Former Arsenal man is confident they will land key target

Kevin Campbell believes Arsenal is in a good position to add Lisandro Martinez to their squad in this transfer window.

The Gunners have made the Ajax defender a key target as they continue to revamp their current group.

They have added Fabio Vieira, Matt Turner and Marquinhos to the group so far, but their summer business is far from over.

A move for more players is on the cards, and Martinez could become one of their incoming stars.

The 24-year-old Argentinian is also being pursued by Manchester United, but Campbell says Arsenal is on the right path towards adding him to their squad.

He tells Football Insider:

“It sounds like the door has been opened.

“There is a seat at the table. They are open to discussing it.

“If Ajax weren’t interested in selling they would have rejected this bid out of hand.

“I don’t believe personal terms will be an issue. It is just a matter of the clubs thrashing it out.

“It is nice to see Arsenal looking to open these doors. I like that Arsenal are acting early and are trying to get these deals done.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Martinez is one of the most sought-after players in the current Ajax team, and that just shows how good he is.

We need more capable hands in our team. Adding him to the group will certainly add quality to it.

However, we must not underestimate the threat from United, considering that his former manager is their new boss and they have the money to beat us to his signature.


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  1. Martinez cost Ajax 7mill and 1 milion quid annual salary. We have to pay 34-36 mill minimum fee and probably 5mill quid a year = 56mill fee/salary. Vieira cost nothing from the Porto academy. We had to pay 34mill. and probably 20mill in salary. So another 50mill player. Throw in 100mill/salary Jesus. 200mill already this season on top of the 400mill fee/salary spent three seasons before. So a total of 600mill fee/salary in failed attempts at getting top 4. I have to ask the question is management actually about coaching or just about motivating incredibly expensive imports? Porto and Ajax must be laughing themselves silly rolling in their mega million profits.

    1. OK fairfan, you posted this a while ago, and it absolute rubbish.
      EVERY player in the world started as an academy player and cost nothing (except training fees for 40 other players)
      We could sell Saka next week for 100m quid. Would you complain we bought him for nothing?

      1. Holding cost 2mill and has never let us down. Niles is a versatile player and is free and Pl proven. Rekik is free also. Financially I am simply quoting the facts that Martinez will cost 50mill fee and salary combined. As others have said there are other far cheaper options.

  2. Sigh, I’ve look at videos of this guy, and sad to say the only role I see him capable playing in the premier league is midfield. A very good passer, tenacious in tackles, but lack the pace and physical stature to handle the fullback and centerback positions with the kind of beasts he’ll be up against in England. The attackers and wingers we are up against in this league will chew him up and spit him out, and if he’s being brought in to cover those defensive positions, he ‘s going to end up being just an expensive bench-warmer in my opinion.

    1. In my opinion is he will be an excellent buy and will play a big part of our success next season . Let’s have a chat next summer eh?

    2. I echo Pat’s request Daniel- he looked superb in the videos I saw. Tenacious tackler, excellent positioning and anticipation and a truly outstanding pass that puts David Luiz to shame. I think he IS meant as a DM who can cover Tierney.
      True he’s apparently only 2’6″ tall, but hey – nobody’s perfect!

  3. I keep wondering why we are still linked to a defender!

    We have Gabriel, Ben white and Saliba is coming (as romoured). Why do we still need another defender when the midfield is still very weak?

    1. I think a lot of us share your views.If we need someone who can play LB or LWB, Corney of Burnley has a release clause of around 17m I believe.I think he played in these positions when he was with Lyon, and he certainly has impressed me as a left winger when he has played against us.We could do a lot worse ?

      1. @Grandad. I agree Maxwel Cornet could be a good transfer target as well. Very fast and with good technique.

      2. @Grandad, he will be a good buy. This dude can play 3/4 position. To me that is money well spent. I see him playing beside partey. Tavares will not be going no where. He will play anchor while partey takes up xhakas place. And he can fill in anywhere in the back. That is good money spent

      3. Grandad – I think the idea is he will be a DM who can cover for Tierney rather than a LB who can step in for Partey or Xhaka. Although I don’t see him as being an amazing defender he’s a regular in the Argentina team and rated there as being the best since Ayala. Who are we to argue with 45m Argentinians (at least lately!)?

    2. Ben White is average and well over-hyped. We got ripped off @ £50m. KT is likely to be on the medics table for a lot of the season. Saliba is not guaranteed to start. Tavares may be going out on loan. Bringing in Martinez would be ideal because he can cover multiple areas including LB. He’s very agile and always looking to play forward with the ball. He’s a tough tackler and very physical. We need his qualities. That is why Manure are looking to swipe.

    3. Martinez is needed bcz he covers a lot of defensive areas especially leftback and defensive mid where we have the perennially injury prone Tierney and Partey respectively

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