Forget Top Four – Arsenal need to target Third Place

Targeting fourth is not good enough we must target third. by Martin

Let me give you a nightmare scenario, Man Utd win the Champions League, Chelsea win the Europa League, Tottenham finish third and we finish fourth, guess what? we miss out on a Champions League place for next season.

I am not telling you anything you probably do not know but speaking with some of my fellow Gooners it is certainly something they are not keeping in mind when they talk about finishing in the top four.

As an example, I was speaking with a mate just last night and he was talking about how great it would be if we beat Spurs on goal difference for the last Champions League spot, the reason was because he would have found it hilarious that Spurs with Harry Kane fail to make the top four because of goals.

It drove me insane, I kept saying to him, we could miss out if we finish fourth and he was not having it, in his mind, Barcelona will beat Man Utd and it is laughable to even think of Tottenham as Champions League winners.

Well, I remember Chelsea winning the Champions League when they had a hopeless team and yet they beat a brilliant Barca side in the semi’s and Bayern on their own ground in the final, point is, literally anything can happen.

I also reminded him how Tottenham did, in fact, miss out on a Champions League spot when they finished fourth because of that Chelsea win and so to assume that cannot happen to us is madness, of course, it can.

I know it can also happen to our competitors but I am not interested in them, just us and that is why, in my mind at least, I am focussing on the top three and not the top four, that and winning the Europa league are the two absolute guarantees that we play in the Champions League next season.

So, if any fellow Gooner says to you, fourth is the target, fourth is good enough or any variations on that, you need to scream NOOOOOO, top three, it is top three we have to target.



    1. The third position is a stretch

      Martin’s scenario could happen, but I don’t think Arsenal can be the third one with five tough away games and the list of injured players

        1. Newcastle looks easy because of the Emirates factor, but the next trip to Goodison Park could change Arsenal’s position

  1. Well chelsea didnt win the ucl with a hopeless team.. Andre vila boas almost ruined the season wen he went about benchin key players like drogba, lampard, terry, mikel n ashely cole in place of yunger players al in d name of revolutionising the team, that team had character n determination, they were a team of men, real men, cnt be said of manutd n spurs who cn barely hold their own, m only scared of chelsea winin the europa cup, but manutd z gonna get themselves raided by messi n co so i dnt bother.,.besides tot is gonna get whopped by liverpool..

    1. Pure classic liverpool to bottle a chance to win the league after topin during xmas.. I wonder y d media wont rip them apart for all their hype and no trophy.. Wanna win the trophy but cant beat a spurs team, i neva consider liverpool a serious team, always knew they couldnt win the league even if they are 10 points ahead

    1. Are you quite sane! How on earth would Spurs getting a point at Liverpool be helping us? Stupidly and foolishly overoptimistic about us getting third and then thinking the Spuds v Pool game does not matter. Of course it does. Get real and consider reality of how the Prem works. Your comment really annoys me! Anyway it is now over and Spuds lost 2-1. Great!

      1. No one here is sane else we wouldn’t be here to suffer with arsenal efficiency at breaking our hearts and spirit for years. Draw was the best result for me personally because most of my family which is ridiculously large are hardcore really hardcore liverpool fans. Ask Sue how great having an liverpool fan is and multiply it by at least 15.

        Oh by the way the rest are hardcore man utd fans… hell on earth is my regular day.

        1. Ackshay… I know exactly how you feel!! I’m dreading the day they lift that trophy! Every part of my life will be, as I said further down the thread, unbearable!! Especially my work, socialising & darts!! Oh & home ? then as you say, the majority of other football fans in my life are bloody Man United!! So i come on here for some respite ?

  2. It is as if some of us have forgotten that we are in the Europa cup as well. Me – we are gunning for the cup. What makes people think Napoli and Chelsea are better than us? They are not. I believe in this team over them.

    1. I’d prefer to let Man City dominate EPL, rather than letting Arsenal’s rivals such as Man United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea win the title once a while

  3. spuds shot themselves in the foot – we need to take full advantage and do so with a commanding display at our fortress. Nothing i would love more than for UE to consolidate the 3rd spot and take the arsenal to a europa league final – hold on to your seats, looks like things are gonna get better 🙂

      1. @Sue
        its in the air AND they will be dreading us playing at home tomorrow evening – one more home result will bring everybody to their senses, never underestimate the arsenal. We’re heading for an unbelievable turn of fortune and with the little resources UE has been given, nobody should begrudge us.

        1. I’ll be so happy if we win tomorrow waal2waal (as indeed we all will be!) I know there’s a long way to go & we have some tricky fixtures… but we weren’t even close to this the last 2 seasons…so I’m hoping our ‘blip’ is soon to be over

          1. too many times (this season) we’ve all had a sh## end to the week after faltering arsenal displays. i trust that period is probably over now, what better motivation than to progress in the EPL at the expense of our fiercest detractors. #COYG

  4. Arsenal are nailed on for third; Tottenham nailed on for 6th. The Chelsea Man U game will decide 4th. All 4 of them are so far behind City it’s embarrassing

  5. Among all the fantasy and bias about thinking we will finish third, I WOULD INJECT A NOTE OF COMMON SENSE. iF YOU LOOK AT OUR FIVE AWAY GAMES LEFT , NONE ARE EASY, SAVE possibly Burnley IF they are safe by then. ALL the others are tricky and with our away record are bound to cost us several points. With Chelski winning today and Man Utd yesterday we are, in my realistic book, outsiders to make top four. That is why I have layed us to make top four. (layed means to bet against something happening). Remember this comment if our dreams, mine too remember, come crashing down, as my ability to set bias aside tells me they probably will. My heart and my money are in opposite camps. If my comment upsets you then ask yourself why you think my opinion matters to you. It does to me but should not to you. I give it freely, as I always do on this debate site.

    1. And don’t forget that even If we win tomorrow we are only two points ahead of Spurs with seven games to go. Five of theirs are at home. Five of ours are away where, let’s face it, we suck. This one’s going right down to the wire.

      1. spuds don’t have a Home and in their current form will be hard pressed to establish their new joint as a fortress. imo the pressure is on them as for arsenal wining away – we can see light at the end of this campaign which should be enough to reinvigorate the entire arsenal squad.

        Let’s put things in perspective, faced with the prospect of facing us all sides will be filled with trepidation knowing when there’s a reward we don’t p**# around, we’ll handle our business.

      2. This is but one of many reasons I think we will miss top four. MANY FANS DO NOT APPLY MUCH OR EVEN ANY THOUGHT TO ALL THE FACTORS BEFORE POSTING STUPIDLY AND NAIVELY OPTIMISTIC FORECASTS BASED ON NOTHING MORE THAN WHAT THEY WANT TO HAPPEN. I always think deeply and properly before putting my money as I DO REGULARLY, ON MY INSTINCTS. I win regularly and make substantial money by ignoring my own bias and using other fans bias, of all clubs , against them. Thank God for their bias then and long may it remain. Those who fail to separate what they want to happen from they think WILL happen are not very bright, frankly.

  6. 3rd place is all in our hands and the first step must be tommorow. We are known to bottle up things when the chance presents itself and I really hope the whole team shows up tomorrow! COYG

  7. I don’t give a crap about so called tough away games we have. It’s not like we are playing Barcelona or the other Top 6 teams away.
    These midtable games are meant to be the bread and butter 3 points for serious teams. We have gotten ourselves in an amazing position in the league, i hope these pampered players of ours man up for once and finish the job off.

    If we ca finish strongly with these games we have then we don’t deserve to make it into the Top 4.


  8. @Goonster. Interesting conclusion from you. Spot on. If we can’t finish off this last bit holding on with our teeth if possible, then yeah, we don’t deserve to be in the top four.

    But can we? Yes we can!!!

  9. John fox you slaughter other people and backed Arsenal not too finish in the top 4 what sort of supporter are you I would never back against Arsenal don’t care how bad they are playing they WILL get top 3 I agree with your comments on KROENKE AND WENGER I wrote the song ON THE CHEAP look it up on the Internet ON THE CHEAP BY THE HIGHBURY BOYS ALSO would like too state WENGER THE WORST MANAGER I have seen at Arsenal in my opinion not and never been a manager if he had taken over the squad George Graham inherited he would have got us relegated for sure the will to win was installed by the likes of Adams Bergkamp keown wright and passed on too your vier as campers tour e and also the influence of David den that’s for starters you WENGER lovers

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