Former Arsenal star claims Wenger’s job on line this weekend

Paul Merson has claimed that Arsene Wenger cannot keep his Arsenal job if he loses the upcoming match against Hull City.

The Gunners have lost their last two matches back-to-back, leaving Arsenal a whopping 12 points behind league leaders Chelsea, and pressure is piling on Arsene as a result.

The #WengerOut brigade is getting louder again, as we look destined for another season without mounting a serious challenge on the Premier League title, and now Merson has claimed that he cant see how the manager can keep his job if they went onto lose this weekend, although he expects a dominant win.

He said: ‘This is typical Arsenal. They will win 3-0, everything will be great again and Arsene Wenger will be the best manager in the world.

‘The pressure is on, though, as if they lose this game I don’t see how he can keep his job.

‘It would be that toxic that I couldn’t see him staying.

‘Hull are doing very well but Arsenal tend to beat these teams.’

It’s unclear whether Paul means that Wenger would leave prior to the end of his contract however, and I can’t personally imagine somebody coming in before the summer.

If reports are to be believed Massimiliano Allegri is either agreed, or considering the job in the future, but will most definitely be seeing out his season with Juventus also.

Do you think Arsene could seriously leave before his contract was up? Does Merson ever open his mouth without saying something outrageous about Arsenal?

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  1. He is a bit of an idiot it has to be said. Very over-dramatic and constantly makes an ass out of himself. The atmosphere would get worse however, but I doubt Arsene would leave nor be asked to leave, if he really believes that well then he hasn’t been paying attention. I think he says things simply to attract attention, sometimes outlandishly.

  2. Wenger’s job on the line? HAH. This is Arsene FC we’re talking about. He can’t get fired. Even now the spineless owners are drawing up a new contract extension for the man.

  3. Even if we finished out of the top 4, his job is secure. The only way Wenger would be fired is if we were financially on the downside. But the board are getting consistent healthy profits and that’s the most important thing to them

    As for voluntarily leaving, No Way. No manager would consider leaving a very high paying secure job unless there was very high fan protests, but even that probably won’t faze Wenger.

  4. I’m surprised that Merson is still hired as a pundit ?
    He was an average player, a totally ? manager and a complete loser in the bookies.
    oh and His got a thing for wagons, preferably Band followed closely by Beer. He also said something similar last season as well, which just goes to show.
    Personally, I would love it if we got knocked out by Sutton Utd, just to see whether the board and ownership would still back Wenger?
    Now their reactions would seriously answer a lot of questions. ?

  5. It might interest Paul Merson to know that Arsenal will beat Hull City handsomely as they caged them tomorrow Saturday at the Emirates Stadium. And Le Prof’s job as Arsenal manager will not necessarily be on the line as being imagined by Paul Merson.

    My starts:
    Paulista Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Coquelin Chamberlain
    Walcott Ozil Welbeck
    My bench:
    Cech Debuchy Holding Gibbs Elneny Iwobi Sanchez.

    Sanchez showed serious sign of fatigue in his game against Chelsea last weekend as he had an underwhelming performance for Arsenal in that game. Hence, I’ve decided to start him from the bench for this Hull game to have some kind of a rest ahead of his playing in our CL match away to Bayern Munich next Wednesday night. And I’ve left out Bellerin altogether from my 18 man match day squad to enabled him to fully recovered from the concussion he suffered at Chelsea last Saturday ahead of his likely starting the Bayern Munich match. And I’ve also left out Perez altogether from this Hull game but I’ll have him in my plans for the Bayern match. But am not the Arsenal manager. I am only trying to speak his mind or influence it in my starts and bench making for this our Hull game..

  6. There is absolutely no chance of Wenger being sacked or leaving of his own accord if we lose to Hull this weekend. Merson is just saying that to be noticed and because he thinks that he has to be the ‘bad guy’ of the panel on Sky Sports. If anybody should be sacked it’s him, he is absolutely crap as a pundit and on that Soccer Saturday he is awful….

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