Former Arsenal star: Alexis and Ozil demands won’t be met!

The contractual talks between Ozil, Alexis and Arsenal seem to have been going on for some time now, without little to show that an agreement is near. It is understood what the two players are demanding, if reports are to be believed and as a result many fans and professionals have been able to have their say.

Former Arsenal midfielder Perry Groves is the latest to have his say on the long running contract talks and it’s fair to say that he doesn’t seem very optimistic about new deals.

It’s become a well rumoured understanding that both Alexis and Ozil are looking for extra assurances from Arsenal before they tie themselves down in a contract for a few seasons more. Alexis who is now in his third season with the Gunners, is expecting a pay rise, as well as insight about Arsenal’s plan to show more ambition in major competition. Without these factors, Alexis may not be convinced to dedicate himself to Arsenal for the long term future. Ozil is reportedly ‘happier’ so to say, with the German simply seeking a pay rise that’ll see him paid amongst the best players in the world. Both players are reportedly hoping for weekly wages of around £200,000 per week, which in the state that football currently is in, is about the right price for players of their quality, but for Arsenal’s wage structure it could be challenging.

For that kind of money, Groves is therefore unconvinced that Arsenal will tie the pair down to new deals. On the matter Groves said: “Have Arsenal got the money to spend? Yes they have. Will they get the £250,000 a week they are looking for? I don’t think they will get that.

“They won’t get the money Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Pogba are on.  That’s not going to happen as the club have a different wage structure [to Manchester United]. But if they were realistic about their demands then I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t sign new contracts.”

Groves talks about the two players being realistic about their demands and in my opinion, with the way that finances are in football nowadays, Alexis and Ozil have a point to ask for that kind of money. Admittedly the rumour has been going round that it’s £200k instead of the £250k Groves mentions, but I think if the likes of Pogba, Ibrahimovic and especially Rooney, are on the likes of £200k+, then why shouldn’t our very best players look towards that kind of money as well.

In my opinion, I’m confident in another contract for Mesut Ozil. I think the German is committed to the club and he has been wanting contract talks since the end of last season. Alexis Sanchez on the other hand I’m a little doubtful about and his frustrations  with the club have been clear at times in the past. The thing is, if Arsenal want to keep hold of their best players and ultimately push for the big trophies available in European football, then the club first of all needs to show more ambition towards hitting their goals and secondly, the club needs to keep up with the times when it comes to finances in football. The game is heavily dominated by money these days and if Arsenal want to keep hold of Ozil and Alexis, then we need to offer them money that matches their talent.


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  1. We could give them 180 to 200 hundred a week, and the rest of it in a signing on fee. I think we’ll stretch to two twenty, I don’t see us offering quarter a mil every week. Then we have Kos and Cazorla to get done too, Iwobi with a pay rise, and extension for Bellerin. What the heck does Gazidas be doing, waiting on Arsene to have some free time so he can do it for him. Imagine city came n for Kos Bellerin Santi Iwobi Alexis and Ozil, Pep told them not to sign because that way they have all the power, like he and city done with earlier players, how sick would you be.

  2. I’m sure Arsene will give their wages as demanded. It’ll be away cheaper to keep them rather than to find their replacement. Two things here is about their quality and value for money. Ozil might look expensive in the past. But now? Player like Draxler even tagged 50M pounds or Kevin de Bruyne cost 60M?
    Arsenal recent squads is close from completed, so why ruin it now?
    Besides it’s time for Arsenal to enter new big club wage structure. Act in prevalence way should not be that hard.

  3. Its not just the players demand we are talking about,we also have their agents to deal with,if you watched Wenger’s interview with Bien sports on his 20 years anniversary,he explained a lot on players acquisition and contracts. We should also bear in mind that the board and Mr Stan who hates to spend but loves money have to give approval before it is done. Sanchez and Ozil are demanding what every player at Arsenal should,which is “what is the way forward for this club,what is the club’s plan,PL,Champions League or just Top 4 and maybe FA cup. The club needs to show that ambition,then it would reflect on these players.

  4. Paying the likes of Walcott 140k Ramsey wishere 100k to sit on treatment table

    Yet stalling on paying top dollar for the only 2 world class players stupid idiots .

    It’s exactly why arsenal get laughed at

  5. To me Ozil and Sanchez are worth a premium to their “on the pitch” salary value.

    Fail to sign Ozil and Sanchez and good luck next season signing other WC players. Top players (and managers) make signing other top players (and managers) that much easier.

    In other words, IMO, it is better to give Ozil and Sanchez an other 20-50 a week which might help us sign the Draxlers or Griezman’s of the football world, then to play hard ball lose both players this summer and no longer be able to attrackt the Draxler’s andGriezman’s of the world.

    Look at our squad at the moment, it is pretty complete, we can focus spending some of our players budget on improved contracts instead of new players.

  6. Based on talent both Ozil and Sanchez are worth every penny they earn, everyone knows how the transfer fees are inflated so it stands to reason that a lot of players are earning more than they are worth. I don’t believe Ozil has been worth his money so far this season and Sanchez may well be after assurances regarding the direction the club are heading towards but what if it’s not the players but the club who are delaying the negotiations, after all top players who earn top money win the top prizes and oh but we’ve won ?

    Just another possibility.

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