Former Arsenal star names the manager that should replace Unai Emery

Paul Merson urges Arsenal to sack Unai Emery and name Brendan Rodgers as their new manager.

Arsenal have been urged to replace Unai Emery with Brendan Rodgers by former Arsenal star, Paul Merson.

Emery has struggled to stamp his authority at the Emirates. Leicester City, on the other hand, continues to flourish under the leadership of Rodgers.

The Foxes sit six points above Arsenal. They could move nine points clear if they win this weekend’s game at the King Power Stadium.

Merson believes Rodgers is a better manager compared to Emery and should replace the Spaniard. He also asked the club to give Rodgers a five years contract and back him to take the Gunners to new heights.

That is some doing

He told Sky Sports: ‘I read somewhere that Unai Emery was pleased with how Arsenal’s 1-1 draw with Wolves panned out from a tactical perspective.

‘If letting Wolves have 24 shots on goal was what he wanted, then yes, it went to plan. ‘But when you consider that was the most shots Arsenal have faced in a Premier League game since moving to the Emirates, I doubt whether that was his intention. ‘That came after Arsenal conceded 31 shots away at Watford. Who are rock bottom of the Premier League. That is some doing.

‘Emery is struggling and with a trip to Leicester on Saturday, he will do well to keep hold of his job if that goes against him. ‘The gap is already six points to fourth and Arsenal are in a situation where they can realistically only afford to lose two more game this season. ‘And, to make matters worse, the fans are turning. They are booing, making decisions and chanting ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’.

Leicester City has improved massively under Rodgers. Arsenal, however, has looked very much like a team that lacks identity, something Merson believes Rodgers can change.

Emery will feel the game against Leicester at the weekend could be his last chance to save his job. An embarrassing defeat against a side that put nine past Southampton could force the club to give him the sack.


  1. I dread facing Leicester already, awesome wins on the bounce, one of which was a drubbing, and we keep struggling game after game, we don’t look good even in the ones we managed to win….. Leicester would be anticipating that game with excitement…. gosh! what have we become?!

    1. Pay no mind to Emery begriming our reputation, a lot of managers would kill to manage Arsenal…… we’ve got the pedigree….. the prestige…. if the board is willing to pay the right price, he will.

  2. Xhaka no longer Captain !………………………hopefully next up Emery no longer manager !

  3. Is there anyone who actually wants Emery to remain our manager? Serious question, as I have seen hardly anyone at all, if a single person who NOW wants him. I want him gone ASAP and fully expect him to be sacked within a fortnight from now. I fail to see how anyone I can think of who has ever managed at top level can do worse. It must be someone who has a personality and who can properly communicate ideas and speaking English, TO BE UNDERSTOOD, not gobbledegook, IS A MUST! The club must act now or face another “we want the manager out campaign” that would make the Wenger one look like a kids tea party.Unlike Wenger, Emery has no credibility nor past achievements in the “Arsenal bank” so to speak!

    1. I disagree with you, jon. As people keep saying on here a contract is a contract. Emery should be judged at the end of the season.
      If players were judged by the same criteria as coaches, there are a few who should have been gone at the end of last season, but then again they had contracts.

  4. Well! Personally, I don’t think the Arsenal owner, Stan Kroenke and his Arsenal influential son, Josh Kroenke will give the green light for the sacking of Unai Emery the Arsenal head coach even if the Arsenal board recommended to them he should be sacked after Arsenal have played their next Premier League match away to Leicester on Sunday and lost but God forbids.

    But nevertheless, if I was Emery I will use the Arsenal Leicester match on Sunday to silence all my detractors by motivating my Arsenal team that I will select to play the match to win it for Arsenal, themselves and myself to up the low key image of the club at the moment in the PL campaign to put paid to those who want to see Brendan Roggers or others take my Arsenal job away from me.

    1. Rather difficult to motivate players who have no faith
      in you after all this time and who can’t understand what you want or even what you are trying, but failing to actually say,in English, I’d say Samuel!

  5. There is a glimmer of hope regarding our future in that Kroenke has adopted a somewhat new approach with the crown jewel(his thoughts not mine) in his sporting club ownership empire, the LA Rams…although he ripped the club away from the people of St.Louis, a place where they had experienced some incredible success as the vaunted “greatest show on turf”, in fact they won a Super Bowl and were truly a spectacle to watch, he did return them to some prominence in short-order once he had relocated them to the Los Angeles region. Now some have suggested that all he really cared about was the cache that came with NFL ownership,combined with the fact he wanted to build the most expensive stadium in the World on some land he already owned in the region(we all know he likes building stadiums), regardless of his true intentions, what came next was a little bit unexpected and could be a positive sign for our club moving forward…at the time of the move he had a well-respected defensive minded coach at the helm but quickly removed him when the fans expressed disdain for their plodding nature…his replacement was an incredibly forward thinking offensive savant who wasn’t even on most people’s radar, kind of like Wenger’s appointment, and proceeded to financially back him once they showed some signs of success…this ultimately led to their appearance in last season’s Super Bowl and although they ultimately lost he continues to invest heavily in players so that they can compete at the highest levels…now in one respect this angers me greatly because he chose not to spend big when we had invested in our new facility, on the other had this does seem to suggest that he might be learning a lesson on how to best build a winning organization…of course there’s no guarantee that this becomes the business model for his other franchises but we can only hope that he will adopt a similar approach at the Emirates…hopefully this means that there’s no way he will allow the “park the bus” mentality of Jose to finagle his way into our club and that maybe,just maybe, he will see the ultimate benefits of bringing in an innovative young manager who could reinvigorate the club,much like Wenger did, and back him with the necessary finances…fingers-crossed!!!

  6. Why on Earth should Brendan Rogers consider leaving Leicester?

    He has a great young squad, 3rd in the EPL and probably on course for a top 4 spot.

  7. Does Merson think this is Championship Manager on the computer when he says we should appoint Rodgers just like that. I’d like him as our manager but we should have got him before Leicester did,he’s hardly likely to leave them after just half a season to join us now.

  8. We don’t know yet if this is a new manager boost, this happens at a lot of places. Emery last season after that dreadful luck at beginning went on a long run and most people were behind him, we worked harder and thought mistakes would eventually iron out. Pundit’s said he was the right man until they said he wasn’t, doesn’t matter what Arsenal fans said because they/we have to back our own from the off. There is also in most seasons a team or two punching a little higher, Merson may be proved right about Rodgers but he’ll be there to bang down his door at earliest opportunity if Rodgers arrived here and took too long. It’s a bit early to be talking the way Merson talks about him, 6pts on Arsenal is not the earth shattering form that Merson thinks it is, we’ve fluffed our last two games and Leic have some very good players, they’ve a good scouting network. I haven’t watched Leic in a full game this season so I can’t talk about how they look, crucial fixture and I hope we’re going over tactics for this game all week.

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