Forget title talk – Arsenal are in a big fight for Fourth Place!

The race for the Premier League title is well and truly over as Man City proved with a record-breaking 15th win in a row last night. They have scored 22 goals more than Arsenal and their goal difference is a massive +41 against our measly +10. There is no way in the world we could possibly win it now. As Lacazette said: “We would need a miracle”.

Last night even Wenger said he didn’t want to talk about the 19 point gap to City. “I don’t want to talk about that. It’s good to make headlines, but we need to focus on our next game. City is too far away to talk about the title at the moment. There’s one thing that we are far away but it’s another thing to just give up. You don’t give up. Our job is to fight as long as we can and give our best. It’s not to focus too much on anything else.”

Surprisingly he doesn’t want to talk about whether City have already won the title either… “I don’t listen to all that stuff too much. You want to fight, our job is to fight and to continue to give everything and then see where you finish. You know very well what’s going on with City. We faced that problem with City like everyone else in the league.”

So now Tottenham have gone back above us and into 4th, while we have dropped to 7th, but Wenger isn’t too worried. “The table is the table but it’s not a definite one today. We’ve just played two away games in difficult places. Let’s see after Christmas and January. It’s a long way to go until then.”

And he right of course, we really do have a fight to get Fourth Place this year. Spurs, Liverpool and Burnley are all above us, but only by one single point. Luckily for us Tottenham are off to play at the Etihad on Saturday, and the following week they go to Burnley, while Liverpool have to come to the Emirates. Everything could change yet again, but one thing is sure. The race for Fourth Place is going to be the most exciting competition this season and will go right down to the wire!



  1. Nayr says:

    so if we miss top 4 does it mean wenger will go?
    seems top 4 was the target this season from the start.

    1. shark says:

      He won’t go. He will say that he has a contract and will have to respect it. I’m so sick about his press conferences. The team plays nothing and he talks about the table. He doesn’t care about what fans feel every match. We are stuck with an ignorant old man and a money lover owner. All we have to do is wait and wait … and wait. It’s up to everyone of us how much we will resist.

      1. GB says:

        He will be gone at the end of this season whatever happens.
        As I said previously, if he ain’t gone then I am, from Justarse.

        1. Ivan says:

          I would love that to be true and really hope you are right as I fear he will cling on no matter how far he drags us down.

  2. gotanidea says:

    I will consider Arsenal very lucky if they can sit at the 4th position at the end of this season, because they have blown their chances with the Southampton, MU and West Ham matches. Let’s see the next Premier League matches:

    – Vs Newcastle (home): Wenger vs Benitez, ex Valencia, Real Madrid, Inter and Liverpool manager that has won major European and La Liga trophies.

    – Vs Liverpool (home): Liverpool have been inconsistently demolished their opponents with obscene goal difference. Arsenal was one of them.

    – Vs Crystal Palace (away): We know how crappy Arsenal is in away games recently.

    – Vs WBA (away): If Arsenal have bad results before this match, expect another obliteration.

    – Vs Chelsea (home): Chelsea is always strong under Abramovich and Conte. This match is also a derby.

    Then let’s see how Arsenal players do in the current top Premier League player list (

    – Passes: Xhaka is the second player that produced the most passes, but we know that most of his passes are backpasses.

    – Assists: Not bad, currently Ramsey is the second player that produced the most assists. The good thing about Ramsey is he created the assists from open play, not from set piece situations.

    – Clean sheets: Very good, Cech is the second player that has the most clean sheets.

    – And that’s it. There are no other outstanding statistics from Arsenal players so far.

    If Wenger doesn’t change his team’s football philosophy, I highly doubt Arsenal would reach the 4th position next year.

    1. McLovin says:

      I realized this Morning:

      we have conceded 20 goals in 17 games, which is a horrible return. Yet, Cech is 2nd in clean sheets.

      When we concede, that opens up the floodgates.

  3. rkw says:

    LOL … it was over by end of August … we are are now closer to teams in the relegation zone than the team at the top and hoping that burnley will hit the skids to give us a shouting chance of a top 4 … sensible people have known for 5 years of more that we cant win a big trophy with wenger in charge the big question is whether that is possible if the greedy yank remains the owner .. but at this moment wenger out is at least doable so thats where true fans need to make their call heard

  4. ks-gunner says:

    You guys are the worse, cant you all see that we are just like spurs, if not spurs being a club who has more ambition then us which makes us what?

    Look at Denver nuggets in america, never ever have they come close to winning the nba, never! And we are just like the same.

    1. GB says:

      We are nothing like spurs, we have won stuff! And before you say I’m living in the past, we will win more than they ever will.

      1. Rkw says:

        That’s right we r nothing like spurs their fans have a big game against juve to look forward to .. We on the other hand are playing a bunch of reindeer herders somewhere in the arctic circle on some dark February night … Thanks Arsene and his followers of 4th place junkies

        1. GB says:

          At least we can look forward to beating the Bambi Boys whilst spurs fans are looking forward to going out. By the way, I’m not an AKB! He’s toast at the end of the season, thank Yoda. He’s my god by the way, I’m a Jedi.

  5. Raoh says:

    The biggest issue at the moment is the side inability to score when it matters. We had great games both at City & United yet failed to score when it mattered! At the same time we were let down by our defence (Kostafi) and an aging keeper that isn’t decisive anymore & can’t stop a penalty.

    The season is still long so let’s see what happens top 4 even top 3 is feasible. Catching Man City is not realistic and off the table really. We are 1 pt off Liverpool and Spurs and 4 off Chelsea. But we can’t afford to lose games or draw like against West Ham. Not when you have Ozil & Sanchez as well as the possibility of Lacazette playing at the same time. Those are games we have to win specially when we have over 60% possession and we have a crazy amount of shot on goal. Simply put we are not sharp and ruthless enough.

    We also lack quality in some areas. Don’t know what is going to happen with Ozil & Sanchez but if they both go that quality will drop even further. Wenger will have to hold onto Walcott & Giroud if it happens. Now if the club is able to keep one if ever both but I doubt at this point either look at on the pitch performance and believes they’ll get somewhere by staying and committing long term.

    On the flipside lots of excitement with the 2 new acquisitions off the pitch for our transfer dealings can’t wait to see what type of fruits come from it: Leon Goretzka & Nzonzi are heavily linked. Not expecting much but throwing that out there…

  6. Wolfgang says:

    This old guy shd leave asap otherwise he risks blemishing his legacy.
    His good times are over and his reluctance to delegate is the main
    He knows only one way to play soccer; possession football with many passes
    but will come unstuck against teams who park the bus/lorry etc.
    That’s why defence is rated very low in his priority’and thats why his record is
    so poor against the top teams.
    I don’t know how Arsenal can get rid of him short of firing a guy who will always respects his contract ie 7million gbp

    1. Xxnofx says:

      He should have left when we win the fa cup in 2013
      But now here we are 4 years later and nothing as changed ,and there’s no point repeating the problems cause I and most fans on here sound like a broken record ..
      What I will say what I noticed last nite was that we need a complete overhaul in our squad which is not going to happen in 1 transfer market ,so strap in for more of the same cause nothing’s goer change anytime soon

    2. jon fox says:

      Good comments, but SURELY his legacy was tarnished years ago and more recently has gone from being merely tarnished to being destroyed for ever. He is now a hate figure and effectively an enemy of our clubs chances of reaching our potential to many thousands of fans. Some still retain an affection but would rather he left, fewer still – a tiny minority – still want him to stay as manager but the vast majority want him out ASAP, by whatever way is achieved quickest. He is like the last unwanted guest at a party who will not leave. Sometimes you have to physically throw that guest out. We should do the same with Wenger, since he will never go, voluntarily!

  7. jon fox says:

    Lets examine the only realistic options concerning where we finish in Prem: If fourth , it is likely Wenger will be allowed to stay for his whole two years; ie til end of next season. If fifth but without any cup trophy, I would say he has a 50-50 chance to keep his job; that is if he only just misses fourth place. But if 5 points or more off CL places he is clearly more likely to be sacked If sixth or lower I believe the board will bow to fan pressure and do what they should have done ten years ago, in sacking him. I obviously, being keen to see our club back at the very top where we belong, am keen to finish as low as possible. It would be terrible news if he got fourth and thus remained, only to go out of the CL in the first knockout tie next year(AS USUAL). I RULE OUT ANY CHANCE OF US FINISHING HIGHER THAN FOURTH AND ALSO OF HIM EVER RESIGNING. If he is not sacked, he would stay until his nineties, if left up to him. Being a realist , I have never bought into his uttered nonsense about doing whatever is best for the club, rather than him. HE HAS PROVED OVER A FULL DECADE NOW, WHAT RUBBISH THAT STATEMENT IS.

    1. Xxnofx says:

      I think your being optimistic .
      I would even say he wouldnt be sacked even if we finish 10th
      He needs to go but I don’t see how this is goer happen unless all fans pull Together and want the same thing ,and it’s not just wenger it’s the whole board and owner aswell
      But as me and you both know this won’t happen because we have some fans who think we are in a brilliant situation and lucky to have him and the board

      1. jon fox says:

        I like your thoughts and fully agree that he must be made to go, whatever it takes. The only realistic way to get the whole shocking cancer out of our club; owner, board and Wenger is to totally stop attending by, hopefully everyone, or at least having a regularly half empty ground. Only money motivates these snakes who misrun our club.

      2. shark says:

        Most probably he will be sacked if we finish 10th because that place doesn’t bring the money Kroenke wants. Also we have nobody to sell on big money.

  8. Gunners says:

    We wee never in contention anyway. we wont even make top 4. There are too many disinterested players in our team, Sanchez, Bellerin, Xhaka, Iwobi even our captain is flat

    1. Ivan says:

      I agree. A couple of months ago I said we would finish 5th but we are doing worse this year so more likely it will be 6th. Sadly I cannot see Wenger leaving even then.

  9. Ray says:

    I thought the whole point of moving to the next level “World stage” and invest in a new stadium was to also get a team capable of the same level. Combined with a manager who is equally stepping up the level required, of course?!

    The ticket prices suggest that is exactly what we have but, in reality, this is a club that has been in decline since that move to the Emirates Stadium! Sure the revenues are okay but the seats that are vacant at the stadium tell a true story. As time has gone by I have noticed the ever receding numbers in the stands. It’s seems it’s getting to the point where ticket prices are rising because the numbers are dropping? More fans, cheaper tickets. Less fans, expensive tickets. That is how the club repays the faithful!

    Yet, the club (top level) continue, arrogantly to ignore the pleas from the ever trustful fan base to fulfil the promise and dream of “entertaining” on the “World stage” with a stadium already paid for! I understand that a club does not have to include the fans in the decisions it makes. That’s just not right. But, the clear and obvious deceptions that emanate from the club, raising the fans expectations every summer leave a very bad taste in the mouth around about this time of the year, every year! Even Rio Ferdinand feels the same way and I bet he has little love for Arsenal already?

    The manager is simply unable to deliver any more, both technically and tactically. He’s almost clueless. I see more animation from every other manager on the side-lines in the EPL and yet, Arsene Wenger and Steve Bould are always sat on their arse. Where is the motivation and encouragement during the game? Let’s face it, this team look lost sometimes because there sure as hell aren’t any leaders on the field!

    If a game was won on passing alone, we would win the EPL. Flat out! Of course it’s not though and we’re still struggling to score because most of the passes are backwards (Not mentioning any names here). We all know who and why. Again, tactically we never change and we don’t have a back-up plan. We’re screwed. No one seems to know the way forward. Only side-ways and backwards. Onwards and downwards then.. The fight for the top half of the table is on!! COYG!!

  10. Mitch Connor says:

    We let be lucky not to finish 6th
    I think we need to gamble and put all our eggs in one basket with Europa League

    1. Sue says:

      Let’s hope Arsene sees it that way

  11. AndersS says:

    Arsene Wenger never commits himself to a specific target for our position in the PL. It is always some lose remarks, that can sound OK, but in reality, they aren’t anything that can install a winning attitude, and especially, they aren’t something that he can be held accountable for at the end of the season.
    No wonder, we always lack that little bit of extra, that separates winners from also rans.

  12. Sue says:

    I hate to think where we’ll end up finishing at this rate!! Don’t think we should make room in the trophy cabinet this season!!!

  13. Jeremy says:

    Dream on, 4th place?

    If we don’t fix the goal leaking of average 1 per game, we would be trying to see if we are in the top or bottom half in the table.

    Our strikers are clearly short of confidence.

  14. Shinoda says:

    There was a time when it was just Arsenal vs ManU, & then Arsenal vs ManU vs Chelsea, & then Arsenal vs ManU vs Chelsea vs Mancity. Right now, we’re not even in the title race & competition for 4th spot has become tougher & we are 7th, 19 points behind ManCity & it’s only 17 games played. If this doesn’t convince anyone that we’ve been on a downward spiral then we need prayers. Wenger is finished as a manager. I said I’m not spending a dime on this club until I see serious changes & improvements. Ain’t no way am I gona give my hard earned money to greedy people who don’t have the best interest of this club at heart. I love Arsenal too much to contribute to this rot. That’s my way of protesting against this regime.

  15. arsenal#7 says:

    Let’s talk after the new Year . By then we should be firmly in 8-10 position and anything less
    than buying Neymar will not get us into top 4.
    Everyone has good comments but we have only one mode of change: leave the stadium empty
    for a few matches. Hit them where it hurts: their pockets
    No-one in this club even remotely cares anymore. Someone said that Wenger and his assistants look like the 3 stooges. Spot on. I look at our coaching group and besides smirks and negativity nothing else is coming out. Players look devoid of any passion and ideas. Board ,owner the same
    entitled attitude and dismissal of the fans as we do not know. We do and we care. Let’s change this.

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