Forget Vlahovic – Arsenal must sign Victor Osimhen this summer

Here is why Arsenal must sign £112 million striker and not Vlahović by AA

If Arsenal need a proven striker, the first choice has to be Victor Osimhen and not Dušan Vlahović as alluded to by ESPN analyst Janusz Michallik in an article mentioned on JustArsenal earlier.

The star striker netted a hat trick for Napoli in their 6-1 mauling of Sassuolo in a Serie A fixture yesterday at the Stadio Città del Tricolore.

Undoubtedly, the Nigeria international is one of the finest strikers in Europe at the moment and has been linked with a number of heavyweights including Arsenal.

The most remarkable thing about the 25-year-old is his ability to score any type of goal and has shown that yet again recently in the colors of Napoli.

Last weekend, he scored a header against Cagliari to take his headed goals to 18 in the Serie A, the second most in the top five leagues in Europe since making his debut in the 2020/2021 season with only former Tottenham striker Harry Kane boasting more (24), according to Opta.

He was at his best once again in Napoli’s victory over Sassuolo yesterday, where he chanced his marker to score the first goal, showed great anticipation for his second after a defensive mistake, and demonstrated composure for his third of the game.

Remarkably, the 25-year-old had five shots in the contest, three of which found the back of the net which is an indication of how efficient he is in front of goal.

Of all the strikers that have been linked with Arsenal, he is the closest to rival Manchester City’s Erling Haaland and that is why Arsenal can’t afford to miss out on him come next summer.

Additionally, Osimhen’s goal-scoring prowess is also as remarkable as his work rate, which is pivotal for any player that wants to play in Mikel Arteta’s side.

His performances at the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations for Nigeria are a good illustration of that where his physical presence was a menace for the opposition defense.

Arsenal are scoring aplenty recently but they need a striker like the Nigerian to keep rivaling Manchester City in the Premier League and fight for other major honors.

Despite recording successes playing mostly without a central forward, the Citizens still went on to sign Haaland in the summer of 2022.

The Gunners also have to do the same next summer and no striker will make them stronger than Osimhen.


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  1. I don’t have time to read the article throughly, but did the author describe how many matches he’s missed in the past 4 seasons? Because I think it’s roughly 15 matches a season on average..

    Look at Jesus injury record for us and you’ll get a clue..

    1. How many has he missed. Any player can be injured.let it not be frequent that’s what we are saying and he isn’t that type. Despite his injury this season( which I’m not sure he had) do u know how many goals he has shipped in. I love just arsenal opinion- Perfectly said. If arsenal don’t go all out for we may live to regret it.

  2. He doesn’t score that many at international level, which may indicate that he cannot make it in a higher league than the Italian league. Also he gets injured a lot. He is not the only jedi, there is another!. I would prefer players that are consistent over three years and that can score at all levels, like Santiago Gimenez or Martinez or even Mbappe(with the right sponsorship deal). All are capable of reaching near 30 goals this season and have scored 20+ goals over the last 3 years at all levels.

    1. what do you mean by higher league clown!!.. based on European performance over the past year. serial a ranks No. 1 among the big 5, closely followed by bundesliga.. and could get a 5th spot in UCL.. is gimenez not playing in dutch league..You premiere League fans are so biased and blind to reason

      1. Apart from calling him a clown (which I don’t subscribe to), I’m absolutely in line with your response. This “EPL is the best” bla bla bla doesn’t hold water. The best players in the EPL were brought from other so-called “lower leagues”. Apart from Halaand, there is absolutely no striker in the EPL who can compare with Osimhen. And let’s not forget that Guardiola has officially made the EPL a farmer’s league, winning 5 out of the last 6 seasons. Doesn’t get more farmer’s league than that

  3. Arsenal miss a glorious opportunity to sign Vlohavic in the summer, a dip in form may have influence that decision, but signing this attack bully would ensure we didn’t miss a beat.

  4. Gyokeres to me is the real dea ooking at his number of goas and especialy assists as a CF. He’s a real playmaker-striker and thus fits Arteta’s system well.

  5. True, Osimhen missed quite a few games through injury in the last 3 seasons

    23/24 50 days 4 7
    22/23 50 days 2 11
    21/22 74 days 4 17

    However, 13 of those games come as a the result of a broken cheekbone. That’s not a fitness issue, that’s a random accident. Haaland has missed a lot of games this season too. Could be a good player for Arsenal, but 112 million is enough to buy 3-4 players with potential to be as good. It’s a lot of money, and a big decision to make. The idea that Arsenal “must” buy him isn’t warranted. Should he be part of the conversation? An option? Sure. But let’s be clear-headed here. Partey, Vieira, Cedric, Ramsdale will all likely need replacement. Arsenal can’t spend their entire transfer kitty on 1 individual.

  6. what they can do out of possession is equally important to what they do with possession, e.g. Liverpool and Newcastle, and Man C at home before that

    we have found the winning formula against football playing elite opposition, the box midfield high intensity press four of Odegaard and Havertz pair with Jorginho and Rice pair behind them

    the scale and style of the Liverpool win can not, but has been, under estimated

    Vlohavic needs to do what Havertz does in that formation out of possession, before we talk about what he does in position

    i have little confidence he can, and zero confidence Toney can

    simple minds seem incapable of understanding the wholistic strategy, game plan and multiple roles players must play in a game of football starting with the basics of in-possession and out-of-possession

    the school children on this site are only capable of one dimension thought = just score goals

    the game of football has moved on, Arsenal has, let’s not regress to old school lump it forward striker target man mindlessness of the past due to our ‘fans’ being incapable of understanding what the modern game is

  7. why do Arsenal fans continuously go about strikers?

    our goal scoring is brilliant

    £100m or more for a non issue

    Arsenal have greater need elsewhere, that £100 goes a lot further in defensive midfield (Partey/Elneny/Jorginho need replacing) and Centre Back cover for Saliba and Gabriel (our greatest fortune is the form and fitness of those two – our late season collapse last year largely due to Saliba injury)

  8. I heard he didn’t play well in AFCON. Pepe also didn’t perform well in that competition before Arsenal signed him, so they must not repeat a similar mistake

    Maybe Arsenal should try Zirkzee out, whose hold-up play and aerial ability look superior to Osimhen’s

    1. How many goals have Halland scored for his country? Even Mo Salah didn’t play well before his injury. If you want to talk about his abilities don’t judge him on AFCON stats. He was a big personality for his country and influence their success as runner-up but that doesn’t mean Arsenal should get him. If you watch his YouTube goals you will know how good he is.

    2. Zirkzee and Sesko are the more exciting options of the reported striker targets but Toney Osimehn and Gyokeres are more proflic so it will be interesting to see who the club go for.

  9. Vlahovic is a non-starter and should be consigned to the list of players who gets repeatedly link to Arsenal but end up not signing.

    Osimehn would be my number one choice. You also have Gyokeres who is having a prolific season in the Primera Liga, Toney is Prem proven but not for me. Then there are the younger exciting prospects, the likes of Zirkzee and Sesko who if both continue to develop well and start to score more goals have the potential to be better than the first three names. So it will be interesting to which striker the club opt for.

  10. Well said. Osimeh is the right choice. His acquisition to Arsenal FC will improve Arsenal FC followership in Nigeria and Africa

  11. Gyokeres or Zirkzee

    VO is a great player but AFC
    could land either of the above
    young strikers, Zubimendi and
    probably a quality back up
    GK for the same price.

    1. Blago if you really think osimehin is overated then I’ll advise you should start watching another sport. Only Haland is better than him right now in the premier league, osimehin is among the top 5 striker in the world right now.

  12. I thought Osimhen looked poor at AFCON. A player with his reputation should have dominated that tournament, especially in a side that was by far the best on paper. To put AFCON into context, South Africa came 3rd with a team made up mostly of players from Mamelodi Sundowns. Yes, they are by far the best team in the South African DSTV Premiership, but in the English leagues I think they’d struggle to stay in the Championship. The difference in quality in enormous.

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