Forget Tottenham! Premier League is Arsenal’s priority

I know that a lot of Arsenal fans will disagree with me on this one, as we never want to lose a game to our north London rivals Tottenham, but I think we have to be realistic about this and say that the Capital One Cup game at White Hart Lane on Monday night is way down on our list of priorities.

The problem is that Arsenal have just had two disheartening defeats in a row, so a lot of people will want Arsene Wenger to react to this and play a strong Arsenal team against the Spuds, but I think this would be wrong and I do not think he will do it either.

The game that the Gunners really have to win is the one against Leicester City at the weekend and the Foxes are on fire. They are playing very well and it is an all action sort of football that demands any team wanting to beat them to match their intensity, at the very least.

So resting key players is surely the way to go, no? Also, playing a second string side against Spurs will not necessarily mean defeat and by the same token, playing a full strength team will not necessarily mean that Arsenal win.

Imagine how damaging, morale-wise, it would be to play our best XI and still lose? It will be painful to get knocked out of the cup by our local rivals, but in the long run, do we not have to focus on the Premier League?

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  1. If diego costa had slapped vinnie jones back in the day, they still would have been looking all over stamford bridge for his “face”!

    1. yeah, i like that,

      but just like gazza said, vinnie jones was a nutjob mental,

      he would have crushed costa’s nuts with his hands,

      imagine if costa met his match, huh.

  2. The thing is that this isn’t just a League Cup match.

    This is our derby. We are playing Spuds @ White Fart Lane.

    If we lose we will feel sick in the stomach and too knock Spuds out of their best chance to win a trophy will be uber sweet

    1. That’s mourinho way at having a dig at wanger to say AW is crap, I think the FA should give that asshole a ban for approving such bad leadership by saying Costa is the man of the match, sending a message to children playing Sunday leagues and every playground kids will think it’s ok to scratch, slap punch or kick its part of the game, yes it is a contact game but it’s still a gentleman,s game and don’t start me on that bigger asshole Mike Dean he should be relegated to the conference league

      1. I’ve always known mourinho had no spine or morals but for him to come out and say that costa is his man of the match is truly disgraceful it really speaks out this mans character

  3. Btw Good news that Costa has been charged
    It would be sweet if Gabriel’s ban gets reduced to one match and Costa gets 3 match ban

    That would be uber sweet

  4. who says we don’t have to put up efforts in this game?……..its not like all our efforts have been paying off in other competitions save the F.a cups past!………….. We’d better get serious!

  5. The biggest priority for Wenger should be the return game with Cheshit. Will see what Costa does in that game as all are aware of his dirty tactics now. Would also like to see Fab’s face in defeat! Fab came out gnarling and shouting at Dean to take out a Red Card! The planning should begin now..

    1. Cause Coq isn’t already one of the best DM’s in the league with world class potential? Realistic fan my as* you sound like a puppet regurgitating what the media says

  6. Sorry, I’m.arsenal through and through, beating spurs is always a priority as is winning your next match. We certainly won’t be playing our best team, for me the team that lined up on Saturday is probably our best x1, with it being a tough call between Walcott, Ramsey, Welbeck, chamberlain and wilshire for the right flank if everyone was fit and Walcott or giroud for centre forward if everyone was fit.

    However with cazorla and Gabriel suspended, coquelin looking doubtful and wilshire and welbeck already out, we are far from being able to field our best x1. To be fair I think this is a perfect game for flamini and play arteta alongside him. Ospina should get his rotation, whilst Debuchy mertesacker, chambers and gibbs should all play. I would give the ox and alexis the flanks whilst playing campbell as an old fashioned striker no.10 off giroud. Cech, bellerin, koscielny, ramsey, kamara, Walcott, iwobi, would be my bench.

  7. Bob, are you trying to instigate the Gunners not to take this game serious? I hope the Gunners will not buy any instigation not to perform at Spurs. The Gunners MUST credibly performed at White Hart Lane and knockout Tottenham Hot Spur from tthe 2015 Capital One Cup. Let’s not forget that Arsenal are on for the fifthdruple out of which they’ve won the Charity Shield, leaving the quadruple remaining to be won, all this season by the Gunners. So, the question of the Boss and the Gunners piriotizing the Leicester game above the Wednessday night’s game against Spurs dose not arise.

  8. I agree with Bob ??
    But the problem is we don’t have many options to even put out a reserve team.. do we? ?

    What with the injuries and suspension’s,
    I would guess that our line up will be similar to the one that f##ked up in the champions league..

    I would rather wenger rests all of our keys players but I very much doubt that he will.

    This cup competition is as mickey mousey as they come!
    Let Mo the Ho have it ?

  9. Give the youngsters a chance … Might show a bit of passion at least …. It was wenger’s approach 6 years ago when we were still playing quality football and there was still hope he wanted to build a top quality outfit …To be honest though I can’t muster any enthusiasm for this competition .., spurs or no spurs

    1. Yeah old man like arteta should give young bloods chance to shine,

      just be a mentor, sowe should play all kids.

      no senior please.

  10. No way is the league match our priority, we’re playing Spurs!!!!!!!!

    Look => SPURS!!! SPURS!!! SPURS!!! SPURS!!! SPURS!!! <= Look

    The priority is to beat SPURS!!! at the ground of SPURS!!! in what we call the SPURS!!! Cup.

    We have no gaurantee we'll beat the Foxes even if we rested the full 1st XI, not with Wenger playing Walcott up front against them, not with players out of position, not with Giroud on the Bench, not with the injuries. So please where is your logic?

    If we lose to Spurs on the back of two defeats because we put out a weak side and then lose to Leicester with rested players – and we will lose with Wenger persisting with Walcott up front, Ozil on the Wing and Giroud on the bench … this will be worse than losing to Spurs with a strong side and beating or getting a draw with Leicester with the same players a few days later.

    The resting of players at this time of the season is not necessary. The fitness of the 1st XI at this level at Arsenal is to be able to play 3 matches a week – this is what is expected at this level – it is the benchmark. Players needing rest in September have no business being in the team.

    Sanchez is the ONLY player who should have been rotated this season because of his international tournament in the Summer.

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