Arsenal v Reading – Form and History Point to Just ONE Result!

I don’t normally look at the history books ahead of Arsenal’s fixtures because we all know that records are made to be broken. Form is also easily turned on its head, especially in Cup games, but when it comes to our record in matches against Reading FC I was astounded at the way Arsenal have completely dominated them over the years.

Arsenal last played Reading in the FA Cup way back in January 1987, which we won 3-1, in the eight meetings since then the Gunners have come out on top every single time, scoring 33 goals in the process, while Reading have scored 11 times. Five of those were scored when Arsenal reserves came back from 4-0 down in the League Cup to memorably win 7-5 in extra time. That is the only game that Arsenal didn’t win in the 90 minutes. We certainly made it clear that our first team were far superior that season when our League matches finished 5-2 and 4-1 in our favour.

We have beaten our semifinal opponents by at least two goals in every single game since 1980 except for a 2-1 win at the Emirates in 2007. In the five games we have played at Reading’s ground we have won all of them with a total of 22 goals scored, that means an average of 4.4 per game, which is no mean figure!

Now we look at current form, and Arsenal’s outstanding League run of 16 wins in our last 18 games is nothing short of brilliant, including victories in our last eight. In contrast Reading, who have dropped to 18th place in the Championship, are without a win in their last five games – since beating Bradford in the 6th round of the FA Cup.

The Royals have not yet faced Premiership opposition in any competition this season, so the chances of them getting a result against second-placed Arsenal looks nothing short of impossible!

But as a word of warning, games are played on pitches, not paper!

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  1. Just like us, they didn’t get to the semis by showing some leg, they are here for a reason. Whatever the case is, we just need to go in there and play to the best of our abilities and we will win. There is a difference between being Cocky and Confident. We must be the latter.

  2. I hope Ospina is in goal, and wouldnt be keen on Wilshere Diaby Debuchy getting need game time in this match. One of them maybe but not more, Debuchy would be my pick but i am interested in seeing how long Diaby can hold out for.

  3. All it takes to lose that game is being overconfident, turning up with no drive or a rash challenge and red card. I’ll be more confident once I see our players working their socks off on the pitch.

    And for the other semi….go Villa!

  4. Arsenal v Reading, that’s a toughy, I love Arsenal but without Reading to make me sleepy at night I am not sure I’d be sleeping enough.

    If I had to choose a winner, I’d go with Arsenal, but Reading would be a close 2nd. I have had some great Reading experiences such as The Hungry Hungry Caterpilla, and of course Robinson Crusoe.

    So what do we think Gunners, do you prefer our beloved football team, or broadening your literacy skills?

  5. Stop worrying ffs. It’s Reading not Real Madrid


    Bench: Ospina, Gabriel, Bielik, Rosicky, Wilshere, diaby, Walcott

    This is good enuf

    1. So let me get this right…

      In the SEMI-FINAL of a cup you want us to play 3 u21 players, Chambers at RB, Arteta who just returned from a season long injury, Flamini who is our worst DM, and Akpom who is out on loan…

      when we have a pretty much injury free squad right now.

    2. Why risk injuries to the under 21’s, let’s go with this side:

      GK: Wenger
      RB: Wenger’s wife
      LB: Nigel Windybum
      CB: Pascal Cyborg
      CB: Burger Van Man
      DM: Flamini
      MF: John Jensen
      MF: Frannie Jeffers
      RWF: Antonio Reyes
      LWF: Virginho
      CF: Big Nic Bendtner

    3. @Robertthegooner
      Guess you didn’t see how they rolled over Bradford. They played box2box n whistle2whistle all out. They showed then how much they really wanted it. They even rested key players in their league matches in preparation for us. This ain’t gonna be no walk amongst the roses…

  6. Sanchez tailing off second half season on the goals front. I noticed our last game Sanchez hugged the wing touchline for a huge part of the game. I like when wingers do that in congested games but i think he had enough space to come infield some more yet he didnt. I want Sanchez to get greedier, also i dont think Giroud gives him enough in terms of chances, Oli makes plenty for Wilshere Rambo and Theo so i dont know if its a lack of understanding or something more/different.

    Sanchez, no doubt we should be finding this man in and around the box, earlier season almost everytime an attack we looked for Sanchez whether in space or not. Now not so much, we seem to give him the ball just so we can receive the ball going by the areas and runs at time of giving, Ramsey ive noticed does this allot and Jack when he played.. also Giroud Welbeck. I like the one two but prefer the more difficult Ozil Cazorla type pass.. precision, or splitting a defence right open.. i would like our players doing more of sitting a ball up for Sanchez v GK. Opposition know we dont play that ball very much unless Walcott starts but Sanchez and Ox are also perfect for it.. Bergkamp was great at needle eyed balls lol and i think we have the player now who can also play that game.. yes Ozil, also Cazorla and to a lesser extent Ramsey Arteta Rosicky…

    Sanchez deserves the perfect deliveries as much of the time he has to create his own best chances, am sure with continuity he will get excellent service much of the time all of the time.. not that he isnt getting some pretty good stuff right now as its more a case of not quite the maximum wavelength. I can only hope he will become a greedy footballer (on the field of course), then i would imagine him been spoken in the same category as the best goalscorers the world over.

    1. no, just no; I have seen Sanchez lose the ball countless times because he keeps hold of the ball too long when there are options around him. Maybe in front of goal take on a player directly and see what happens because he has the skill but otherwise, no.

      I have faith that he is simply having a dip of form though that he very effectively makes up for with work-rate.

  7. I think we should not take Reading lightly
    Always remember Birmingham City League Cup Final

    I would go with
    Cazorla or Rosicky
    Walcott or Welbeck

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