Former Arsenal favourite urged to join Scottish outfit

Ally McCoist has urged Jack Wilshere to make a free transfer to Rangers and join the revolution of Steven Gerard.

Gerard is on the cusp of helping Rangers to end the stranglehold of Celtic on Scottish football after his team’s amazing start to the season.

Rangers have played 14 league games, won 12 and drew two as they start the campaign motivated to stop Celtic from winning ten consecutive league titles.

Wilshere, on the other hand, has been without a club after he was released by West Ham at the start of this season.

The former Arsenal man spent two seasons at the London Stadium after leaving Arsenal, and he was expecting to relaunch his career there.

However, that didn’t happen, and it seems he will waste his career that started in a very promising manner.

McCoist is worried that Wilshere will be remembered as one of those guys who had talent but never made it and he has urged him to join Rangers if that will bring the smile back to his face.

“If he comes to Rangers then great because he is a fantastic player,” said McCoist via Sun Sports

“To be honest, I just want to see Jack Wilshere playing anywhere regularly to get a smile back on that lad’s face again because he has suffered terribly from injuries.

“I hate to say this but, at 28, it looks as if his career could pass him by and Jack will be remembered as one of those guys with amazing talent who couldn’t fulfil his potential in terms of the number of games he played.

“I’d hate to see that happen to someone with Jack Wilshere’s exceptional talent.”

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  1. If Wilshere can make it in Scotland where the pressure to fulfil his one time potential is far less, then good luck to him.

    And good luck to the likeable, big hearted McCoist who is a fine human, even though his downmarket laddishness on the TalkSport Breakfast show sometimes irritates me almost beyond endurance. More fool me for choosing to listen though!
    But I harbour severe doubts that Wilshere will be able to physically stand up to even Scottish Prem football, as they are far from cissies up there and will take no prisoners.

    It must be said that MUCH, though not all, of Jacks long term injuries stem from his lifestyle and a lack of maturity in his key younger days. Blithely diving into 40/60 tackles as a shrimp, was not using his head!

    Contrast this with Lineker, who today revealed that he craftily avoided heading the ball in training, as he foresaw possible demential probems in later life. Some of the reason for this was that Likeker is bright and realised that concussion had long lasting effects , esp from watching his great love, boxing! THAT is using your brain, ironically!

    So much depends on having the intellect to anticipate foreseeable probems before they happen and take avoidable action. This was Jacks personal undoing IMO.

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