passion and, watching the players, they are listening to his every word – long may it continue.

    I should add, I wasn’t on a reported £8,000,000 a year, but I loved it just the same 😂😂

    1. Lol Ken, they are only footballers 😜 you say what you need to say, I’m not sure Warknock or Ferguson was any deeper with their profound life changing rants 😁

      But it still gives an insight into what the atmosphere is like behind the scenes 🤔

    2. Yes those things surprised me too.

      Flip charts! With all the modern IT available you’d think there would be something snazzier. Watching American football shows even the TV pundits have all sorts of screen tech.

      And the “fridge magnets” on a magnetic whiteboard… I wonder if they just don’t want people to see what’s really available. That stuff is probably for the away dressing room 😉

      The half time talks surprised me too in how they lacked a calm objective focus on problems to be fixed in a short 15 minute break.

      Ranting in rapid accented English to the players (and English is not their native language for most of them) seems… ineffective? Especially when he’s pushing the fridge magnets around at high speed and his body is blocking the view of some of the players anyway.

      As you say, it was surprising. Even the glimpse in the Wolves game where he draws in red marker pen the areas out wide where he says they’re dangerous when they get the ball there… what the players were supposed to do about that seemed to be left hanging, just a few vague words.

      I noticed that they don’t ever ask questions, maybe it’s because they don’t understand and they’re afraid to say so.

      1. Whatever it is, it’s working, even if GoalDan says they are only footballers and THAT’S a rather demeaning remark anyway.

        1. Yes I know it was a bit tongue in cheek 😜 I was going to change it
          To “Elite athletes” which of course they are….I’m just a builder myself and envious 😁 would rather be a professional footballer for one day and have their wages 😩

    3. Very much how I SEE IT TOO KEN! I found All or nothing interesting but question WHAT we fans really learnt from watching it. We already knew MA is passionate and drives players, I think.
      Amazon were never going to be allowed to show actual detailed coaching on the training ground.
      In any case, it is already well out of date and tells of last season, which is gone and this season is very different already. So definitely worth watching, BUT…..!

  3. I totally agree with Lee,I made the exact same point yesterday about taking AON with a pinch of salt due to the”editing” and what can be shown,which I understand the reasons behind.with hindsight,it looks like 10M easily earned,there hasn’t been any flashbacks, scandals or damaging revelations.

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