Forget Tottenham – Arsenal just need to focus on very tough Newcastle clash

Yes it was a disappointing night on Thursday when we were destroyed by Tottenham (or was it the referee?) but there has certainly been enough of an inquest into our unusual defeat. It could be considered unusual simply because we were on a winning streak of four straight wins to put us in the driving seat for the Top Four.

But now we all need to forget the North London Derby as we have yet another Cup Final in the Top Four race up at Newcastle. Strangely enough, the Toon were on a 4-game winning streak themselves until coming up against Liverpool and Man City in their last two games. If you look to before their wins, they had also lost to Chelsea, Everton and Tottenham, so maybe they are not so good against the Top Six sides (like Arsenal).

AS Arteta said in his pre-game press conference: “I just look forwards,”

“I said after the [Spurs] press conference, that game was lost, we were disappointed, but we didn’t have any time to recover and we have a huge game to play on Monday against Newcastle and full focus and energy was just on that.”

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this could be the defining game to decide who finishes in the Top Four, and we must certainly not be feeling too confident. The most worrying fact for me is that before losing (just 0-1) to Liverpool at St James Park, there only other home defeat in the previous 13 home games (stretching to before last Xmas) was against Man City.

It would appear that with the Toon Army behind them they are a formidable prospect at St James Park, so the Gunners will have to be at their very best. We just need Arteta to make sure his team has their confidence restored and play the whole game like they did in the first 20 minutes against the Spuds…

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Video – Mikel Arteta talks about Newcastle, injuries and the Top Four race

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  1. I would rather have no central defenders than see Rob Holding pull on that shirt again.
    In such an important game for Arsenal what he did against Spurs was unforgivable.
    Far worse than anything Xhaka managed…

    1. I think he is aware of his limitations and was scared of Son. His behaviour exposed him as someone playing with a great deal of fear.
      I don’t agree that it is worse than anything that Xhaka has done.
      However, unless he can demonstrate that he is able to overcome his limitations he will need to be replaced.

  2. Obviously we need to focus on our games as all the luck seems to be helping Conte and his average team out these last few games….Had to take another soft pen to defeat Burnley today….it would end in premium tears for them when we win our two games and have the last laugh

  3. It seems EPL through the referees are doing all they can to make the Top 4 and League Winner battle continue till the last game. It’s good for the league in a commercial sense as the whole world will stay tuned to watch the last games of the EPL season🤣

    To make this happen, Arsenal will definitely win at St James even if it means the referees helping us with a soft decision. Was expecting Everton to lose today to make the last game of the season even more dramatic. Football is now a theater and we are the audience.

    Just like WWE, it seems football is now mere entertainment to distract us from the daily challenge of life. Good luck to those that take football games too seriously 😂

    Congratulations to Conte “Mr Fix” for all the dubious decision the referees have awarded his team in the last 2 games. Top 4 should have been sealed by us with games to spare but for inexplicable reasons, we are not able to do this. Won’t be shocked if we win at Newcastle and lose the final game to help Everton avoid relegation to add to the drama, while Spurs go spursy and lose at Norwich who are already relegated.

    1. That’s an intersting concept, next we will be seeing famous singers doing the national anthem at the Cup Final, and cheerleaders at the side of the pitch.. Oh wait…

  4. 4th of 5th we are in Europe……I feel the Europa tournament is a better fit for this young arsenal side……

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