Former Arsenal manager set to land his first job after leaving the Emirates 

Unai Emery could be set to make a return to management sooner than most expected, according to reports.

Reports from Italy via Mail Sport claims that the Spaniard is being lined up to become the next AC Milan manager as Stefano Pioli continues to struggle.

Milan has had two managers this season already but the former European champions are still struggling and they look set to miss out on Champions League football yet again despite the fact that they signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the last transfer window.

Emery lasted 18 months as Arsenal’s manager before he was given the boot at the end of last year.

He replaced Arsene Wenger with hopes of helping the club return to the Champions League.

He managed the Gunners to reach the final of the Europa League last season and fans thought they would take the next step this season.

Arsenal spent a lot of money in the summer on the likes of Nicolas Pepe and Kieran Tierney, however, their season started poorly and Emery paid the price with his job.

The Spaniard, however, remains a top-rated manager in Europe after his successful stint as the boss of Sevilla and PSG.

He won the Europa League three times with Sevilla and won the French league and several other domestic competitions with PSG.

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  1. I am really in bewilderment. Will he not have language problem there too? If he couldn’t manage an Oil, how on earth is he going to Coach Zlatan, of all stars? How will he scale through the screening by someone like Vladimir Boban?

  2. I wish him well but the language difficulty will be the same dreadful handicap to his chances as it was when he managed us. Perhaps one day all budding great managers will need to be multi lingual before entering management.

  3. There is a similarity between Spanish and Italian but I think he will have difficulties beyond just the language barrier as although it was an issue at Arsenal it couldn’t have been the only problem.

  4. I wish him well, especially as he’s joining the man who brought him to our club in the first place.

    While I feel The Arsenal was to big a job for him, gazidis dropped him right in it when he left.

    As usual, gazidis was looking after no.1 and left UE completely adrift, when he should have been, at the very least, helping him through the transition period of communicating his thoughts and ideas to the players and media.

    I really hope he can turn the table on gazidis, if ever a man deserves to be owned by his own petard, this man does.

    The more I delve into gazidis, the more I believe this man is the most poisonous man ever to be involved with our club, closely followed by kronkie of course…just my personal opinion I hasten to add.

    1. You are not alone @ken1945. I think he is just a viper, and his incompetence hides under performance of the team at The Arsenal. He recently was scolded by Boban for single-handedly, though informal, interviewing prospective Coach for AC Milan, imagine! He knew this little about football, and he got ego now as some Wonder administrator.

    2. Ken Much agree on the smarmy snake AND on our current owwer, whom I am increasingly beginning to believe may not be our owner two years from now, for financial reasons.
      I have been spending some time on further in depth research on Sir Henry, who was painted as our saviour,which he was, but also as a financially corrupt man , on which serious doubt needs to be applied. From my research, our “promotion” was linked, loosely, to the match fixing of Liverpool v Man Utd, which in fact meant that Chelseas were initially relegated before also being voted up. But actually far more linked to the fact that Arsenal had made many friends with other clubs prior to that, who were thus more inclined to vote for us and not for Spuds. Though much is subjective judgement, I feel.
      I learned plenty I did not know much of before. Fascinating and informative for all REAL Gooners.

      1. Jon, I have just finihed an article on Sir Henry in two parts…just waiting to see if Pat thinks it’s worth printing.

        George Graham’s spot of bother is nothing compared to what this man, allegedly got up to – one has to ask, as a Gooner, did the end justify the means?

  5. The language barrier was no problem when Emery coached Arsenal to the EL final and one point off CL in the PL. Arteta has Arsenal in 9th place and was knocked out in the round of 32 in the EL. Arteta is by far and away the worst Arsenal coach in 30 years.

    1. Stevo
      He did though miss out on CL football and failed to beat a team in the EL final that had already qualified so I don’t see that as positive at all
      Perhaps you should return to this topic when Arteta has been in charge at Arsenal for 18 months to then make comparisons because at the moment making them makes no sense at all

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