Former Arsenal ace unsurprisingly comes to the defence of Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil has become one player that everyone loves to hate at the moment.

The German has hardly put a foot right when he is on the pitch, yet trouble doesn’t seem to be far away from him when he is off it.

He has been in decline since he signed his current Arsenal deal in 2018 and there seems to be no way back into the Arsenal team for him now after being frozen out during the restart.

The German is Arsenal’s top earner, he doesn’t play much, yet he rejected a year-long pay cut that the club had begged the team to take to cushion the effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

That decision has brought him even more criticism, but his friend and former Arsenal teammate Lukas Podolski, has defended his character.

The German claims that Ozil isn’t such a bad guy as the current state of things makes him look and that his current situation at Arsenal is a loss-loss for everyone.

‘He’s good enough (to be their main man) with support from the coach and the team, but something has happened with the club, you can feel that,’ Podolski told the Athletic

‘Is he in a disagreement with the club? When I talk to him, we don’t want to talk to him about that kind of stuff. It’s his situation, him and his agent have to deal with that. 

‘He’s a good character — he’s not an a**hole. He doesn’t do interviews where he speaks badly of his team-mates or of Arsenal and it’s a shame we have this situation because everyone is losing. Ozil is sat in the stands, Arsenal are paying him and there is no winner.’

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  1. Some people are losing sleep because of that 350k a week. Including you. That last paragraph says a lot. Give it a rest. You are not losing anything and neither does Arsenal.

    Ozil salary does not hinder Arsenal’s progress in anyway. If there is anyone losing its Kroenke and that is largely his fault.

    It will be better if everyone just leave Mesut alone and direct our energy in supporting our team on their way to the 14th title triumph.

    1. 👍 I only clicked on here because I saw the picture of Podolski, (❤ him!!). Wish I hadn’t bothered, HH…. smh!!!

      1. I like Poldy too. Shame it didn’t work out as many as hoped but I enjoyed his time with us.

        I swore I will not comment or read Mesut articles again but I have failed myself. Can’t resist. I will put it to my advantage and practice self resilience.

  2. And even though MO may
    never play another match for
    our beloved Arsenal at least we
    can catch up with “How the
    Ozil Turns” on this precious

    1. So we are supposed to believe what Alan Smith says, but when Podolski says something different, it is classed as not relevant or not even close to being accurate?!?!?

      With Sanhelli out of the way, perhaps we could see MA once again look at both Ozil and AMN, what a meltdown we would have on here from those who have said Ozil will never wear our shirt again.

      Still, as we have been lectured on, time and time again, we will ALL be behind whatever Arteta decides…. won’t we??

      1. This would have been understandable if it was from readers comments but to have admins promote their own biases and prejudices….

  3. So if not a single word Podolski says is relevant or even close to being accurate.. why the hell make an article of it???!!!! Sheesh!! Does my bloody head in!

    1. No names, no pack drills, but I have been told that MA and MO have met and discussed their positive views for the coming season, Community Shield included.
      Let’s see if this feedback is correct.

      1. That’s what friends do isn’t it?! I’d defend my friends too if they were being constantly slated day in, day out!!
        I was going to say I can’t wait till he moves on, Ken, and goes somewhere where he’ll be appreciated….. but that sounds good to me..
        I’d love for this to be resolved.. sick of it all, if I’m honest! Just won the cup.. Auba has signed… the window is looking good… excited for next season, yet let’s still slag Ozil off.. 😡

        1. It’s pathetic really Sue, especially if we want to give Arteta our 100% support.

          At least that’s what I thought all Gooners were supposed to be doing.

      2. This is great. We don’t need Arteta starting season with any negativity surrounding him. Though I was disappointed with our league run since he took over, I believe next season is when he comes into his own and show the world what he is made of.

  4. ozil is the class player in arsenal and always has been. what he needs are quick-witted players with skill to match his. arsenal just havent had those players for a long time. aubameyang can score goals but can’t pass to save his life. pepe can’t control the ball. lacazette’s barely competent .,,.,,etc etc. ozil has no-one to work with . and that’s how it’s been. it’s not him arteta should be moving on but most of the rest of the squad. arsenal is full of mediocre players, not top skilled players ( unlike bayern munich). he’s a fish out of water, and everyone takes what he says out of context. typical u.k soccer lazy thinking and sloppy attitude.

    1. So because of your precious Ozil, you now have to come after Auba, Pepe, Lacazette etc.
      Have you ever think how many goals Auba and Laca would have scored if they have De Bruyne behind them.
      Have you think of Pepe making a strong case if Ozil was working tirelessly like De Bruyne?
      And before you say De Bruyne can’t do anything with those bunch, remember De Bruyne’s record in Germany with Wolfburg


      Atleast if you want to defend a player, you do it without tarnishing someone image.
      Zaha was exceptional even when surrounded with shit players. So do De Bruyne at Wolfburg, Ings at Southampton, Dybala at Palermo etc.

      You don’t need other players to showcase yourself for been good.

  5. @Dan
    Weird but true.

    You don’t see me criticizing Ozil all around and you know why?
    Cos I know Ozil was once a good player and he once stood out among his pairs even when they are not good enough.(Werder Bremen).

    But blaming other players for Ozil performance is too much for me to bear.
    Many people blamed Giroud for not scoring to make Ozil break the assist record but they never appreciate Giroud for giving Ozil more than 10 assist on corners.
    Now they blame Auba, Pepe, Laca for Ozil again?

    And before one of Ozil fan boy come on here lecturing me that he didn’t say it. I need him to know that, he always jump on people talking s*** about Ozil and asking them questions.

    So he should do likewise and ask his fellow supporter questions why he has to blame other players for Ozil’s performance.

    1. Highbury Hero was critizing Arteta wining the FA CUP other day. Just because of his lover boy Ozil and I don’t see any of Ozil fan boy cautioning him.

      Many Ozil fan are saying Arsenal lose 2 straight matches cos Ozil didn’t play but I never see anyone think about us losing the match because Xhaka didn’t play those matches.

      After all, we only lose only a single match where Xhaka played and who is to say we will go unbeaten with Ozil?

      Many were saying Ozil was not selected cos of refusing pay cut (might be possible though) but why don’t they think Arteta change of formation was the reason behind it?
      Or do you think Ozil/Ceballos or Ozil/Xhaka can sustain the midfield?
      Even Ceballos/Xhaka wasn’t easy and both can fight more than Ozil.

      Niles was benched, Socratis was benched, Martinelli was benched, even Martinez was benched in a cup game he should play in(Olympiakos) but nobody see reason why this players was benched but only see reasons when it was Ozil.

      I thought all this players were all Arsenal players and should be supported too.
      But No, we have to blame one or other for poor performance of another.

      1. We may never know why MO was suddenly dropped from the team. But for a player who was consistently used pre-lockdown to then suddenly be not considered good enough even among a 7-man substitute post-lockdown, it’s rather baffling…especially in the light of revelations about the pay cut saga.

        1. Why is it only me who think Ozil didn’t make the squad because of the change in formation?
          Do you think Ozil can play that formation effectively like Ceballos do?
          Or you think Ozil can come in to defend our goal when the team needs that?.
          If Arteta had continued with the same formation with the pre-lockdown, I would be baffled cos I know no matter what people says, I still strongly believe Ozil is our best creative player in this team. But not with the formation Arteta switched to, cos with that formation we need a creative player with manageable defensive ability which make Ceballos make the team than Ozil.
          So I see no fuse

    1. Ozil made the bench for one or two matches after the pandemic if I’m not wrong.
      So why bring him at all if the board gave instructions not to play him?

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