Form Guide: Does AC Milan draw signal the end of Arsenal’s Europa League chances?

Arsenal have been extremely bad this season, especially away from home, and even our reserves have hardly covered themselves in glory against the European minnows in their Europa League campaign so far or in the FA Cup either, where we were beaten at the first hurdle for the first time ever under Wenger.

AC Milan have hardly set Serie A alight this season either, despite spending over 150 million during the summer, and they started extremely badly. They may still lie in 7th place in the Italian League, but since Christmas Milan have gone 10 matches unbeaten, winning 7 of them.

While Arsenal were losing to the Swedish minnows Ostersunds, Milan quietly disposed of Ludgorets in the Europa League to have an easy 4-0 aggregate win to reach this round. Here is their last ten results in all competitions since Xmas…..

Let us compare this to Arsenal’s last ten games….

Four wins, one draw and five defeats hardly fills us with confidence, and the fact that we have to face Man City twice and Brighton away before we face Milan is hardly going to get us full of confidence ahead of the Milan game.

To be honest even if Arsenal play their very best available team I would not rate our chances very highly. Unless of course, Wenger can galvanise the team into action and we beat Man City twice!!



  1. Says a lot about the state of the club when we are unsure of our chances against a mid table serie A team … So much for the Franco corporate bs about the stadium catapulting us in to the european elite … Another year of delusional management and we will be vying with the likes of Everton and Leicester for the just-outside-the-european-slot slot … Oh wait a minute … The one plus side is the silencing of the 4th place junkies and their fantasy football talk of a bright future built around Ramsey Iwobi bellerin and maitland Niles … Comical stuff

    1. What an idiot. AC Milan is 7th in the league on goal diff and Arsenal are 6th? I guess its two mid-table teams then? Deluded EPL fans LMFAO

  2. I am quit happy that we pulled Milan, i wish we could even pull the likes of Atletico, why? Bec such games will show what we are made off.

    Win this competition and extend our excuses for one more year, or lose it and be called for what we have become. Not even good enough for the uefela leauge and far away from being a serious cl team.

    reality check after reality check, and in time even the most deluded fan might start to question firstly himself for being stupid, and then point fingers at the wrong doers. Arsenal problem wont end with Wenger. Fans are at fault here. The fan base must get fixed so this club gets the chance to see better times. Till then enjoy the show.

    1. Are you really partly blaming the fan base for Asrenal’s current status ?

      Arsenal have enjoyed a very loyal base ,one that I might add pay the highest ticket prices in England / fill the stadium every week despite the sub par shit performances of the overpaid
      manager and some of the prima donna delusional players we have.
      The fact you are even bringing fan base as an issue is laughable.
      the current state of affairs at the club is strictly due to the upper management failing to act and
      replace an archaic system and manager. Wenger has hand tied the club to a level of mediocrity that will be very difficult to climb out off. In addition regardless of whether we progress or not the deeper issue is at which point does this club RECOGNIZE theynhave a problem and start moving towards fixing it.
      Arsenal is almost like an alcoholic in denial. They have a good period and then falloff the bus again. the club is in denial and only thing the fan base is at fault is we continue to enable them

  3. AC Milan is just right for us.
    Ideally we would play this
    level of team in the group stage
    rather than the nobody teams we had to play
    like Koln, Bate, Red Star and then Ostersunds.
    AC Milan at the San Siro and at the Emirates is just the perfect level for us.
    Then Lyon/Lazio/Dortmund/ Zenit and maybe Athletico in the final would be spot on.
    Arsenal is the highest ranked side in the Europa League so should win it.
    Top 4 achieved exactly as befits the top 4 Kings of England.
    Then a 3 year extension for the Mr Arsenal.

  4. Milan is a strong team and can threat to any opposition, when meet and loose guide the will beat us, but if our players determine to win Milan home and away or play them draw at their home place, with iwobi form I beg Wenger to bench him for no reason, he is a strong attacking midfielder, with his age playing like this if he now reach 24_25 like De Bruny and hazard I think he will compute with some big names, please he should give opsina chance to prove his self although he has been trying,

  5. Typographical errors, Wenger should not bench iwobi for noting play him like 5 to six months or even 1 year. He will ripe well well.

      1. Please someone provide Iwobi and Welbeck photographs of a football goal and a goal keeper, so they can practice hitting the net of the goal and avoid the goal keeper.

  6. I think yes to be honest.
    Dortmund and Milan were the 2 sides to avoid.

    Can’t remember ever seeing or feeling such a lack of creativity or quality in our sqaud. So many players need a rocket or to be gone.
    The cbs looked Immature not just in age, iwobi awful, elneny headless chicken kolasinac not the player he was miki lacking in belief or ideas, bellerin off form, welbeck lacking confidence and any sign of us being able to depend him minus lacazette, lacazette looking shot anyway before he was injured etc etc.
    What is Wenger coaching or feeding them that does such a good job or ruining players? In time I feel both ox and walcott we begin to improve due to the coach and playing mentality at each club.
    It says a lot that Monreal has become such a source of goals recently purely for his hunger to be up there and score outweighing his teammates.
    What happened to the arsenal where any and everybody was chipping in with goals.

    Please Mr Josh Kroenke make it happen a new face and era is needed, though has too much damage already been done?

      1. It’s different for Bellerin as he is playing. if he was actually watching the game like we do he would see immediately what we are complaining about.
        He is payed to PLAY. We PAY to WATCH. This means he is OUR property and we have every right to criticise him and his team mates for the abject performances THEY have been responsible for producing.
        This VASTLY OVERATED player with the dress sense of a pissed up WORZEL GUMMIDGE (look it up if your under 30) should start assessing his own below par performances this season before he even thinks about whining regarding the fans airing there frustrations on HIM and his TEAMMATES.
        And while he is considering this,he might like to give us his view on who exactly it was at Arsenal who declined a (reported) £40m offer from Barcelona during the summer.His displays this season show him to be a 40bob player at best.

  7. Wish we had Aubameyang in Europa but at least we should hopefully have Lacazette.
    Welbeck and Iwobi simply aren’t good enough. I gave them another chance last night to prove themselves but they weren’t good enough to play Osterlunds let alone AC Milan.

    I do think that we can get through as long as Lacazette, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Wilshere, Ramsey, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal/Kolsanic are all available. And if Osterlunds were tough for us, everyone from here on in will be even tougher ie AC Milan, Dortmund, Madrid etc

  8. were not the favorites. Bad striker in Welbeck, bad defense, poor midfield… Arsenal have little going for them. Ozil gets paid buckets, still not a leader. Offering him a contract looks to be a mistake. He’s straight back to being mediocre.

  9. We will have a good chance of winning if our squad plays to its potential. This requires discipline and mostly motivation which we hardly see. You can have 4-5 players out of form or plain lazy but if the whole squad doesn’t give a shit then the problem is the manager. Either he cant motivate them or they dont want to play for him and the result is normally the same the Coach gets the boot.
    Interesting that most players leaving have been wenger loyals; walcott, giroud, coq. If they are leaving the sinking boat what do you expect from the rest.

  10. Gunners! In Nigeria and around the world you do need to agree with me, I thing gunners need our moral support . When you look at clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea , or Liverpool all like Arsenal they rised and fall there was a time those teams were almost forgotten. Your feeling about Wenger let not stop you from appreciating his History. Up Arsenal.

    1. Dear Sir
      I hope you appreciate I am trying to be polite in my reply to your post.If you don’t mind I will use the initials of your name which are M.A.D.
      So MAD.Are you MAD or what?Why do you even begin to compare us with other team? We are ARSENAL.We want the best for ARSENAL and the first thing we must do is remove that MAD MAN ( NO NOT YOU) Manager.He is the one the fans are MAD (again NOT YOU) at.
      Yes ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB has a great History and Tradition to be proud of but only a MAD MAN (sort of YOU) will bring this into the context of what that MAD (no) MAN WENGER is doing to our Club.The fans and supporters are MAD (no) with the continued decline we are in.We are MAD (no) at our league position, MAD (no) at the pathetic excuses he continues to spout out and extremely MAD (now this is most definitely you) at the mindless yet somehow opionated “Supporters “who feel they need to defend him because he is a part of our history. It makes MAD at you MAD and supporters who think like MAD. Wenger will only ever be a very very tiny spot within the history of ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB and anyone who thinks differently are MAD.(by the way I am now dispensing with the brackets as they are making me MAD(not you MAD)me MAD).
      So MAD you will see me and most of the supporters are MAD at that MAD MAN WENGER because he makes us MAD,MAD if you understand what I mean.
      Best Wishes MAD in supporting ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB.As you can see I am a bit MAD with them at the moment.
      PS I think I am going MAD

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