Former Arsenal star insists the club is in the right hands with Arteta

Former Gunner Paul Davis has revealed that it was clear early on that Mikel Arteta had a deep knowledge of football and that made him a favourite to become a successful manager.

The Spaniard has been at the helm at the Emirates since 2019 and he continues to help Arsenal rebuild its team.

The club made significant progress last season, and they have invested in that group with some new signings this summer.

We expect the team to go one step better and end this term inside the top four.

Arteta will play an important role, but it is so easy to forget that he is a rookie boss and this is his first job in senior management.

Davis was a part of those who trained him for his coaching badges in the final year of his playing career and recalls an Arteta that had a bright future.

He tells Sun Sports: “Last year when things were going wrong I was still sure he was the man for the job, because I saw what he had to offer when he was doing his qualifications.

“He had so much talent and an incredible understanding of the game, even back then.

“Working with Pep Guardiola would only have benefitted him more and given a greater experience.

“The future is bright for Arsenal with Arteta at the helm, and I am happy to have played my part.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It was a bold step to hand over a big club like this to Arteta. However, the former midfielder has proven his class over the last few seasons.

He remains the best man for the job and we should be proud to have trusted him with this responsibility.

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  1. Well, the last two seasons haven’t been a success have they?
    Otherwise, why was it necessary to spend another £100,000,000 this season to date?
    It certainly looks as if THAT money has been spent wisely, probably the best window in a very long time in my opinion.

    But let’s stay with the facts, finishing 8th, then 5th and being knocked out of the fa cup in the 4th and 3rd rounds, with no european football last year, is hardly anything to be shouting about… are we already rewriting history and / or moving the goalposts yet again?

    Totally agree with the personal view regarding
    Mikel Arteta, that’s what one of our previous manager saw in him I guess.

    1. @Ken to get back to the level or even closer to the level we were before, we have to spend money. Everyone knows this. If we had spent money last season and didn’t get European football at all,then I will complain. But we did get European football. Now I know we want CL, we will get it this season. The club knows they almost got CL last year. So this season, the transfer window has been amazing. If anyone expects Arteta to perform magic to get us back to our best in short time then they are delusional or compares him to our previous managers, they are delusional. I don’t really like him, but I can feel his passion for this club, and how he wants the club to achieve greatness.

      1. Mayor, I totally agree with your views, except the one regarding MA himself
        I actually like and respect the man, have done from when he started playing for the club.

        But there is no way we can say that his time as manager up and until the start of this season, “has proven his class over the last few seasons”, unless one ignores what the results have been and he is being judged by another criteria.

        I’m talking about where we finished in the competitions when Mikel was manager, the results that got us where we finished, along with the style of play.

        I also can see that, this season, the all round improvements on the pitch are 100% better than than those from January last season…. why is that?

        Simple really – MA / Edu have bought players in that have immediately had an impact, class players of proven ability… unlike the previous summer, when we were told that the signings were for the future and they are now (mainly) out on loan.
        Where was the sense in letting five players leave last January and not bring one single player in to replace them?

        So, NO, in my opinion Mikel has not “proven his class over the last few seasons” – his nievity perhaps, but he is proving that from those mistakes (again my opinion) he is learning and learning fast!!!

    2. Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and ManCity have also spent £100,000,000 and even more after finishing ahead of us so what are on about perhaps.

      So we should watch them improve and us stagnate. These same ppl will come out crying for not spending, some fans will never satisfied.

    3. Wenger had already implied that Arteta had potential and that he should go into management when he was still our coach. The vision that man had with regards to talent on and off the pitch is something else. Its such a shame that there’s people who think Wenger can’t finish top 4 in this era like as if its so difficult. Any above average coach given money can finish in top 4 let alone Wenger. We all saw it with Ole and also Arteta is far better than Ole so hoepfully Arsenal do ver ywell this season. Very few managers can actually stabilize a club or work with what they’ve got even when its not good enough.

      1. Would have been interested had Wenger received the same budget as what Arteta has been given last 2 seasons pretty sure would at least still be playing champions league football at the very minimum!

      2. It was probably because MA as a player was already spending most of his time on the bench,that Wenger thought “he might as well become a coach and ‘earn’ his money!!”

    1. This is a football fan site where fans talk about football and give their opinions on football ,what do you want us to talk about? The weather perhaps .

    2. Well some on here called it when we signed Willian, so I guess you are right and on some on occasion do know better.

  2. He is obviously a very talented young manager, as shown by his tactical knowledge

    OT: I heard Pepe has been seriously considering an offer on table from Nice and some mid-table EPL clubs are looking to make offers for Maitland-Niles

    We’d likely have enough funds to sign a £40+ M player if those deals happen

  3. Its great people saying, it is great before it is great, is really is nice but means nothing until we actually do something. When we do we can all say it is great and back it up. Lets do it first!!!!!

    1. That’s very deep Reggie and of course you are right! 😀
      On the other side of the coin, I’m happy to be near the top than rock bottom like last season at this stage.

      1. Oh without doubt Sue but that is a different view and probably, like me, more pragmatic. Yes we can be hopeful but i was hopefull last season when we were clear in fourth and we didn’t carry it through. I am now more careful in having too much hope.

        1. Ah Reggie!!! We are all hopefull and it’s looking good so far – my first comment above though, was with regards to the “Just Arsenal” opinion, which I always read with interest.
          Take a look again and tell me if there is anything a little (or big even!!) that seems a little misleading and OTT.

          1. Ken your post above are like me, a little more pragmatic in your thoughts. Unlike some idiots on here who take great joy in accusing me of all sorts of disloyalty and a poor supporter, i want Arteta to succeed and yes, the owner has supported his ideas again with cold hard cash, more than ever before and i want and expect success. We have everything in place to get us back to challenging for the title again. I honestly think the managers above us are better (not really a revelation) but i get all sorts of slaver for thinking, well the obvious but i just want us to actually achieve or over achieve what we have in place. Until then i will support us every game, will us too win and wait for the epiphany too happen. When it does then Arteta will have proved he is good enough for the job. The truth is until he actually does, words mean nothing, which ever side of the fence we are on. Your posts are spot on ken.

        2. All I would add is that hope in life is what makes the world go round. It would be very miserable without it

  4. @Reggie I hate to say it, but more credit should go to spurs for having a super strong finish to their season. In the end it came
    Down to one game maybe two. This year my prediction will be 3rd, so comfortably in the top 4 (so no dramas). Don’t want to go all “Faifan” on you but last year I predicted 5th with a chance of 4th with a few games to go, my point being it, to my mind it was never ours to lose that 4th spot but ours to win, and we just came up short……

    This is not meant be a loaded question, but what position did you predict at the beginning of last season? And why? Looking at all the strong teams, I mean can you believe utd being so shocking when they signed Ronaldo etc..

    1. I never gave any predictions before the season started but i did say a along 4th should be the aim and achievement because thats the absolute minimum for this club and where the previous two managers were judged on. We lost games at the end of the season against Southampton, Brighton, Palace and Newcastle, that is why we failed to get 4th. Spuds form should not have mattered.

      1. Thanks for answering, my expectations of this season is where yours was last season I suppose, more points than last season which has to get 4th as a minimum and ideally winning Europa cup as well… I would say from my point of view Wenger was judged by me in competing to win the league not top 4….although
        I never wanted Arsene to leave but simply just change the strategy on the types of players he was signing 🤔

        1. People will be pleased if we get top 4 this season and thats fair but with all the expenditure and the players we have at this club now and before Arteta arrived, i think we should be aiming even higher. 4th for me would be slightly disappointing but that also depends on the FA cup and EL performance, which makes a difference if we actually win one as well.

  5. Agree Reggie. Fourth is a consolation prize and not a goal in itself.With some tweeking, the current squad is capable of better.

  6. One step at a time. If you said you are realistic, you must know that you don’t go from being medicore to winning the league in a flash. Top 4? Yes.

  7. After watching All or Nothing I now have total faith that Arteta will lead us to the Premiership title. At the beginning of last season after our 3 losses, I thought my Arsenal would be in a relegation battle by mid-November. By the end of last season Arteta proved me wrong and to be totally honest with myself, during this summer I had doubts he was the man to lead into winning ways again. Now, I’m not only convinced Arteta will win us the Premiership but also that the Kronkes love our club and have a tried and tested strategy to make us winners and that is building a rock hard, unfaltering togetherness where everyone has got each others backs. The support Josh gave Arteta during our low periods is testement to their sporting empire success. I love the togetherness we now have as a group between the players, manager and director. It is this togetherness that is vital in bringing success. It is this togetherness that has got the fans chanting again. I live 200 meters from the stadium and believe me, for the last 10 years I could barely hear our crowd. Since last season the singing has got louder and louder, in fact last weekend I could hear the singing 4 hours before kick off coming from the streets/pubs around me. The goal celebrations are super loud (and they give me a heads-up that we are going to score as my live feed is a bit delayed 😁). My point is the love I feel towards our club from our players, manager, director and fans is what will win us the Premier League this season. I am 100 percent convinced of this.

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