Forget the messenger the message is spot on, Emery is under pressure

A lot of former Arsenal players love to give their opinion on the state of the players, manager and club as a whole and for the most part, they talk a load of cobblers. But not always.

Stewart Robson will not go down as an iconic Arsenal player but I have to say that reading his latest comments he does make a lot of sense.

Speaking to ESPN, the former Gunner had this to say about Unai Emery and the position the Spaniard finds himself in.

“It was a disappointing campaign,” Robson said

“They could have got in the top four last year, but they fell away at the end.

“They could have won the Europa League but they didn’t and fell away against Chelsea.

“It needed restructuring, they lost a lot of players like [Aaron] Ramsey, Petr Cech has gone which I think is probably a good thing now.

“I think there’s a whole list of players that have left Arsenal.

“They’ve brought one player in, Martinelli from Brazil.

“They need a lot of new players, they need a new philosophy.

“I think Unai Emery may be running out of time.

“He hasn’t got the bloke they brought in to do the transfers [Sven Mislintat], he’s left, so he obviously didn’t get on with Unai Emery.

“Unai Emery needs a good start to the season.

“If he doesn’t get it, he is going to be under massive pressure.

“If he doesn’t buy players and doesn’t seem to get the team in the right shape for the start of the season, Arsenal are going to struggle.”

No doubt a lot of fans will feel that Robson is talking nonsense, that he is not giving Emery a chance and that Arsenal is not a sacking club, however, he does qualify everything with Emery needs a good start to the season.

Because if the start is not good then everything will be in play, the loss of Ramsey, lack of signings, the Laurent Koscielny farce, no Champions League football etc.

Emery cannot be forgiven a second poor season, it is just too costly to the club in terms of finances and stature and if the signs are there early on then would anyone really be surprised if the club decided a parting of ways was in everyone’s best interests.

So, you can question the credibility of Robson but you cannot dismiss his opinion out of hand.


  1. Not just emery but the whole damn club in under pressure. fail again this season and we are in a world of trouble.

  2. How much does Emery have to spend again? Even Guardiola will struggle at arsenal with kroenke at the helm and this incompetent board.
    We all know mislintat left because arsenal where undermining him by attempting to bring in a technical director not because he had issues with Emery.

  3. Arsenal’s fixtures for the first couple of months are fairly tough.If Emery cannot sort out Arsenal’s away form and they struggle to win games at home against more motivated teams then he could receive an early chop.To be honest his initial gloss has all but disappeared in my mind.It made a pleasant change to see someone trying to set out a tactical approach to the game at hand.However this soon became scrambled by muddled thinking and presumably not helped by an inability to speak English in an understandable way.
    Given the state of Arsenal’s finances,the lack of leadership within the squad,the team’s continued inability to defend I believe that Arsenal will have no other option than to follow Chelsea’s and United’s decision to bring in a former player.In Arsenal’s case it should also be someone who the player’s will look up to and be inspired by…along with a coaching team of former players who will be able to instil belief,desire and a greater understanding of what it means to play for this Club…and of to defend both as a unit and a team.There ate plenty of former Legends to approach..its not necessarily a matter of if..its more a case of when!!

    1. He couldn’t win at away matches because he had to use the ineffective no 10s and he didn’t have good wingers

      Zaha is too expensive, but Hudson-Odoi is still available at a bargain price because his contract will expire next year. Arsenal should get this boy before Bayern snatch him

    2. Emery is making a bad situation worse. Emery is not to blame for the wrong mix of players and missing quality in key position but he is to blame for poor squad morale and lack (after one season) of clear playing identity. At first he gave 150% tinkering game to game, now he leaves the players alone to get on with it, the players looking 150% confused/unconvinced with what “getting on with it” actually is

      To explain it in Emeryish:
      Reporter: Unai, can you tell us about the mood in the squad with your Captain refusing to travel?

      Emery: Good eveining. The team want big motivation and the players give big motivation. All player important, we keep the working our way for results, each player. Mezut is another player who gives us play on the pitch, and I think he can show us a big motivation. I ask him this. I ask all the players. The fans is also they give us motivation, results and the big motivation. Yes, all player want same. Big motivation. And our captain he give us good motivation and we are working everyday on this. Koscielny he stay but want to give big motivation. In training he give me big motivation. Thank you.

      Get rid sharpish, can’t take anymore.

      1. Andrea worst interview ever. Am afraid for the season if our manger is still saying these considering our woeful performances last season. I don’t like his style, I am not convinced and I hope things will change. But Emery has no clue!!!!!

    1. W, SK has not taken money from the club except for the one time “consulting fee”.Agree he does not invest, but neither does he take money from the club. The club and finances are mismanaged.Our money is gone/wasted in player salaries (and do not bring Ozil in the picture please, along with him all others are overpaid for their skills/roles save Lucas, Leno, PEA and Laca). Panic buys at inflated rates and little/no resale value, no CL money,medical treatment for the injured players. The beginning of our decline started with Rosiscky leaving with no replacement, Carzola left no replacement. Wenger got complacent,could not see the decline,I felt the decline when talented players like Loris, Jan Vertogan ,Erikson, Deli Ali chose Spurs over us.Players like Gallas, Fabregas, Arteta, Per and Kos are not captain material, Wenger chose “yes sir” men, never wanted a strong leader.All these factors led to our downfall and today we are struggling.Lucky to be in 5th as Utd. themselves are struggling. Emery too was jobless, hence he needed us more than we needed him.

      1. You got no idea about finance then.. Check the income and expenditure statement of the club during last 5 years, arsenal is amongst top 10 club in Europe by revenue, and we aren’t in top 10 when it comes to players salaries. The annual report clearly states EAT, dividends and large reserve cash, that clearly goes into paying off Stan kroenkes loan and interest he is paying for buying out usmanovs share

  4. Kronke and the paying fans are the problem. Keep stuffing his pockets with money while we sink

    1. Very unlike Koscielny to throw his toys out of the pram. There must be something more to it.

      I feel UE should be given another season. However, should the powers that be decide to make a change Patrick Viera would be my choice. One of the club’s greatest players who now has a few year’s coaching experience.

  5. Emery inherited garbage left by one arsene Wenger.Expecting results from a team with the likes of imobile Xhaka and retired Ozil with stingy Satan Kroenke in charge of finances to perfom is like squeezing water from a stone.Not even a miracle worker can achieve anything with this failures.All they can do is to bottle it up every time. But as fans we have to keep supporting anyone donning an arsenal shirt on match days including Iwobi.Hoping that one day Satan will receive salvation for us to transform back to when we were The Arsenal.Keep the faith..

    1. With that garbage we had shot at 3rd. Got 6 points from last 5 PL matches and most were winnable. His selection mistakes, placing defensively against 10 man opponent, and lack of tactics and urgency fall squarely on Emery.

      He based those gaffs on prioritizing Europa final, and flamed in spectacular fashion in that gamble.

      He’s in over his head in PL quite frankly. If it doesn’t improve by Christmas, hope club has the stones to let Freddie finish the season.

      FL got a lot out of our youngsters, and if club is going down that road FFS go with Freddie not Emery.

      1. You make a point.I also have had issues with some Emery selections to be honest.
        But I am forced to be the devils advocate sometimes because almost all our players were underwhelming bar our strikers.Case in point our midfield, Torreira dropped in form,Xhaka Mr mistakes,Ozil retired,Mikki tired or lazy,Ramsey switched mentally and injured, Guendo&Willock so immature and inexperienced.So whichever way they let their manager down big time.

    2. Sorry, I have to disagree with you. I have witnessed how the a mediocre team become high performers after a change in the manager in the corporate world. In the sports scene, it is the same. Murray became world no 1 after the right coach appeared. Put Guardiola or Klopp in charge, this same team may not be the champion and would have squeezed out 2 more points in the last 5 games to get into CL. Motivation skill is key to leadership, Emery failed miserably in this aspect.

      1. Problem is this player’s were managed by Arsene,they got him fired coz they couldn’t perform.Here they are putting Emery on the firing lane coz they are incompent.Point is even Fred wouldn’t get far with this group were he to take over from Emery.

    3. If Emery doesn’t rate Xhaka, why isn’t Xhaka for sale?

      If Mourinho could get a lot out of Ozil, and Wenger at least a decent amount of good games, why does Unai have problems even getting mediocre performances out of him?

  6. I thought this transfer window was going to be a clearance window, where we get rid of the old and underperforming players. Instead, Arsenal keep the players that have been disappointing us for three consecutive seasons

    If the roster is similar to what we had last season, Emery wouldn’t be able to do much. Arsenal have to support him with bigger transfer budget, otherwise he would most likely leave at the end of this season

    1. gotanidea you should realize that there is so little Emery can do when all these dead wood are on contracts with hefty pays most of which he just inherited. Markets operate on willing buyer willing seller principle. Who in their right senses will pay Mikhaterian,Jenkinson,or Mustaphi just to name a few,what arsenal pays them?and none of them would want to take a pay cut and move on coz they are stealing a living at arsenal thanks to the failed former regime.We are stuck because for us to sign new players we have to create space by moving on these dead wood, but how?Coz even if we were to sell for a lose no one is willing to pay their current wages. Me thinks Emery is not to blame for this mess

      1. Disagree. Emery is to blamed. A good coach brings the best out of the players – he didn’t. He believed in his own hype of Europa Cup guru and gave up on PL position. He prefers graft to craft which is only good for teams looking to be the best of the rest. He advocated his prodigy (D Suarez) and wasted a part of our limited budget. Tinker with formation and strategy at every match yet got it wrong too many times. No, no, not the coach for a team with champion aspiration!

        1. Didi I like your way of looking at the arsenal situation, but you are one sided in my opinion.We had the same problems when Arsene was in charge,he left but we have the same players with the same results on the field.Don’t you think that the biggest problem we have is underperforming over paid players and not the coach?

          1. I like you use of word “underperforming” players. If we have B grade players and when they performed, then we will get a B grade result. When they underperformed, we got a C grade result. When they over-perform, we got a “Leicester City the Champion” miracle! Motivation is the key to over-performance, and the coach is the key to motivation.

            Please allow me to elaborate on my opinion about the players, so that you can comment on the other side of my thinking.

            Let’s start with Ozil, the most controversial guy. I think he WAS one of the best No.10 in the world but has declined with age. Not every athlete can be evergreen like Federer. He WAS a A grade player but is now a demotivated B grade player delivering C grade results.

            Do we have A grade players in the team anymore? NO! Kos used to be A grade but declined with age and injury. Auba and Laca are B+ players. Monreal is B+ but also declined with age. Others are all at best B grade.

            Who are we trying to get in the transfer windows, all B grade players. Improvement? I doubt it.

            We heard we got some B+ young players in their age group, why not try an “Ajax”? But this needs good visionary club management and an A grade coach, sadly we got neither.

            just my 2 cent, please feel free to comment

      2. Agreed,blaming him shows a lack of understanding how a club is run!he inherited a mess,has no budget, too many average players that he didn’t sign, that is not his fault if players don’t want to move, the small budget and being unable to bring in New players is not his fault either,the tactics people were complaining about the same thing with Wenger, don’t you understand that you have to use different tactics depending on players especially with the number of injuries,is that his fault too?by the way he is not under pressure from the club because when he leaves and things don’t change we will struggle to get a better coach so blaming Emery is clueless, pointless and detrimental to the club,team,fans…. instead we should support him before he decides to leave like Wenger who was blamed for everything! have things been getting better since he is gone?no actually the opposite at least he could get money from kroenke which is not a small feat ?

    2. Emery will gone by Christmas that is a certainty.. Arsenal’s porus defending commenced the season Xhaka was signed. He has been the one constant in a midfield which seems to have taken an overdose of laxatives since he arrived at the club. As Emery likes him so much he can take him with him when he gets the boot

    3. It was all about getting the season ticket money in Gotanidea, promises to get rid of the garbage. Now that they’ve counted 45,000 fans ST money they or more likely Satan Kroenke, have decided to bank it instead of spending it.

  7. Club had Sven in place to counter Kronke’s cheapness. Sven did well with 80% success with his transfers. What happened?

    Power struggle with Raul and/or Emery?
    What has Raul accomplished in his first year? Firing Sven? Letting Ramsey leave for free? Butting heads with Kos?

    Oh yeah, him and Emery fought for flop Suarez, and took damn near all of January to do that miserable business.

    All I’ve seen from Raul is shopping for Barca castoffs, and now sniffing around Real Madrid for scraps.

    Is that all his playbook has? What about his “vast contacts throughout Europe” we were told?

    Barca and Real Madrid can run on cruise control with minimal interference from the top. Raul should feel the pressure along with Emery and players.

    How many millions came off wage books and we’re still cash poor? Rather kept Sven and get rid of the others.

    Emery pulling his best PSG at the Arsenal. One year later and what’s his philosophy? His style of play? What happened to “antagonists off the ball” he promised?

    I think he kissed ass to get the gig, frankly, and filled the “anyone except Arsene” demand. He was in the running with Arteta who had zero management experience! I’ve seen him called “Spanish Allerdyce” and that looks spot on.

    1. I’d be happy to see Barcelona’s and Real Madrid’s fringe players join Arsenal, as long as they are Isco, Asensio or Malcom

    2. I heard Sven wanted to bring Carascao last January, but Emery objected and went for D.Suarez instead. Moreover he was denied the Technical Director position and it seems Raul trusts Emery more than Sven. In the end he left (or fired I don’t know). A big loss actually because we got 3 ex-Dortmund players thanks to him and he concluded transfers lightning fast last summer.

  8. I don’t dismiss shat Stewart Robson has said at all.Dmery should be under pressure from the start and he needs to know that the honeymoon period he was given last year has now gone and there can be no excuses this season.Thd squad he inherited from Arsene Wenger May have been imbalanced but it was still good enough to get fifth place and in reality it should have been at least fourth and possibly even third.
    The talent is still there in the squad and he needs to hit the ground running from the off.
    It’s importznt the whole issue regarding Emery is not taken out of context and the Manager understands his position is based purely on results.

    1. Really? Those comments got deleted? Was totally harmless…Turning into Germany circa 1935 up in here!

      1. To be fair Rory there was a danger of everything being taken out of context and AdMart not wanting World War 3 exploding on JA.Pity because yesterday was a fun fun day

        1. Nothing to do with context Phila nd more to do with not having it spill over into every bloody post. Time and place, time and place.

      2. Oh wind your neck in Rory, I am not having every thread derailed with this saga. Over 100 comments today in the war of words between kev and a few others, including myself and that is enough for one day. There will be ample opportunities for the debate to rage on further because take it to the bank the Saliba and Tierney transfers still have mileage in them so you will get your chance to have your say. And finally, bit less of the comparison to Germany in 1935, I did not appreciate that.

        1. Alright fair mate meant nothing by it my bad, just didn’t seem like that particular conversation was going to bubble over.

          1. No problem and I agree it probably would not have boiled over but I just wanted to be sure, there is a Saliba article up now and I am ok with the debate raging in there, just dont want it in other posts that have nothing to do with Saliba or Tierney. I have received complaints from other users not involved in the debate as well so had to take their feelings on board. No harm done.

  9. I think we are stuck with Ozil, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan, Elneny, Jenkinson for another season

    And with no sales expect just a couple of signings and maybe a loan

    Hopefully, Reiss Nelson, Smith Rowe, Holding, Martinelli, Niles can add something to last season

  10. Emery will be gone soon. Look at this transfer window. What can anybody expect to achieve with some of these losers. The club has failed to back him financially. Even if he didn’t make UCL, a 45mill budget is painfully ridiculous for a club that is supposed to be competitive.

  11. Good point about club’s willingness to spend money. I would only add this;

    Why give Emery piles of money to get players?

    1. 6 points in last 5 PL matches at critical stage of season.
    2. Bet CL qualifying chance on one game against Chelsea.
    Faced them how many times already? Chelsea team in disarray, Sarri all but gone, and still flamed us convincingly
    3. Inability to motivate players when squad is struggling
    4. What’s his philosophy? Style?

    I agree who could work wonders under our ownership and management?

    Emery’s style of football is dreary and not entertaining, don’t see improvement with young players, and not convinced anything different this year.

    Freddie got something out of the youngsters, and they gave everything on the pitch for him. Hopefully Emery can learn from that, rather than create friction like he himself stated.

    1. The ownership/board knew Emery spent 70M + 3M(Suarez) and minor improvement to 5th (It does not matter by 1 point or 10 points we are 5th), they may not be trusting him. Promoting FL is for him to step in once Emery is fired mid season and we start a new era from next season with a new coach and players. Emery too is showing some signs like Wenger in his stubbornness to keep playing Xhaka, Mustafi, not trying out the youngsters, etc. His days at AFC are numbered.

    2. Well said Durand. Why would you spend on a coach as mediocre as Emery? Emery got to take at least 80% of the blame of failing to get into top 4 and not qualifying for CL. His stubbornest in playing 3 defenders in the back while we should know how weak our defense is, insisting on using two wind-backs while we don’t have any players can fulfill this role. His player selection, playing the Elneny and Guendouzi repeatedly when it has been proved disastrous; refusing to play Lacazette, Ramsey even they are proven to be more effective and game-hungry … One last thing that still can’t comprehend to this day is, while he should have known better that we need to bring in defenders, why was he trying to achieve to loan Suarez? Just to show Ozil’s that Suarez is a better player?

  12. No leadership on the pitch and poor back up from the ownership. I fear we are destined to mid table mediocrity as we fall further behind city, Liverpool, pikey scum, Man U and Chelsea and are being caught up by Leicester, Wolves, Everton and maybe even the likes of West Ham. Sold a dream when moving from Highbury to The Emirates, and have been served a lame duck!

      1. Tony, you are correct; we need to be reminded again why Arsenal left Highbury and spent a fortune building the Emirates?
        Apparently it was to compete against Wolverhampton Wanderers, Everton, Leicester City and West Ham United for the right to compete with Chelsea and Manchester United for a Europa League place.

        1. We built Emirates so more fans can be served lame ducks a la carte, en masse.
          Leicester and Everton in particular, they seem to be ready and mean business.

  13. We’ve been linked to 375 players this summer alright maybe that much but it’s gone beyond a joke now.. one 18 year old in from the Brazilian Vauxhall conference ? in talks to sign another 18 year old from St Etienne that’s turned into a soap opera, the club captain wants to play for Bordeaux ? Maybe he wants to invest in a vineyard because the only thing he’s winning there is a bottle of wine at the Christmas raffle! I think less than a month to go in the transfer window and all that’s happening is us being linked to player after player after player ?

        1. Oooh very good!! Your last comment last night was hilarious btw… I did reply early this morning, I keep flaking out – don’t you dare say a word ? all good thanks, Kev – the foam finger not so good ? how about you & your little lady?
          Watched the tennis earlier – needed a breather from anything football… it was such a great match!

          1. Haha what comment? Oh don’t worry its the aging process Sue ? haha yeah you could always use it on Kroenke ? sweet ? yeah we’re good thanks for asking Sue ? oh didn’t know you followed tennis who was playing? I said Djokovic would win Wimbledon this year but not even sure he’s still in it. A breather from football…. rumours ? I can’t read anymore and if I see that quoted 45 million again I’m checking into the padded party room ?

          2. About if Arsenal move stateside, I’ll never see them play!! Haha!!
            I don’t really, just the odd game here & there. Nadal V Federer. Federer won & will play Djokovic in the final. I wanted Rafa to win ? I swear he has ocd!! Well you’ve spoken, so I’d better put a bet on Novak ?
            Jeez it’s getting worse, Kev… I think you may have to book me in too!!

          3. Haha so true it would be the highlight show in your house ? Federer in the final again ? what’s that his 25th ? ? Haha we’ll Djokovic will be the favourite when he’s on form he’s unbeatable ? it’s worse for you because your paying to go watch them ? the only new signing you might see is the Adidas kit ?

          4. Apparently it’s his 12th Wimbledon final.. and if he wins that’ll be his 21st grand slam.. and he’s your age!! There’s still hope for you yet ?
            Everything will seem better on Tuesday, when we play – even if it is at 2am!! Yeah right….. Haha!!

          5. That’s unbelievable ? great player a legend! I heard Serena Williams could equal the all time grand slam record on Saturday ? her sister was put out by a 15 year old ? against the mighty Rapids ? you gonna record it Sue ?

          6. She’s scary, Kev.. imagine being the other end of the court, with her serving to you!! Yikes!!
            Amazing how Venus used to be really good & now she’s pants!
            I think the whole game is being shown a few days later on another channel, same as all our games.. just have to work out which channel now ?

          7. Southampton have spent 50 mil so is Arsenal gonna tell fans that we can’t compete with Southampton? How on earth can Southampton spend 50 mil and we can only spend 45 ? Absolutely scandalous ?

          8. Don’t you worry Sue you just ask me and I’ll tell you exactly how we played so now you don’t need to watch it ? I know frightening Sue ??? yeah I remember Venus was at Serena’s level then she just went onto another level ? so I hear we’re being linked to Tracy Neville now a deal is close ?

          9. Some guy from Belgium 15 mil Danny ings 20 mil and Che Adams 15 mil the same man who thinks Southampton can win the league this season ?

          10. ???
            Tracey Neville, hey? Take her hair off, bingo you’ve got Gary!
            Che Adams, from Birmingham? Heard his name a lot on Soccer Saturday, scored a fair few for them!
            Well I guess he’s got to say that ?
            I’m watching Derry Girls – I need to put the subtitles on, can’t understand what they’re saying, apart from swear words ?

          11. Your man Peter crouch as retired ? can he do it for Southampton though ? haha yeah that’s true ? you used to play netball didn’t you Sue ? haha I seen one episode the fella from father Ted was in it ?

          12. I saw that – a dark day indeed for football, Kev ?
            Haha back in the day at school.. & yes I can remember back that far ?
            I saw the training photos from LA earlier.. looks lush!!

          13. Haha I bet you’ll be watching a rerun of all his goals with a giant box of tissues ? were you in the school team ? ? Haha Emery with his shades on ? what are they doing in LA when they’re playing in Colorado first ? ?

          14. Haha!!
            Yes I was – God knows how!!
            Right Kev..I need sleep.. work later ?
            Goodnight… sweet dreams of Tracey Neville ?????

  14. Everything that was bulletpointed by admin has been said on here by those of us who were realistic throughout the season.

    Why are we making such a big deal over the transfer kitty that UE has been given?
    Wasn’t the same scenario in place throughout the years when moving from Highbury to the Emirates and thereafter up to the present?
    We never competed where transfer money was concerned, so what’s changed then?

    UE KNEW the score, KNEW the players he was inheriting (remember the famous file?), KNEW the reputation of kronkie, KNEW the strengths and weaknesses of the players, KNEW he had to play to the strengths of these players, KNEW he had a completely new backroom staff around him (excluding bouldy of course) and THEN accepted the position with open arms.

    With all the above, the so-called “dross” “losers” “deadwood” players (plus six new signings) appeared in a european final and finished fifth (should have been 3rd) just one point behind the best spud squad since the 1960’s.

    So why hide behind AW and blame him? These are not w/class players, but to call them out like this and not apportion blame where it actually belongs is achieving nothing.
    Of course we need strengthening, no-one is disputing this are they?
    Surely UE and his staff identified who they wanted and discussed who they could afford to buy, or is that to simplistic for a club of our status?

    It was claimed earlier that Lichs wasn’t a bad buy because he came on a free, only signed for a season and was back up anyway (at £70,000 a week). Suarez is yet another example of wasted time, money and effort…but all some on here seem to want to do is cover this up by blaming anyone but the ones who were in charge last season.

    Time to get real isn’t it?

    1. Ken, Unai Emery is a “dead man walking”,as he was only given a two year contract, which ends at the end of the coming season, with Arsenal holding the option to extend. Thus, he only has this season to “succeed”, whatever that means to the Board?
      All should agree, that if Emery undertook due diligence of the situation at Arsenal FC, he should KNOW all the things you state above. However, what we don’t KNOW is what undertakings were given by Raul, Vinai and the Board to Emery with respect to financial support in the transfer market and associated matters?
      Unai Emery does not have a fraction of the rightly earned personal capital of Arsene Wenger. Therefore it is going to be a lot easier to say goodbye at the end of 2019/2020 and importantly with no payout.
      For this management under Kroenke, it is a lot less costly to have a revolving door of coaches, than to address the deficiencies of the squad.
      You Ken, I and others remember the dire days of mid table (and lower) mediocrity and my fear is that Arsenal are heading down; a business not a football club.

  15. I saw just now that Lyon have signed Joachim Andersen, one of the CBs we’re linked with….. this window had better turn out good for us, it’s going to be pure torture watching us play next season

  16. So what are Robson’s managerial credetials?
    Robson was youth coach, reserve team manager and then first-team coach at Wimbledon.
    He spent a month as first-team coach and as caretaker manager at Southend United.
    In 2004, he joined Rushden & Diamonds as technical director of football.
    Emery will be very worried about super manager Robson’s comments 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Emery actually has it easy because these days top 6 is
    the pass mark for an Arsenal manager.
    Guadiola Klopp Poch Ole, and Lampard are expected to actually win the league.
    In his first season Unai missed 4th by one point and made the Europa final.
    So he only needs a tiny improvement to make top 4.
    He and all the players will be much better after a full season together.
    The Europa league early rounds allows Arsenal to rest top players
    whereas Spurs and Chelsea will have to play their top squad continuously.
    Arsenal v Utd should be the Europa league final.
    A new LB a seasoned CB is all we need. A winger(loan) would be a bonus
    Emery will laughing at the easy task he has this season.

  18. Sven Mislintat did a ‘Harry Houdini’ and got out of the Arsenal strait-jacket. Now we haven’t got anybody to sign anybody. I think we all know something is wrong in the structure of our club. Sanllehi is a merchandise man, and Venkatesham knows nothing about players or football. Maybe Edu will wake people up. As Samuel Beckett said we are ‘Waiting for Godot’. Waiting for someone who never arrives. At the moment the Arsenal hierachy are in a state of delusion. Our supporters are being taken for a ride.

    1. That’s my fear too mate, we are capable of bringing nobody (remember the summer we only got Cech). At least this time Wenger isn’t around to receive all the blame and say smug lines such as “there are no players available”, “there are no players that can improve us”, “I believe in the current squad” “Bellerin and Holding are like new signings” etc

  19. The club is under pressure. The model that Wenger found success with is incredible yet impossible in the current footballing world.

    Spending even 50m on talent and eventually selling on for 70m needs to be seen as possible.

    The fear is if the market crashes someone like pogba is really now worth 30m and the best a top club can now spend is 50m total.

    The thing about arsenal right now is, we are acting like the market has crashed!!

    We should be overspending and then hold tight for a few windows and see how the major spend is going.

    Pocket pinching wont work!

  20. I don’t think Emery will last. I believe we need a young coach who has experience developing players and plays an exciting brand.

    Naglesman from Hoffenhein now RB Lezpig would have been my choice!

    1. Roshan, you only have to wait until the end of the 2019/20season at the longest.
      Do you honestly believe that Nagelsmann or any other well credentialled coach (young or old) could be attracted to the Emirates?
      If Arsenal is lucky Freddie Ljungberg will stay.

  21. I’m trying to be positive. This is a team I supported as a child. But I’m REALLY WORRIED ABOUT THE future and f us.
    We’re going backwards. FAST.
    We made a complete HASH OF TRANSFER WINDOW. We can’t even afford AVERAGE TIERNEY from the CELTS. Yeah, the CELTS. What’s Scottish football? And yet even DUD SCOTTISH football league has got us ova their KILTED BARREL.
    Going after players OUTTA our league and price bracket (zaha, Vasquez etc..).
    I mean, MARCELO? REALLY? Why wud he leave MESSI, SUAREZ, GREIZMAN, in a HOT country etc.. t play in a COLD country, with likes of MOOSTA, GUENDO, JENKS..
    wud u? Naa,nor wud I.
    Why are we alway going after EVERYONE ELSE bad CASTOFFS
    We’re an AVERAGE TEAM NOW. We’ll b lucky if we FINISH 10th,mayb 9th at best.
    2ND tier Europa footie, f 3rd year.
    When even A TEAM WID A TRANSFER BAN(Chelski), can make a better signing than us.
    We’ve got decent players who wana GO, CRAPplayers who a STUCK ROCK SOLID(OZIL, MOOSTA..). We can’t even pay, them t leave.
    A MASSIVELY LEAKING Defence which has not been addressed. INJURED HASBEENS, like JENKINSON, Chambers who r on £100s of 1,000s wage packet.
    Inexperienced players like GUENDO,part timers like Socra, Manki..
    A CAPTAIN whose on strike. We’ve become a joke.
    We can’t even hold onto an 18yr old (Saliba)transfer , letting r biggest rivals SPUrDs steal him from unda r noses.
    Dreading nx season. The biased pundits(SOURNESS, NEVS) r gunna have a field day with our continuing lack of mentality, new blood, deadwood squad, measly budget,
    plus an INEPT Manager who seems DETERMINED t Finish us off. He DOESN’T seem t have a clue what he’s doing ,etc.
    Only Auba /Laka seems worthy t wear an ARSENAL shirt.
    Why? It’s embarrassing. It hurts. I’m hurting. I’m hurting REAL BAD.
    but like a faithful partner, I’ll keep by u GUNNERS, I’ll try and keep the faith.. Hoping(&praying.. PLEADING), than SUMWHERE OUT There, there will b sum one who RICH, LOYAL and quite Honestly, GIVES A DAMN, about THE GOONERS, sum one who has a BACKBONE t face, MR KRANKE facE, no, grab him from his GOONA PAID chair.. And hurl him into the depth of FOOTBALL OBSCURITY and inject the pride back into MY BELOVED TEAM… Here’s hoping

      1. Janys, I support the majority of your post and would add the question as to how a club of Arsenal’s stature can have a defense decimated by long term injuries and only have sufficient funds in the January transfer window for loan deals and then only bring in an AM.
        However, you and others on here, who think Emery is an “inept manager” will have only to wait until the end of the coming 2019/20 season at the longest to get their wish.
        Kroenke and the Board will try and sucker the supporters with the idea that a new coach will do better. It is a cheaper option to have a revolving door for coaches, than spend the millions required to address the real deficiencies of the playing squad to be competitive.
        Emery at his age and with his CV will move to another club, where people understand professional football and fully understand the constraints he has been working with in his two years at the Emirates.

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