Forget Vidal, William Carvalho must be Arsenal’s top midfield target?

With the news that Morgan Schneiderlin is (maybe?) set to join Manchester United, it would seem that Arsene Wenger must be setting his heart on a different defensive midfielder to compete with Francis Coquelin next season. The Arturo Vidal-to -Arsenal rumours seem to be slipping away, although it is quite clear from the 28 year-olds performances at the Copa America that he is far from being the defensive stalwart we appear to need.

According to the Evening Standard, Arsenal are definitely not aiming for Vidal, and instead have turned their attentions to William Carvalho, who is exactly the type of midfielder we DO need.

At 23, Carvalho is five years younger than Vidal, and although he has a £37m release clause in his contract, he could be a much better investment in the long run, especially if he can bring his form from Sporting Club over to the Premiership. After helping the Portugal U21 side to a narrow victory over England, he has now guided them to the Under 21 Final by starring in the 5-0 demolition of the young Germany team.

Any Arsenal scouts watching that game would now be reporting to Wenger that £37m is an absolute bargain for a player of that calibre. You can bet that Wenger will be studying those videos and be amazed by a youngster with over 50 games already behind him this season.

Go get him Wenger. You know he is worth it!

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    1. NO Arsene Wenger still has more work to do,signing Cech is just the beginning if he’s serious about challenging we need more players of the level of Sanchez,Cech and Ozil to truly show the rest of europe we mean business

      1. OT: United have bid 29mil for Ramos – Sky Sources. Graham Hunter has also said the player explicitly told Real he’s committed to leaving and will only negotiate with United. Graham is a very reliable voice with all things La Liga.

        Would irk me if they came sniffing for Kos, just get the impression there’s maybe some legs to that link.

        1. Ramos Leaving Real for manure, has nothing to do with Kos da boss Leaving the Emirates…. We are not willing 2 negotiate with em…. They should go sniff at a dead rat in a hole somewhere

          1. Don’t be so sure! (Thumbs down at the ready..) if they sniff around us for kos AW may just feel he could afford to loose/replace him and use him as a bargaining tool to get benzema…

            Don’t want it, but it COULD happen..

        2. Well, I doubt they will get Kos to be honest unless they ready to offload a CB as well. Like Varane. But I don’t believe they can get Kos and stay within the budget limits.

        3. Don’t believe any spanish rumors unless they come from spanish reports. Especially when the only ones reporting the rumor are english tabloids. I see no reason why Ramos would want to leave the biggest club in the world for such a hazardous project, unless it’s for the boost in salary – which he just as well could as for at Real Madrid.

  1. To be honest I watched Carvalho in only two games in the Portuguese league, he was nothing special, too raw, relatively slow, with low work rate … 15m at max

    1. To be fair I’ve always been buzzing about Carvalho’s super laidback playing style, physical presence and his super quick learning ability. It’s also clear he has nothing to learn at his current club Sporting anymore so he could definitely make a move this summer.

      I agree with you the fees mentioned (buyout clause) are way too much but we have never got the confirmation that Arsenal were legit interested in him. Would be great to have him but indeed at the right price only because he does look like a gamble.

      1. I have said this before. ..and I’ll say it again.
        Arsenal would regret not buying Cavalho. ..especially if he gets snapped up by one of our rivals.
        The only hitch I have is the buyout clause. It’s actually on the high side.
        Cavalho reminds me of Yaya Toure. And could grow to be one of the world’s best.
        I hope Arsenal gets him…but at a good price.

        1. Now that hes performing in the u21s and doing well his asking price or buy out might now be whats needed. They wont care that he is coming up against mostly younger players than himself and whom do sit on the benches of big clubs if not playing for smaller clubs. Carvalho has also tasted European football at the highest level. It was a similar circumstance which led to that ridiculous buy out fee in the first place. Of course hes going to look more mature than many of his opponents because he is so.

      2. I have this grim feeling that no single arsenal fan would know d DM we would buy, rest assured we would. But he is in (koscielny,monreal,carzola) mode right now.

  2. We def need another quality dm as good as le coq has been he cannot play every game and bound to pick up the odd injury so we need a ready made dm to step into the role. As well as dm i still feel we need a top quality striker and so lets sell podolski and campbell loan sanogo and akpom and buy a proven goalscorer it could be the difference between winning and loosing the prem league!

  3. 42mil got us Ozil
    35mil got us Alexis

    William Carvalho has his merits, but they don’t add up to 37mil. We have Rambo/Jack/Coquelin as ‘longer term’ players in the heart of the pitch, all of whom are 24 or younger.

    With Arteta/Flamini/Cazorla/Rosicky all the wrong side of 30, a 28 year old Vidal at the peak of his powers is exactly what we need until our younger gen have matured completely. Or if indeed we go for someone like Carvalho, you can bet your bottom dollar we won’t venture close to spending 37million.

  4. Say all the good things you wanna say, but don’t compare carvalho to Vidal… Sporting Lisbon?…He ain’t even started yet

    1. True indeed they’re not comparable Carvalho is doing well in an U21 tournament while Vidal is already proven he’s done it in Bundesliga,Serie A,Champions League,National team in the world cup now copa america!

      1. I’ve seen Carvalho for the Portugal senior team,he hasn’t been very good the portuguese national team is awful they rely on CR7 to dig them out of a hole all the time

        1. Portugal are not a force to reckon with in the world football…. They are so shitty that if u take away CR7, they’d be left with just a Fart!

          1. Irish/Portuguese lad here how the hell are Portugal not a force to be reckoned with, currently 7th in the world and have been pretty much in the top 10 for about a decade if we’re not a force to be reckoned with who the hell is?

      1. There were times when most on here where harping on about getting each one of those players, allot of high appraise i might add, as for myself Gustavo is the only one i thought warranted any high approval.

  5. We have to keep strengthening all the top sides do it,we must not be left behind if we want to reach champions league finals and win the BPL,we need a strong 11 with almost equally strong replacements on the bench

  6. Touch not the jack of wilshere, he is a very good player that is hated by the fans of a club he is also a fan of

  7. I think Mr. Wenger has bought his last player for the summer. He’ll probably now turn to kids. Another thing: if after buying Cech he doesn’t win anything, then Cascarino would’ve been right in stating that JM makes all the difference in winning titles! Wenger BEWARE, the whole world is watching!!!!

  8. You must be joking @admin, so you re saying Carvalho is better than Vidal? I am sure i have read your “CONFIRMED”article about Vidal.You said some one at chile wrote in his twitter how the deal will warp up after copa america, and how a good player Vidal is …….So now that you know all that rumour is a lie ( which we have known all along) , you suddenly jumped to Carvalho and said Arsenal has turened their attention to him.

    1. Hi Kam,
      A/ I assure you that I did NOT jump on the bandwagon and did NOT do a CONFIRMED article on that Vidal subject. Have a look yourself before attacking me…
      B/ As mentioned above I believe that Carvalho is a much better deal (and investment for Arsenal) purely on their age difference. And I will point you to an article I wrote ten days ago…
      Since then Carvalho has impressed even more in the U21 tournament.
      C/ Also remember we have a variety of writers with differing opinions on JustArsenal (just like our readers in fact!)

      1. The only question is, do you want results today or tomorrow?
        Vidal, just like Sanchez will have an impact his first season, and second and third. He will bring us something we just dont have in the middle of the park; a never say die attitude of a natural winner. I think we need that more than we need the player that Carvalho might develop into.

  9. Funny how some fans say, “sell wilshere” he is injury prone, “buy reus”. Isn’t reus also injury prone?

  10. NO!NO!NO!NO!…HELL NO!!!…like seriously??…spend 37million on carvalho who is unproven and untested in the epl??…for christ sakes the guy plays in the portuguese league!!…morgan sneiderin is worth just 25million( a whooping 12million lesser than carvalho)…He prefers emirate switch to manure united and frankly I don’t see why we shouldn’t go all in for him…I say we buy morgan and forget about this carvalho nonsense!!

  11. If all else fails how about
    Alec Song?
    Ok you will all say he’s not
    a true DM blah blah but
    every one’s is getting that criticism.
    For 10 mill at aged 27 after
    a good season with West Ham.
    He’s home grown knows the Arsenal system
    and would cover till Bielik comes through or
    till Arsenal find that special player.
    Just another option.

    1. who says we need a pure DM by the way? Pure DM’s are no longer what the modern progressive teams use. Complete midfielders like Ramsey, Vidal, Kroos, Javi Martinez… Equally as good in attack and defense.

      We need to get the terminology agreed. Complete Midfielder? Holding Midfielder? Defensive Midfielder? They are all sit just in front of the defensive line… But what are the roles and responsibilities for each? They are not the same… They have different attributes… They work in different systems.

      1. Dude a DM is a DM its that simple. No need to put “pure” in front of it. A CM is a CM why can’t you people differentiate between the 2. Martinez is a DM not sure why you mention him along w Vidal and ramsey and by the way Kroos was converted to a DM last season

  12. I’m begining to see a pattern here… Carvalho does well against Germany(one good performance) suddenly he’s a hero… Ospina does well in the world cup and Copa america for colombia…suddenly he’s not a top top keeper and should be sold to marseille…. L()L …we are all humans, I knw how we think… Changing like the tides

    1. Er….sopa. ..Ospina haw done well when playing for us (clean sheets included) in he second half of the season. Has played El in the world cup and now in Copa America

  13. I watched an interview with Vidal yesterday on youtube.I am hoping it was one of those hitler style ones because if this was a genuine interview he totaly disrespected our beloved team he actually stated that arsenal is a big step down and will never win the champions league and he really slated arsenal.Has anybody else seen this Vidal interview if so is it a mock hitler style video

    1. Boy!… Is there a thing that can’t be forged and made to look real?… The interview was a spoof

  14. Sign Morgan, Vidal or Carvalho and a top striker and I will wear Buy a ‘I heart Arsene’ t-shirt!

  15. arsenal scouts have regularly watched him but sporting’s value him at around 28m while we value him at 15-18m max for 28m we can get better still feel vidal is our main target

  16. i think we should be looking at imbula(nothing overly wrong with carvalho just the steep price for him) he looks the business in d/m, and is the same age and would be around the £18-20 million mark has a massive upside to him, has been getting rave reviews this season with Marseille he would be the boyo for me. vidal would take up a big chunk of our budget and we need more a big name striker, than a big name midfielder(otherwise what have we got ozil for if he is just supplying slow giroud) me think unless vidal is going to score us 20 goals from midfield, then that would swing it for me. but if not then concentrate on more cutting edge up front or in the attacking side of the team.

  17. WC has the physical gifts to be a dominant world class footballer in any league throughout Europe but his current body of work doesn’t justify the outrageous price tag Sporting as slapped on him. Would still love to see him @ the Emirates, however for practically have the price Arsenal should move for Imbula from Marseille. Incredible player that ticks all the boxes for Wenger and company and would provide immediate competition for Le Coq.

    OT, anyone else intrigued and possibly concerned that Nacho or KG could be on the move?

  18. Just get Vidal and Lacazette for £21 millon each
    Vidal and Lacazette for £42 millon is better value than Carvalho for £37 millon

    If Carvalho was around £25 millon, I would be more interested, but £37 million seems a lot.

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