Former Arsenal star finally speaking some sense

Former Arsenal forward Kanu has been having his say on Arsenal related subjects and while a couple of days ago his comments about Arsenal selling Alex Iwobi were received less than enthusiastically his comments on Arsenal’s new signing Nicolas Pepe are sure to get a better response.

Kanu is of the opinion that opponents of Arsenal are already afraid of Pepe and that it is only a matter of time before he starts finding the back of the net on a regular basis.

‘He’s a good player,’ Kanu told Goal.

‘He’s got fast feet and I think he can unlock teams. He can score and he can assist.

‘The league here is totally different from every other league so it takes time for somebody coming in to perform the way they have for their other clubs but I think he will do well for us because now he is getting more game time and I believe he will complement the other two strikers.

‘If you watch him you can see he is a really good footballer and his feet are very quick. He is going to score goals and he is going to play well.

‘I believe that teams are already afraid of him after a few games.

‘They are scared of what he can do and what he can offer. He’s a very good addition.’

Kanu also urged patience and that it will take time for the Arsenal record signing to find his feet.

‘People have to understand that he has come from a different country, everything is new. He has new team-mates and the coach will definitely want him to play different. All this counts” Kanu added

‘But a good footballer is always a good footballer. He will get much better and he will score goals for us. He brings us something different to the other two strikers.

‘I want to just tell him to keep doing what he is doing.’

The signs are already there that Pepe will be a sensation in the Premier League, he has not quite got into his stride just yet but we have seen glimpses of his speed, dribbling and vision to know that it is just a matter of time before we start seeing the best that he has to offer.

The other teams in the Premier League will have seen the same thing and if they are not afraid of Pepe now, they soon will be, Kanu is absolutely right about that.


  1. Kanus comments are exactly what I’m thinking of Pepe is a , who is a great player. His movement, ball control and dribbling( which is I think the most in as many games are clear indications of his quality. I think the goals will come once he adopts and is fully fit. Now what I want to see is ozil in true line up and cebalos in no. 8 along side with torriera. Then arsenal are set for a title challenge if everything goes right. And happy new year for all Ethiopians out here! Peace out

  2. PEPE to be fair has terrible misses,he has tendency to take a lot of shots but for arsenal so far he couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.against Liverpool. He really needs that first arsenal goal otherwise pressure will start mounting other attackers in epl are already scoring goals for fun,ibrahim,mount,james and those are young stars

    1. Believe it or not, Sokratis has been given a higher rating (84) than Pepe (83) this year! Pepe has paid a heavy price for those silly misses. Only 2 points ahead of Xhaka (81) and level with Luiz. It’s worrying Tierney has been given a shameful 76..even less than sideways El Neny (77).

      1. QD
        The overall rating doesn’t count, Pepe has a pace of 91, shooting of 81 and dribbling of 85.
        That’s pretty good..
        Tierney is coming from the Scottish league and it’s not very respectful, once he plays and live updates comes out his ratings will improve

  3. What an immature headline. it’s kind of insulting using the word “finally”. By that you are insinuating that he doesn’t ever say anything sensible. I wonder if your headlines for your article will ever FINALLY be sensible for once too.

  4. Three more days before watching Pepe in action again

    He is the most exciting new Gunner to see in this season

  5. Mertesacker has recently been referred to as an Arsenal “legend” in articles, while Kanu has not?? One would think the guy with an Invincibles trophy, and a UCL in his trophy cabinet would have the better reputation.

  6. Some right old cobblers being said here about Kanu and Pepé.
    Kanu is quite rightly a legend.
    People dissing Pepé because he hasn’t scored yet are trolling. How many games has he played exactly? Give the man a chance eh. Remember that the great Bergkamp took about 10 games to get his first goal. As for saying Pepé couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo!! Oh, dear young boy, get a life will you and give up with the negativity.

  7. I can’t help but think if only he’d scored against Liverpool! He would have been an instant legend, in my eyes anyway!
    Lets hope he opens his account on Sunday, i honestly believe once he does, it’ll be raining goals!!!

    1. Agree, Sue. He’s shown enough that once he takes off, he will be a hit. He just needs to open his account, and the sooner the better! End of the year we’ll be wondering how anybody ever questioned his talent.

  8. The mistake that arsenal made on selling Iwobi is plain for all to see… We are struggling with that side of the pitch and Auba won’t work there.

    Just like Coquelin mistake. Coquelin was way better defensively and most importantly with the ball than Torreira, xhaka, guendouzi combined.

    1. As much as I agree on mistake selling Iwobi and Coq being better defensively than Our current midfielders, I don’t think he is better with the ball than any of them.

      1. I’ve always said our central midfielders are just a joke and they’re the cause of all our defensive problems…

        Even Torreira that people keep craving about does not have the talent to use the ball wisely… If you watch keenly, every time he has the ball he instead ends up being fouled.

        We have the weakest midfield in the league (to be precise).

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