Forget the new signings – Trossard must be a starter in our EPL campaign

This Arsenal man HAS to start the PL campaign

There have been several Arsenal players who have impressed in the pre-season. But one particular player shone the most.

It is Leandro Trossard. The Belgian was exceptional in the pre-season, and he has made a strong case for starting the Premier League campaign ahead of new arrival Kai Havertz.

Havertz was good but Trossard was on another level whenever he was on the pitch. The team played better when the former Brighton man was pulling the strings from midfield rather than the German.

And it is only natural that Trossard is performing at such a high level. He had six more months to acclimatize to Mikel Arteta’s tactical philosophy.

Plus, at 28 years, he is at the peak of his powers and he is proving every week why the Gunners got a bargain in him.

Speaking after the game against Barcelona, in which the Belgian scored and bagged a Match of the Match performance, the Arsenal boss said, “[It was] Great to see him scoring. He’s been working so hard and came in a really good condition for pre-season.”

The Spaniard confessed that the winger gives him something “different” to what they already have in their ranks. “He gives us something very different to the other wingers we have, and he has got incredible versatility and unpredictability to play in different positions too. It will be good for his confidence, for sure.”

After his displays in the pre-season, both Trossard and even Thomas Partey have made a strong case. I think both should start the season ahead of Havertz and Declan Rice respectively.

Throwing the new arrivals straight into the dog fight might not be a wise decision. Especially after Arsenal have become a team that will be hunted due to their league success last season.

Writer – Yash Bisht

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  1. Maybe he’s the only left-AM at Arsenal who can turn 180 degrees frequently in tight spaces, because of his low-center of gravity and skills

    I think Havertz and Smith-Rowe are unable to do it as often as he does

    1. No, he needs to replace Jesus at CF or in the new parlance, a false 9, or is that an inverted 9?😊

      1. Actually an inverted 9 is a 6 😂….oh for ffs I can’t get used to this new stuff, whatever happened to inside forwards?

        1. For me, Trossard, although, different that Martinelli is a more complete left-winger than Martinelli.

    2. Gai, it’s going to be a difficult call for Arteta. On pre-season form I think Trossard should start ahead of Matinelli. He also bring other players into the game than Matinelli. He was massive against Baccelona.

      1. I’d prefer Martinelli on the left wing because he is pacier. In my opinion, Trossard’s playmaking ability is more suitable for the left-AM role

        1. Perhaps that’s true. However, I think it is harder to fit him into our midfield than into our front 3.

        2. Gai I am talking about form. Matinelli is yet to gel properly. He also lacks the trickery of Trossard and GJesu. Against ManCity Trossard would be a major threat.

  2. Not to start “ahead of” Havertz, but as well as. He’s the ideal stand-in for Jesus and will hopefully make it difficult for him to get his place back in the side…which is as it should be.

  3. Cannot see him starting ,especially as Havertz will have to be squeezed in somewhere up top .

      1. Timber and Tossard has to start, but the gaffer won’t look smart if his £65;mill signing starts off on the bench.

        In all fairness these are the big games Havertz comes alive in.

  4. You all can see what I keep saying…

    Except maybe Havertz will compete with odegaard for a starting spot, else we simply don’t need him.

  5. My team on Sunday –


    Martinelli. Odegaard. Saka.

    Rice. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. Saliba. White.


  6. Trossard should start, he’s clearly a level above Nketiah in the striker position.

    Martinelli, Trossard, Saka is the best attacking front. We know it works, last year is ample proof and evidence.

    Attack looks disjointed with Nketiah as striker.

    Truly foolish to bench Martinelli in favor of Nketiah as striker and Trossard LW.

  7. My predicted Arteta line up for Sunday –


    Martinelli. Odegaard. Saka.

    Havertz. Rice.

    Timber. Gabriel. Saliba. White.


  8. *My team on Sunday –


    Martinelli. Odegaard. Saka.

    Rice. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. Saliba. Timber.


  9. Trossard is highly productive.
    He creates and score goals and better than Jesus.
    We began to crumble at the end of last season when Jesus returned from injury to undeservedly bench Trossard. He is a sure bet score/assist in double figures should MA grant him more game time this season.
    My team👇🏽

    Martinelli Trossard Saka
    Rice Odegaard
    Timber Magahalaes Saliba White

  10. Trossard alongside Havertz in the same team appeals to me, their combo will be deadly,please take note.

  11. One of the best signings of Arteta. Odegaard been numb 1 and Trossard been the 2nd.
    Trossard is why I don’t believe we lost the league because of depth.

    Trossard was awesome and a guaranteed goal/assist per match but Arteta bench him immediately Jesus was fit which was a very big mistake from Arteta. He can even bench Saka and use Jesus when Saka was out of gas but he choose to bench the best forward we have at the time.

    I just hope Arteta plays players on form this season and not favourite.

  12. I’m not the biggest fan of Trossard but he is a good player. I think he probably offers more playing more centrally, maybe rotating in and out of the side with Havertz. Doesn’t leave much room for ESR but hopefully he can get some game time on the LW where he was so effective a couple of seasons ago.

  13. Tossard will get the nod and I will tell you why.

    The Belgian starting is good news for Martinelli, who loves to cut in and interchange positions with the striker, while Martinelli quite often does this the Belgian normally pulls wide and feeding Martinelli on the inside with a clear part to goal.

    Jesus, like Tossard, is a roving center forward whose movement to the flanks helps Martinelli thrives , Martinelli is far less effective when deployed alongside Nketiah.

    Now, however, as Jesus continues his recovery from injury, the gaffer knows he has another alternative in the absence of his main striker- and it’s one that’s perfect for Martinelli

  14. If these are the arguments we having then I’m starting to get worried. Trossard is a decent player who can make an impact at the right time ( but not always), however he is far from being world class and I doubt he would strike terror in many defenders. I think we should have been talking about much better options rather than a plan B.

    1. I understand your concerns,, but it is what it is 🙂

      All is not lost though, don’t lose faith the Citizens lift the big jug without an out and out # 9, it is widely believed they would have done it again without Haaland.

      1. This how we will start the game in IMO
        White Saliba Gabriel Timber
        Odegaard Rice
        Saka Nketiah Trossard

        1. Think this is a formation the gaffer will find interesting, but what happens to Martinelli?
          Remember he plays well with Tossard as well

  15. I think Martinelli, Trossard and Saka axis will start in attack. Meanwhile, Odegaard, Havertz and Partey will complete the midfield axis. They are the 3 fittest players in midfield so far. Big question on the LB as White, Saliba and Gabriel are shoe in.

  16. There really is not a problem at LB.The Manager has created the problem by adopting a system which ultimately cost us the League and which will continue to cause us to ship goals against most sides in the EPL. Clean sheets could be few and far between in the coming season.

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