Former Arsenal captain in line for managerial return

Former Arsenal captain Sol Campbell is expected to take up the manager’s job for Swindon Town in League Two.

The former defender hung up his playing boots in 2011, a year after leaving the Gunners for the second time, before moving into coaching, and now looks set for his third spell in charge of a Football League club.

Campbell was recently penned in for talks with Queens Park Rangers as he looks to make his return to the helm, having enjoyed tough spells at both Southend and Macclesfield previously, but now looks set to be hired to take over at Swindon Town as reported locally, who narrowly missed out on promotion to League One after losing in the final playoff game this week.

Should this be completed, it will be the first time that he has taken on a job prior to the start of the campaign, and will give him his first shot at pre-season training where he can try and drill his ideas into his team before the big kick-off, with his side likely to be hoping for promotion next term after coming so close this time around.

Campbell has previously spoken about not getting a fair start into coaching, and this will be his best chance yet to prove his doubters wrong, with a great base to start with on his latest challenge.


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  1. Great news for one of our finest players.
    Hope he gets the position and proves that he can succeed.

  2. Best of luck to Sol.
    Imo was one of the best in the world during his time and he has to be one of our best ever defenders.

      1. Haha you never know Steve cooper has done a great job with them 👏 that’s 5 former European champs in premier League now 🏆

        1. Yeah he has, Kev – well-deserved! Speaking of European champs… 😉🙂
          I know I’m (we’re) in no position to mock as I doubt we’ll ever reach the final again in my lifetime, but it did put a smile on my face!!

          1. I can’t believe they have been gone so long I think they were relegated along with Sheffield Wednesday but they are still a long way off getting back 😶 I don’t think I’ll ever see a champions league in my lifetime either but maybe a European trophy that still exists 🤞 it was good for me Sue bet365 were giving £5 free bets for game I done Vinny Jr for first goal scorer £37.50 back not bad for a free bet 🙂

            1. Don’t hold your breath, Kev 🤣

              Ceballos picked up another medal!
              Sweet-drinks are on you then, don’t be tight 🤣

              1. I’d be buzzing if we won conference league ngl I’ve seen us win one European trophy and it doesn’t even exist anymore 😶 that trophy last night was beautiful so shiny 😂 if he had confidence in himself he could have scored but was like a rabbit in the headlights lol. Yeah Sue the J20’s are on me 😅

                1. That’s the Arsenal in him 😄 Well, mine’s an apple/raspberry – cheers! I must say I thought you’d ghosted me 🤣 Thought I might have said something that offended you (???) 🤷‍♀️

                  Yeah I’d love to see us with a European trophy.. our record is terrible though! Not sure we’re up for it (mentally)

                  1. Is it just me or was Klopp almost crying last night he pulled his cap over his eyes during the interview 😅 I’ve only ever drank orange and passion fruit I haven’t changed because I’m addicted to it 😆 yeah we aren’t much of a European team I hate to admit whenever I argue with United and pool fans I always get where’s your champions league and I haven’t even got a Uefa cup to throw back at them hahaha even Totts have won that twice unbelievably 😆 no Sue why would you say that 😶

                    1. I know right, whenever the CL is being discussed I’m like can we please change the subject 🤣
                      Oh I didn’t watch any of their interviews. Although I would’ve loved to see Owen, Gerrard and McManaman!! Smacked arse faces!!!
                      You vanished that’s all… but don’t worry, I’m just being silly 🤣

                    2. 2006 was our chance and Lehmann and that ref ruined it had we won that I think things would have been different 😑 Owen was talking some crap last night spouting off about Liverpool being the best team in Europe haven’t even won the league but they’re the best team ? He’s just trying to suck up to Liverpool again but reality is fans will never take to him again he played for man utd he’s a fool 😑 haha I thought it was you wasn’t speaking to me 😅

                    3. 🤣 what are we like?!!! Sorted then! I may even see a ‘fish’ again on YT 🤣
                      When the commentator said Pool had made 3 finals this season and hadn’t scored a single goal 😳
                      Well, it’s that time again, where we should “be excited”… 350m spent during the last 3 summer windows (😱) Plenty more where that came from, hey?! I just hope it all doesn’t happen on the final day (last hour!!) I’ll have burst a blood vessel (or 2) by then!!

                    4. Did you see Jon moss yesterday? Omg he and his Var team had a shocker 😑 do you mean my Pike ? 😂 I subscribed to you 🙂 did you know Henry never scored a final goal for us ? And Ramsey was knocking them in 😅 I don’t know Sue it could be a slow window again and it seems Newcastle are after everyone we’re linked with 🤔

                    5. Yes and what a sight it was 🤣 No surprise really, Kev, he’s useless!! At least that’s the last we’ll see of him- unless he starts advertising for McDonald’s 😂
                      I wonder how many more will opt for the Barcodes over us!!!
                      Yes, that bloody pike 🤣🤣🤣

                    6. Aren’t you sad that yesterday was his last game officiating? 😂 Haha that’s one possibility 🤣 if they retire they do they retire from Var as well ? They are gonna be like QPR back in the day Sue everyday that summer they signed someone 😂 put your hand in its mouth and it will be bloody very bloody 😂

                    7. No I’m bloody not 😂 I read (a while back) that he and Atkinson are ‘moving upstairs with new senior roles’ and Dean will carry on as a full-time var official – god help us all!!!!
                      Some of their fans are expecting them to challenge for it all next season (with Chris Wood 🤣)… let’s hope we can keep up hey, Kev?!!
                      Eww 🐟

                    8. So basically gonna influence games just like they always do ? Oh great 😶 I think they might be getting a little carried away they will be difficult to beat but they won’t win anything as usual 🤣 they call the 90s era the glory years although they won nothing 😂 haha it’ll be tough man u as usual will be looking for superstars and man City will be signing a new squad to try win the champions league 😂 trust me you don’t want bitten by one of them it will literally ruin your day 🐟😅

  3. Sol made comments that he was not captain because colour of his skin ,
    He believes that he should have been England captain ,
    He told Wenger he wanted to play abroad got a free transfer,
    He went to Portsmouth,
    He actually did something similar at Tottenham ,went to arsenal ,
    He says he never got the chances because of colour of his skin ,
    I have watched his career , he was a good defender but was know Tony Adams , he was a good defender but really that was all he was ,
    Every team he left was for financial gain and he lied to people like Wenger who did everything to accommodate him , saying he was not captain because of his skin colour was low ,
    Sol Campbell word means nothing ,
    He’s not capable of being a manager,
    Any club he was at got short changed , that the reason arsenal want nothing to do with him ,
    Captain of England he’s having a laugh so many were in that team ahead of him, next he be saying he was arsenal best defender , he wasn’t even close

    1. Disagree on your assessment of his ability as a player – imo he was one of the very best CBs in the world. Up there with Nesta, ayala etc. Pace, power, good in the air, rarely caught out, covered for his teammates (esp cygan), decent in the ball, consistent and showed up in the big games well enough – not many areas he could have improved on tbh. Terry, for example, was nowhere near as good as Sol until very late in his career imo (was actually quite poor until at least 25,but played with very good defenders) .
      As a leader, I think you have a fair point – didn’t think he was exceptional in that regard, although he was one of our main figures at our peak. It’s definitely one of the reasons Terry is better remembered.
      I’m not aware of what you’re saying in relation to his conversations with wenger, but i do agree with you on his racial comments – I do think he was using it as an excuse for not getting management jobs, when the true reasons were likely benign. Victim mentality.

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