Forget Wenger and fully support Arsenal for the Atletico game

I’ve been an Arsenal fan right for the past 17 years, with my loyalty never changing. The club has seen great times and its worse times. Now we are in our worst time, many linking it to the fact that Wenger needs to leave before things turn around.

We all have this common goal and wish now: To see Wenger leave and a young and hungrier coach be taken in. This season has been a failure, we are only 2 or 3 matches away from losing a Champions league spot. Relax!! It’s the Europa league I’m talking about! Atletico are favourites to go through, but I’m backing Arsenal using my Labrokes promo code as I believe that the team and the fans will be right behind Arsene Wenger to get one last trophy before he leaves.

Now my main purpose of writing this is to see us all come together, lets leave our differences out. Forget the woeful performances this season, focus on one night now, together, united, lit and elevated. If there’s a way we could inform everyone please let’s do it. We need to pull a Liverpool stunt against Atletico and I mean we the fans need to start it!!

The spirit, the mood, the jubilation, the fireworks, the support Liverpool fans gave even before the Ref blew the kick-off whistle is what we need. Please those attending the games should try to do this. Let’s forget our personal wishes now, we are in this together, we all have the same goal: QUALIFYING FOR THE UCL & WINNING A EUROPEAN TROPHY!!!

Let’s see to this first then we can go back to wanting Wenger out. It might seem little now but it’ll definitely raise the spirits of the boys when they see how we are excited about the game.

This is London!! This is Arsenal!! Let us all try to pull this off!!


Updated: June 16, 2018 — 12:18 pm


  1. Liverpool fans knew their players and manager are up for it and ready to give the fans something to cheer but arsenal fans have lost complete faith in wenger and the players.

    The arsenal fans have supported the team massively in the past only to be disappointed by the performance of the team it’s not our support that will make them turn up, it’s the job of the manager to motivate his team to perform at home and even when we go away from home.

    wenger should leave at the end of the season no matter what happens even if we win the Europa league

  2. Very true that fans support can go on to spur the team to deliver exceptional performance but I’m afraid “if” we go ahead and win the competition Wenger will not leave and that’s another season of heartaches.
    Good bye Ardene.

  3. Arsenal win.
    Wenger stays.
    Look at the bigger picture….

  4. #Yo Iwobi - you wanna go away from here?

    Wenger is the man responsible for Iwobi. It’s hard to forget his presence

    1. Iwobi could be a very good player in the future

      Pirlo also got slated a lot when he played as an attacking midfielder, but then he switched into an excellent deep-lying playmaker

      Iwobi could shift his gear like Pirlo and excel in other position

      1. Yes , Iwobi could indeed be a very good player. Just NOT at top professional level.

    2. You have the same down and loathing of the, admittedly appalling, Iwobi as I had when Weed Walcott stole wages from us on false pretences for twelve long years. Iwobi will not be allowed all this time,since the new manager will surely get rid of him.

      1. With his stature, strength and skills, Iwobi could be a very good box-to-box midfielder. A new coach could make him grow better than Walcott

        Walcott had so much potential, proven by his ability to dribble past four opponents in a quick counter-attack (watch at 0:49):

        Too bad he got Wenger as his coach

  5. Winning the Europa League will be the same as pissing your pants to stay warm. It will help for a couple of minutes , but after that it will be much worse.
    If we win the Europa League we get at trophy for winning second division in Europa, and we get back into Champions League.
    But with Wenger still in charge, we will have no chance in the Champions League next year, and we will have no chance in the PL, so it will get us absolutely nothing, except time wasted, that could have been used to rebuilding.

  6. Announce this is Wenger’s last year managing, and watch the support for the team return.
    People have made their choice, Arsenal FC over Arsene.

    For me, I’d love a trophy, but will happily pass on it if that ensures Wenger goes.

    1. I don’t think the board is willing to decide anything before Arsenal’s fate is sealed in the Europa League

      I think Wenger would insist to stay to prove himself if he doesn’t win the Europa League

      1. So you think loosing to Atletico will actually increase the risk of Wenger staying whereas winning the Europa league could help get rid of him?
        I think it is the other way around, but maybe you are right.

        1. Yup, because I think he would not miss this golden opportunity to leave with glory, if he wins the EL

          He would not stay for fourteen years with all those media bashings, if he doesn’t want to leave with another major trophy

          1. he’s shown time and time again that he will never walk away, you do realise that? Next time his contract is up for discussion he’ll say he won Europa and he’s so close to winning league, etc. etc. and he’ll get an extension. There is no reason to believe Wenger will ever walk away from the club on his own terms. He won’t do it. He doesnt care about a graceful exit he wants to keep power at Arsenal for as long as possible.

          2. If leaving with a trophy was the ideal time for him to leave Arsenal then surely he would have left last season when we won the FA Cup.
            Its about Wenger’s fear of walking away than it is anything else..

          3. wenger has been bashed by the media for years and years. He shouldve been gone a while ago. he doesnt care what the media thinks as long as he is in Kroenke’s good books and is making 8+mill per year.

  7. i WILL PRE WARN EVERYONE, there’s a rumour being discussed on talk sport that Viera is being lined up to take over.

    This is the usual spin to get people to buy tickets don’t fall for it i believe the delusional fool is staying

    1. That spin wouldn’t get me buying a ticket! Haha! An ex-Wenger player as our manager right now would be the worst possible thing we could do, especially one managing an MLS side! We need to clean house, and the only way to properly do that is by bringing in a manager with no affiliations with Arsenal, and Wenger.

  8. One of the reasons it’s hard to give your full support, is because just looking at the usual starting XI before kickoff is depressing! You know we haven’t got chance, before you even consider the lack of tactics, and motivation.

    We know that Cech (if Ospina’s still injured), Mustafi, Bellerin, Xhaka, and Ozil will all start against Atletico, and that’s depresses me. If anyone could give a detailed explanation as to why those players should start, I’d love to hear it.

    1. – Cech: Because he is our most experienced, tallest and biggest GK

      – Mustafi: The best CB we have currently. If he can be paired with a calmer and different type of CB, he could be better

      – Bellerin: Our fastest RB, but Niles should be tried there as well

      – Xhaka: Not a DM nor a box-to-box CM. He is supposed to be a deep-lying playmaker ala Pirlo or Cazorla, but he failed. Better starting Elneny as a DM

      – Ozil: Arsenal cannot let him get 350,000 per week without doing anything. He can only play in one position with fluctuative performances, but at least he has vast experience. Unless Arsenal want to try Elneny, Nelson, Adelaide, Iwobi, Lacazette or Ramsey in his position

      1. So you not think form, especially over the medium, and long-term should be completely ignored? These players may have experience, but where’s that getting us? We’re constantly struggling against quality opposition.

        Cech – Has been a flop signing, simple as. Beaten at his near post YET AGAIN the other day. If Ospina is injured, I’d dip into the reserve team.

        Mustafi – Not sure why you’ve said he’s our best CB. He’s our worst CB, and that’s blatantly obvious. Chambers, and Holding do not make as many key errors as he does. I would pick Chambers ahead of him, or maybe give Mavropanos a go. I mean it can’t get any worse!

        Bellerin – I agree with there. Niles should be given a chance ahead of Bellerin. Apart from pace, acceleration, and stamina, and I’m not sure what else Bellerin offers?

        Xhaka- Completely agree with you on that. I actually feel sorry for him because he shouldn’t be our deepest midfielder. Elneny ahead of him is what I was thinking.

        Ozil – Clearly he’s not a rubbish player. You don’t play regularly for the best international team in the world, without being quality. But for whatever reason, he goes missing in big games far to often. Atletico will press, be physical, and aggressive, which doesn’t bode well for Ozil. I’d try Ramsey in his position.

        1. So you think form*

        2. Cech – had always his near post weaknes. He got slower. However give him orginazed defense infront him and you can rely on him again. Our Defense is one big mess since Kos started be injury prone. Cech in Arsenal is under constant presure and exposed too much. Not saying he do not need to be replaced, but he still have his quality. For me GK middle priority….

          Mustafi- not sure what to think of him he used to be very good. I think he can still do it with good partner.

          Bellerin need to be pushed more by Nilles. He can offer good RB skills, but give him more attacking responsibilities and he is a flop.

          Xhaka – I just do not know what is his main responsibility it seems everything is his fault 😀 He should be every where

          Ozil – i agree with you. You are not automatic starter for germany for no reason with quality they have on all positions except maybe striker. I still bealive he needs strong
          DM like Schweinsteigerr was and CM like kross for him. I mean we seriously need these type players with Auba this would be deadly.

  9. Wenger on sky sports just : everyone who is unhappy with the results wants the results to be better, however, I cannot master the results i can only master my commitment.THERE YOU HAVE IT HES GOING NOWHERE

    OH and he was asked about the crown he stated the empty seats are of no concern we have dedicated fans so its not an issue

    1. its not up to him in the end. Comes down to Kroenke. He can say he’s staying all he wants. His chances are rather low if he loses Europa, stadiums stay empty, and Burnley finish ahead. I say rather low because we all know Kroenke doesnt really care too much about Arsenal in terms of success.

      1. Trouble is Kroenke knows fukc all about football and is only interested in his investment which unfortunately is rising leaps and bounds. The share price is what people like him look at and at the moment it is rising on a daily basis.

  10. I am very happy to comply with the article writers request for ONE good reason. I KNOW Wenger will be gone this May/June, whatever happens on the field. Therefore we should ALL support the team in the Europa. Privately and also in all our hearts, most of us realise we are barking at the moon, if we expect to beat Atletico over two legs. But hey, we still have to hope!

    1. You are right Jon, you’re one of the guys I see here that say the truth, those that feel you are harsh and critical of Arsene Wenger and this team, do not know you say it out of DEEP Love for your club.

      Kudos Man.

      1. Steady on. You are making me blush! But as you are a fellow realist, how would I ever mind!

  11. I have supported this club for 15 years now, Arsene Wenger has made me loose interest in this team, no fighting spirit, no urgency in attack, players play as if nothing is a stake. Who does that?

    We need a Coach that can make us believe again because for me I have lost hope in this team and the manager.

    If Arsenal wins the Europa League, Good for them and if they don’t, it was expected.

    Just go Arsene before you kill my Love for this great club.

  12. Wenger is an out and out liar. He states that season ticket renewals for next season are outstanding. My son and I are season ticket holders and we haven’t heard nothing yet. Usually end of April begining of May. What is wrong with the guy?

    1. Arsene is a trickster and a liar. This is what he has been doing for years. Just saw his comments on SkySports.

      Wilshere has been offered a long term contract… What? This man should be sacked now before he ties down these below average players.

  13. I like the boycotting that has been noticed.

    Nike and Adidas could be putting in lower bids if they see less people supporting the club financially…
    TV sponsorship deals could ask themselves why they are paying so much to advertise in a empty stadium…
    Players want to play infront of a crowd…

    1. We are with Puma our contract is pretty good.

  14. “We all have this common goal and wish now: To see Wenger leave and a young and hungrier coach be taken in.”

    Where was this unanimously agreed?

    1. Would you like to see an old manager, devoid of ideas remain then ?

  15. Arsenal has been poor in the league (no thanks to our away form) but has done well in the cups bar the FA. Saying that our season has been a disaster is far from the truth. Let’s objectively assess the season so far.

    1. Community Shield – winners
    2. League cup – runners up
    3. FA Cup – eliminated at first huddle
    4. Europa League – Semi finals place
    5. EPL – 6th

    If you look at the above, then it’s actually the league that we should be sad about and it’s even a bit more nuanced if you look at our home and away performances. At home we are only second to city with 13 wins. Away we have had only 3 wins which is why we’re where we are on the table. Looking at the games objectively you find that we could have had a better away form than the results say. At Watford, Westbrom and Stoke we could have all won but for bad officiating. The fact that we have not strongly challenged for the league for a while has made the media to lack objectivity when analyzing Arsenal and this is not helped by our away form keeping us out of the top 4 now.

    In my opinion, Arsenal would come out stronger next season at which time we wouldn’t have a summer arguing about Sanchez and Ozil’s contracts. Besides, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan would have bedded in properly with other possible reinforcements. I am really hopeful of a much stronger campaign next season and even a strong finish in the Europa league.

    1. “Next season is our season” mantra has been going on for years and years. And always around Jan-March we head towards our usual disasters. I dont see where Arsenal are improving. The quality of our game is very poor. Poor defense, mediocre midfield, young players are only declining. You can point out our FA Cup’s but they merely paper over the cracks. In terms of challenging for UCL and EPL, the two trophies that define a big club, we are miles off. Wenger has had his time to turn it around and has gotten the funds to do it, but it hasn’t been working out. Every year Arsenal have a meltdown. Fans see the correct mentality is not there and that Arsenal are not winners. Wenger done well to win some FA Cups, but this is a trophy any of the top 6 teams can win any year. If Arsenal want to be back to their best we need to see the larger picture. And the larger picture shows a team that is in decline and a manager that has simply run out of ideas and is not improving the team. Aubameyang is our only top class player honestly. We’ve already done the “one top player carrying the team” thing with Sanchez and we got no closer to EPL. There’s no reason to be afraid of a managerial change, and I think it is what is needed to start fixing the many problems at Arsenal. We were promised we would start competing with teams like Bayern several years ago. We are so, so far from that goal.

      1. Im totally with you mate.. people argue that the FA cups are a great success.. smh, Van Gaal won it at United then got sacked instantly because of how poor he was.. for heaven’s sake Wigan won the FA cup against Man City the same season they were relegated a few years ago and guess what.. they were actually playing in the Europa league while in the championship.. arsenals problem is mainly not arsene wenger.. its the fans who still support him

        1. RHS and Rashid, I totally agree with your analyses. After supporting the Arsenal for 56 years through great seasons and poor seasons, I would have seen Arsene Wenger move on in 2009, ie 5 years after the Invincibles Season. A top EPL or European Club would not have given him this long.
          Kroenke and Wenger, this is Arsenal FC not Arsene FC. Arsene, thanks for the memories, but it’s time to say goodbye.

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