Former Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis in fight against throat cancer

There is a famous saying when a player leaves Arsenal; “Once a Gooner always a Gooner”.

Whether it be Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires, Ljungberg, Fabregas, etc, there is something unique about the club.

A family environment which was known for high principles and rich values, which made talent not just view the Gunners as an employer but a company they fall in love with.

Whatever they did before or after their time in North London many are most fondly associated with us.

How many have said they regretted ever leaving Highbury or the Emirates?

For nearly a decade Ivan Gazidis was part of our family. Therefore it’s only correct that on behalf of JustArsenal I wish the 56-year-old all the best in his battle against throat cancer.

Many felt the executive’s move to Italy was untimely given that it came with the club in transition.

Gazidis had introduced Unai Emery to a new set up behind the scenes knowing full well he had a job waiting for him in Milan.

Unable any longer to hide behind Arsene Wenger, who had a major influence on every aspect of the club, this was finally a chance for others to put their ideas forward. That he didn’t was seen by some as weak, leaving the first summer the Frenchmen wasn’t in power.

He never had a relationship with Mr Wenger like David Dein which at time gave fans contradictory information.

He once insisted 200 million was sitting in the bank, put aside for transfers, indicating the manager was choosing not to spend it.

In many ways it was an impossible job being stuck between an unambitious owner and a club icon.

On one hand he wanted to understandably point to how much income he was helping make for his employer, but on the other hand had to explain why the team were declining on the pitch.

While experts feel Arsenal could do more to compete with their rivals commercially, Gazidis did oversee record merchandise deals, as well as our first ever sleeve sponsors.

He will be best remembered for his quote that by now we would be competing with Bayern Munich.

Of course it’s not just his fault that the opposite has happened.

Outside of England his CV reads working for one of the most lucrative law firms in the world, making business decisions in the USA in the founding years of the MLS, and helped to promote the Mexican FA and the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Of course though whether you think someone is good at their job or not has nothing to do with wishing someone be ill.

Reading comments online, some need educating about that. The latest example of some not being able to separate football from what’s important.

A man isn’t defined by what he does for a living. This is a loving husband and father, that’s more important than work.

He and AC Milan have released statements indicating that he’s in good spirits and positive of a speedy recovery.

My thoughts and prayers go towards him and his Family.


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    1. no cure…

      millions of funds can be used for medical research to create new vaccine and cure

      however fans would rather 200 or 500m be spent on players

  1. Lost my mother in law to this – a harrowing journey.

    We can only wish Ivan G all the very best.

  2. I wish him well. Cancer can be very difficult to manage. Some cancers are curable if discovered early. Throat cancer is bad one. I won’t wish even my worst enemy this one. Wishing him a speedy recovery

  3. Terrible news lost my own dad to pancreatic cancer at 56.. wish Ivan Gazidis all the strength to beat this horrific illness 🙏

  4. Stay strong and fight, my wife had bowel cancer 4 years ago and is still going strong and our daughter had the same cancer at age 27, she is now 48 with a lovely family and living her life to the full. Cancer can be beaten and I really hope you beat it Ivan ❤️

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