Forget the Ozil agenda, what about the Arsenal rule-breakers?

Media Missed Chance To Educate The Public? By Dan Smith

Judging by a few comments this week I sense some readers are tired of articles about Ozil? At the very least there is split in our fan base between some who think he can do no wrong and others who have their own agenda. So, I was ready to leave the German alone for a bit, but I can’t ignore when I see something that is wrong.

Yesterday 4 of our players were caught ignoring government guidelines by not staying in isolation. That’s serious … Apparently not according to the press?

Last night the media were back to reporting that Ozil still has not agreed to a pay cut and could even get out of his contract thanks to a FIFA loophole.

Clearly some are against the midfielder. There is a mole either giving away confidential information or making things up? Especially as this source is contradicting Arsenal’s official line.

Yet don’t journalists have responsibility? For me, Luiz, Auba, Laca and Pepe’s actions are more serious and need talking about more then who is earning how much?

There are people in my area not respecting social distancing. If anything, this pandemic is being a fascinating social experiment. We are a generation who don’t like being told what to do, who have this sense of entitlement (not everyone).

I blame social media. It’s created a world where a generation are used to getting what they want within seconds, by a click of a button, they don’t have to wait. For some this will be their first taste of adversity and they haven’t been taught how to adapt.

My grandparents were forced to fight in the war, we have been asked to stay indoors for a few weeks and (some) are acting like it’s the end of their world.

Some will be young enough where they look up to footballers. Imagine children, bored, not at school, seeing Pepe kicking a ball around with his mates? They need to be reading about how serious and dangerous that is. How can their parents reprimand them for playing out when their heroes are doing the same?

They need to be reading about these 4 players being torn to shreds, not about 12.5% reductions. Arsenal themselves should do more than a weak statement. Don’t talk about Ozil’s wage, fine the 4 who are getting thousands at moment with the only requirement being; “listen to the government.”

Instead it’s a fictional story about Ozil that makes the headlines. Fictional as in; if you read the regulations a player can get out his deal if forced to change any terms. As we know the squad have not been forced to do anything as we know Arsenal’s PFA representative Bellerin was asked to negotiate on behalf of the players.

It’s counterproductive for players to donate to the NHS, but then make their jobs harder by going outside. I just think the press have a duty to report this stronger and express the seriousness.
By the afternoon it was at the bottom of the BBC sports page.

A fair question is; If Ozil had been one of the four would it have been the main article?

Dan Smith


  1. We are all on lockdown. Nearly 20,000 have lost their lives plus more in care settings and 4 Arsenal players think it is ok not to follow social distancing.

    I readily admit to chatting to a neighbour over the garden wall at 2 metre distance but that is different to going off to the park to play football with friends as Pepe did.

    As far a footballers being role models, a number choose not to respect the adulation shown by their young supporters. We are supposed to be in this together

    Ozil has already had a lot of press lately and if he transgressed in the same way as the infamous 4 he would deserve no more or less than what has been dished out them. I’m not sure Ozil would be that daft actually

    1. Stevo, If your post was meant as a joke it is unfunny and uncalled for. If it was meant to be serious then I truly feel for your powers of basic reason. I am inclined to think you actually mean precisely what you wrote and if so are you related to Donald Trump by any chance. Do tell!

      1. stevo you (along with Donald Trump and his ilk) should study the history of the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic. The second bout of infection killed many times more than the first.

  2. I agree, Dan… they should be fined. These guidelines apply to everyone… even the hairdresser living down my road, who still has old women going round to have their hair cut!!! Unbelievable…. it really angers me!!

    Another excellent article, Dan… and I totally agree with you, if Ozil had been one of the idiotic 4, we’d have heard much more about it….

  3. Top article Dan and well reasoned. It won’t happen because Ozil is bigger news than the dumb 4.

  4. I dont see the connection to Ozil at all, not relevant at all. Money is money, flaunting rules on lockdown is just that. No comparison between the two at all, totally different things and both totally wrong. Ozil needs showing up for what he is and so do the other four for being stupid. To compare is rediculous.

    1. whataboutism at it’s finest. Somehow we are supposed to let Ozil get away with one because of this… Nonsensical as usual from that crowd.

      1. Dan, unfortunately such events like the Corona Virus, bring out the best and worst in human nature. The frustrating thing is that the sense of the “common weal” is becoming lost in society and it becomes all about self interest.

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