Forget this season – What do Arsenal need to do to prepare for the next one?

What if we start afresh next season? By SK

This season has been a disaster! Nothing has gone well for Arsenal this season. We have lost out of all competitions except for our easy run to the FA Cup semifinal, our seasonally injury problems has been our companion; nothing seems to have gone right for us this season and most of us can’t wait to see the end of it. The contract saga involving our star players, has added to the uncertainty at the club.

However, the good news is that the season is fast coming to an end and we have the chance to plan ahead of a new season. We have the opportunity to reassess our performance this season, jot down our positives and negatives, commend ourselves on the positives and work to improve on the negatives. What are the things we need to work on for a better next season?

First of all, we need to sort out every outstanding contract issue we have with our players and the coach. Wenger has to make the decision on his contract now, in order to afford the management of Arsenal the chance to get a new man in ahead of next season. A situation whereby we wait till the end of the season before we sort out our coaching issue is not that good. Most players, who are out of contract, are waiting to see if Wenger signs a new contract or not. The players on their own part should decide if they want to play for Arsenal. They must sort out their contract problems before the end of the season. Arsenal fans need to know where the coach and his players stand. If they decide not to renew their contracts, then off they go! We must move on with or without them.

Secondly, we need to work on our injury problems. Enough of all these injury problems we witness every season. We need fit players to win us trophies every season. Injuries are parts of a sportsman’s life but effective management of such injuries is what helps their performances. I don’t really know what the problem is but what I can only do is to appeal to the owners of Arsenal to find long lasting solutions to this season derailing menace.

Finally, we need to buy players who are really ready to play for a trophy. The era of using mediocre players should be done with! We need two world class strikers, two battling and creative midfielders and two dependable defenders. We also need a younger, world class goal keeper. These players are what we need for a better season.

Gooners, are there any other things you feel we can do to enjoy a better season, next season?



  1. Sam, need a striker says:

    Get rid of the manager and get a new one …
    If Wenger does stay, then it does not really matter, it will be typically another miserable trophy-less year (13 years and the count is on)…

  2. Ramterta says:

    sign wenger
    sell ozil and sanchez
    sack the referees and the fa
    ban the wobs
    sell the medical team and bring the paramedics.

    Lastly avoid bayern at all costs

  3. Disturbance says:

    The best preparation for next season is sacing Arsene!

  4. bran99 says:

    we always prepare for the next season, only to have the replica of the last one. so many things change at the club except one, Wenger. so if we see no progress, we know who got us stuck in the same spot

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t think Arsene will be able to let go of players after all this time. Time and time again they let him down but he won’t even admit it to himself. Today he says fans are brainwashed by pundits. I do believe fans are influenced by pundits, but he can’t himself talk about being mentally weak and under prepared, only to then have a go at pundits for saying the same thing before finally saying that it’s not good enough.

    Arsene is on the defensive so often these days that it is himself he convinces the most. He showed Vieira no extra loyalty. He gave up on Jeffers and Reyes after a reasonable amount of game time. He let go of Eduardo. He wasn’t always so sentimental. Wenger needed to look at his own players as if he were on a scouting mission. That might have helped him tell some home truths.

  6. vinie2000 says:

    According to the SUN today, WoW! not a surprise, is not it ? Our scouts are so GOOD , are not they? Helder Costa from Wolves for 20 millions to replace Alexis. what a wonderful world and for sure Mr Wenger will have look at him. Really? As i mentioned times after times. THE SCOUT TEAM SHOULD BE FIRED! the most incompetent scouts in the whole league. they spotted the likes of Sanogo, Park the korean wonder, the Japanese boy on loan in Germany who hardly touch a ball there, the Bolivian Messi ( Galindo ) , the next Neymar ( wellington ) just to mention few and Wenger approve the sings, really? what an ambitious team, aren’t we? what about the likes of ABUMAYANG, LACAZETTE, Kante? that’s ambition. If we have got 2 of those 3 players plus Mustaffi and Xhaka last summer spending 120 millions then we could not be in the position we are and behind the Manager all the way but we are not competing at all. Have your thoughts fellas, are we ambitious ? mR Wenger has to go and bring a new coach, new scouts, new medical team and change at the board too so we can start from fresh. NO MORE FAILURES!

  7. Gooner Craig says:

    The main thing that need a to be sorted out is the injuries!!! We’ve been crippled with injuries every season!! Maybe I’m bias but I strongly believe that if we hadn’t suffered soo many devastating injuries to players at critical times, then we would have been a lot more successful and won the league at least once or twice

    1. bran99 says:

      if you are in a very long journey with your car, then one of the tires breaks down and you buy a new one, continue with your journey, then another tire breaks down but you just repair it, fix it back, then buy a new tyre to replace the recent new one you bought, leaving the other used 3 intact. you go on like that, the 3 old tyres break down, you repair, then replace the only one which is still new, where will you get?

      we’ve had injuries for countless season but even knowing that (by getting paid 8m a year), the manager keeps the frequently injury prone players and even gives them some new contracts (Diaby) when they are still on the treatment table and at that time they’ve missed like 5 seasons due to injury. where will this madness get us?

  8. Forget this season and we are gonna be out of the champion league lol

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    1. Wenger Out
    2. Get rid of average (ie Ramsey, Gabs) or below average (ie Sanogo) players
    3. Sign a Top Defensive Midfielder
    4. Sign a Top Forward, Sign TWO top forwards if Alexis leaves
    5. If Ozil leaves sign a Top CAM
    6. Sign two competent RBs
    7. Sign a LB who is better than Gibbs and Monreal

    We could always use another decent CB like Van Dijk, Howedes
    Another backup CM who can cover CAM and B2B

    1. Jansen says:

      Not a bad list but who much do think it will cost to sign all those new players?

  10. Wilshegz says:

    Arsenal must face one among Man.City, Spurs, Chelsea/Utd…. I prefer Spurs and then City in the final

  11. Wilshegz says:

    two things…
    …. retain Alexis Sanchez
    …. sign Diego Simeone.

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