Former Arsenal captain finally tables an apology

Laurent Koscielny has finally tendered an apology to Arsenal fans after his enraging unveiling video as a Bourdeaux player last summer.

The Frenchman spent nine years at the Emirates with Arsenal and he was one of the crowd favourites having won the hearts of fans with his fine displays at the core of the defence.

He wanted a move back to France to be closer to his family last summer, but the Gunners needed him and the club was unwilling to let him go.

The defender went AWOL to force the move away from the Emirates and Arsenal eventually bowed to his demands.

In his unveiling video at his new home, he was seen taking off an Arsenal shirt to reveal the jersey of his new team and some Arsenal fans felt insulted by that video.

He has been silent about it since it came out despite the backlash, but he has recently spoken up and apologised for it.

He claimed that he didn’t expect the video to cause that much outrage and admitted that he enjoyed his time at the Emirates.

Koscielny said via Sun Sports: “I had nine incredible years there, lots of memories with this club.

“I know that my announcement video at Bordeaux caused a bit of a stir.

“I want to apologise to the fans for that, I didn’t expect it to affect them in the way that it did.”

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  1. There was nothing wrong with that video. It was just a creative way of unveiling.

    A loyal, committed and faithful servant of the club who gave his all, he should be thanked instead of criticized.

    1. Absolutely agreed ,especially as Emery was not using him as first choice centre back if I remember rightly .
      Great defender in a time when our club was going through tough times .

            1. You would think his issue with emery was more personal than just football. Maybe he greeted emery at a pub one day and emery snubbed him unconsciously. 😂

    2. Spot on HH. I didn’t feel disrespected in anyway, I do remember some of his blunders tho but he put in a hell of a shift for us too, so no complaints. Goodluck koscielny

    1. Very true, we made him the man he is today. Came from a League 2, developed by us and had a sad ending.Well the unveiling at Bordeaux may have exposed his stupidity, for which I can forgive and forget as that was based on his rotten attitude (he did no charity for us, he was paid every single penny during his playing days) , I still have not forgiven or forgotten his brain drain during the league cup final which we gifted that trophy to Birmingham. That would have ended our trophy drought in 2011, and who knows what history could have been for us. That was a footballing /skill error which we paid the heavy price. Never in the Adams mold, one boot of Adams would have sent him to the washrooms.Chapter closed, throw the book in the trash bin, let us move forward with Gabriel our class of a proper defender.

    1. Am glad you apologise that make you a real footballer…..God make your life easier….good man always sees the wrong…👌peace👌

  2. OT: Is it true that Lyon had accepted £45 (+ £10 add-ons) bid for Aouar and the player is due for a medical next week? £120k p/w for 5 years. Need to confirm if this is true.

    1. New everywhere is he has accepted personal terms with Arsenal. We did put in a bid on Thursday and it’s been discussed with Lyon. I have not heard anything more from any authentic source. Hope we get him, he is exactly what we want and can be that spark in the middle.

  3. He never disrespected any one, a true professional. It was the club who went back on their word. He was one of the best technical defender, one of my favourites if you are into a ball playing CB who is quick and good at reading the game. But you know Arsenal fans they like to create fuss and if something is not accepting to their current taste then they will abuse their own players and legends….no one can deny this LK, AW, Xhaka and he’ll even Auba has been subject to abuse from our own fans. Funny thing is the same fans who were lecturing him about honouring the contract and loyalty are now against ozil for honouring his contract and loyalty.

  4. Mohsan
    We can’t compare with Ozil situation.
    He doesn’t hide in games when the battle is tough.

    Ozil is no more interested on football since 350k contract and strolls in games.

    The so called creator created only 1 goal from 18 games pre Covid-19

    Koscieny moved to play football not sitting in sofa playing FIFA

    1. Howard, Ozil does not pick the team or drops him self out of it. If you employer does not want you and tells you to stay at home but because of the contract has to keep paying you then is that your fault. How do you know he has zero interest in playing football. Ozil is earning 3 times what LK was earning, I bet if he was on same wages he would have run down his contract as well. I am just putting it out there the behaviour and class shown by our club when dealing with players in same contract situation. One was penalised for wanting out and be part of an exciting football project and one is penalised not wanting to go and honour the contract.

      1. Dont bullshit. Arsenal not interested in Ozil anymore. Nobody told Ozil to stay at home. They told him to F.. Off. But this thick face prefer money over dignity. Thats all

  5. A great servant to our club and always gave 100% – the media and our fickle doom and gloom brigade of fans made a mountain out of a molehill.
    Enjoy the rest of your life Kos and thanks for the memories.
    A true gentleman.

  6. I personally do not have a problem with that video, but his refusal to travel with the team and how he made the drama go I criticise him for, and I believe those prior to that unveiling were why he was slammed by most people and not necessarily just that video or so.
    Someone said he’s a legend, and I can only think those words that are somewhat sacrosanct are being misused these days.
    Koscieny was nothing more other than a fine player who represented us well in his time. He was at some point arguably the best centre back (and easily among the best) in the league then.
    He wasn’t that “strong character” and like what’s becoming a norm at Arsenal in recent years till present, rarely showed any leadership qualities – we’ve hardly had a real captain for some long time now IMHO.
    In all, he should have done better with how he forced that move away but will still be remembered for his good services and nothing more.

    1. Meh. Had Kos stayed and Emery wins another 2-3 games– perhaps Arteta never gets the job.

      Sometimes things happen the way they are supposed to. I’ll put this in that column.

    2. I think we throw around the legend label far too often. Who recently has even come close to being a legend? Really, just Sanchez. Everyone else have been different degrees of excellent players, but they wont be remembered as well as our past players that inspired entire generations of other footballers. Every Frenchman talks about Henry, Vieira, etc. Tony Adams is iconic. I just dont think anyone recent hits those same levels. Koscielny certainly not as much as i liked him and as great of a player as he was. Winning a European trophy, or EPL title is now the standard at big clubs. If any of our current players are able to take us to those heights again I think they will have their names never forgotten. (not undermining FA Cup, but its not at the same level as the others i mentioned)

      1. I quite agree with you RSH.
        I personally wouldn’t mind tagging Alexis a legend if he had stayed longer and kept on producing at that top level for a few more years, even if we didn’t win a major silverware.
        Thanks for stopping by.

  7. @Maxis
    The news about Houssem Aouar being accepted and having his medical next week. Signing a €120K a-week, 5 year deal with AFC is Confirmed Legit!
    Good one from MA & his recruitment team👍

  8. It was a very disrespectful, and foolish PR stunt against the club that made him, but I never felt it did enough damage to destroy his reputation at Arsenal. It only slightly tarnished it, which as been softened with the apology.

    I think sometimes, that players forget the importance of legacy, in pursuit of trophies/money. Being considered a ‘Legend’ among fans is something one cannot buy.

    1. You can’t buy it but I can.
      There is a different BTW been a Legend and been a world class.

      He plays his best career at Arsenal and played with his heart. That for me is a legend.

  9. Dont bullshit. Arsenal not interested in Ozil anymore. Nobody told Ozil to stay at home. They told him to F.. Off. But this thick face prefer money over dignity. Thats all

  10. it would be strange to still hold a grudge. Didn’t leave in the best manner but whats done is done and he’s back in France. Never cared about the shirt thing tbh…

  11. You know what angry people say to an apology? “Well if you knew better you wouldn’t do it in the first place!”
    Now they can’t be bothered to respond to him. 9 years at our club & only two good ones. The rest spent on the treatment table or losing important matches. You know what they say about a player who you thought was important to your squad suddenly having shocker after shocker. You don’t “miss” that player anymore do you?

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