Forget Tottenham, Arsenal just need to stay ahead of Man City until the end

On Sunday evening, we secured a stunning 1-0 victory against Manchester City, earning us a valuable 3 points. While some may downplay the significance of this win, arguing that there are still over 30 games to go, let’s adopt an optimistic outlook as loyal Gooners. This victory could hold weight when May rolls around next year.

In the previous season, our hopes of clinching the Premier League title were dashed as we lost momentum towards the end, ultimately conceding the crown to Manchester City who finished with 89 points, securing their third consecutive league title. We trailed closely with 84 points. Consider this: if we had managed to win just two more games, we would have concluded the season with 90 points, making us the league champions. Now, imagine if those two crucial victories were against Manchester City, both at home and away. They defeated us in both encounters, and it’s evident that those six points played a pivotal role in their title triumph at our expense.

However, this season, we’ve altered the narrative. Our 1-0 triumph over Manchester City on Sunday has not only garnered us 3 points but also brought us level with our North London rivals, Spurs, at the top of the table with 20 points. Although Spurs currently hold the top spot due to their superior goal’s scored, we’re in a strong position at second place.

The 2023-24 title race is now in full swing, and while our primary focus is toppling Spurs from the summit, they aren’t our main concern. Our real challenge lies in maintaining or, better yet, widening the two-point gap between us and Manchester City. Simultaneously, we must preserve our unbeaten record.

As long as we can sustain this streak, it’s likely that Spurs will drop points, allowing us to ascend to the top. With a newfound wisdom this season, we’re determined to keep the title race alive right to the end this time around.

And finally come out on top!

Jack Anderson

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  1. I’d prefer Arsenal being on top of their game for most of the season, as unbelievable as it sounds, I’m not writing anyone off including Tottenham. Coyg

  2. “Consider this: if we had managed to win just two more games, we would have concluded the season with 90 points, making us the league champions.”


    “Now, imagine if those two crucial victories were against Manchester City, both at home and away. They defeated us in both encounters, and it’s evident that those six points played a pivotal role in their title triumph at our expense.”

    Not totally correct

    To win the league last year, we only need to beat City once.

    The two loses against city represented a 12 points swing in their favor, and had we beaten them on both occasions, the final standing would have been

    Arsenal – 90pts
    City – 83pts

    If we manage to best them just once, the final standing would have been

    Arsenal – 87pts
    City – 86pts

    1. Indeed unlike last season City can’t afford to drop pts vs small teams and cover it by taking 6 pts off us. With that win we have made it a 3 -3 pts at worse. Now its about who is more consistent.

  3. You are right that will keep us on toss again for me at least I saw something impressive about Kai havatz “assisting”

  4. That’s true but generally I dont agree with the thought that city would have finished with 86pts city lost 5 points AFTER winning the league, we lost it during the hunt, I am pretty sure that city would have won that 5 points if the matches had mattered to them

  5. Yes but as we couldn’t beat Spurs at home, we have make sure we won’t lose to them away. Also need at least 3 out of 6 against Liverpool.

    Well let’s just start with away game to Chelsea who are next. Seems like they’ve picked up some form so it will be tough match

  6. Kai Haverts 1st goal in open play will come against Chelsea! I feel it. Come on Kai! Become an Arsenal player, an Arsenal man! Let’s beat those west end idiots.

  7. Yes, we’d need to get at least two points from each of our title rivals

    Unfortunately, Saka withdrew from England squad due to injury. Hopefully he’ll be fit for the game at Stamford Bridge, otherwise Jesus or Vieira would have to play RW again

    1. Gai, The good thing is that we have options in the absence of BSaka. If Jesus can play BSaka position well Nelson can too he is even quicker and physical than Viera. It’s a good bench for Arsenal. We are lucky our players are returning from injury. Still waiting when Elneny will have few minutes.

      1. I think Nelson isn’t as tricky as Jesus and his back-to-goal strength isn’t as good as the Brazilian, so I’d prefer Nelson on the left wing

  8. Arsenal is in a sound position, but discount Spurs under Ange Postecoglou at your peril.
    You only have to look at the improvement in Spurs in the first 8 weeks, except for the Carabou Cup loss by penalties with 9 changes to the match day team. At the moment Spurs do not have the squad depth required to sustain a challenge. Posecoglou has only had one transfer window so far and goes into the January window with the Harry Kane revenue available (if Levy let’s him spend it). If they can stay in touch, a successful transfer windows can change things.
    I keep telling everyone, Postecoglou after 26 years in management, winning titles across 3 continents, is no mug. His great strengths are his encyclopaedic knowledge of football, his work ethic, his man management skills to get the best out of the available players and his eye for players of ability and character regardless of their country of origin.
    He does not suffer fools gladly and will leave, if not supported by the hierarchy at Spurs. He will have gone to Spurs with eyes open, but if commitments aren’t met he will walk.

    1. @Ozziegunner Well said about the Spurds gaffer. But the biggest club he has coached remains Celtic. EPL has most combined tactical coaches compared to other leagues ie PepG, JKlopp, Purchettino, Ten Hag,Arteta, RDeZebbi, Eddie Howe etc. We wait to see how Posecoglou will fair at the end of the season. It doesn’t take long before EPL manager crack tactics of other coaches. It would be a different game when Arssenal meet them again.

      1. Sylva, if you look back to when Ange came to the EPL, the top managers already knew about him. It was only the UK centric fans who were ignorant, because of lack of research, even initially at Celtic (refer Alan Brazil’s comments on Talk Sport).
        Pep Guardiola, knows Postecoglou because his Japanese club Yokohama Marino’s is part of the City group. When Manchester City played Yokohama in a friendly he was amazed at the quality of play he faced. Look back on Pep”s comments when Ange got the Tottenham job; “another great manager has come to the Premier League”. Similarly Brendan Rogers, Martin O’Neil, Kenny Dalgleish, Chris Sutton et al.
        Yes, there will be dips in the road, particularly due to Spurs having a thin squad; however be assured that Postecoglou will get the best out of the players available to him. He is used to being underestimated. Remember in Scotland, second is last and Glasgow Celtic were in disarray, having finished behind Rangers by 26 points. He turns this around with 5 trophies from 6 in two seasons. Ange is no mug.

    2. For the team that seemed on downward spiral and having lost their best player, the transformation has been extraordinary.

      I am really impressed with Ange for using available resources and in such a short time making them a force to be reckoned with.

      After a long time we seem to have three challengers this season.

      But I have to agree with Sylva that being his first season we have to wait and see if he will sustain the challenge.

      1. 👍HH, as I stated the season is long and injuries (Peresic and Solomon already long term) will potentially impact on such a thin squad. It will be interesting to see, if Levy supports and to what extent, Postecoglou in the January window to bring in reinforcements.

  9. Simply play Havertz as a back-up to Saka and play Partey along with Rice and we win most games. his statistics show this tendency.

  10. Honestly we need to be very positive,

    Especially in big games like the last against City.
    I think if we can play at that level, and always utilized every given opportunities on counter we can do more better , I noticed the Referee was against us Sunday but our God pass them.

    With solids defence ,
    And a good finishing at any given opportunity.
    If Saka returns return from injury Gabriel should be played in his favorite position on Sunday he was not visible as usual,
    Secondly Nkitah is not strong enough to start big games I think he is better when introduce a second half so Ateta should take notes of All this.

    I think we can win this Time.

  11. White Saliba Gabriel Zink
    Party Rice
    Saka Jesus Gabi


    Still think Jesus can play CF & Wings so he can adapt when need BUT we still need a strong goal scoring striker like Vhalovic or of that stature to come in as Eddie is a hard worker but isn’t going to win you a league or champions league.

    A young defensive midfielder to replace Jorginho & Elneny to be also back up to Partey & Rice to learn but ready to drop in from January.

    Get these 2 sort of signings, a returning Timber back for the run in & we are good to go!

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