Former Arsenal star open to making a surprise return to the Emirates next month

Arsenal may get one of their former stars back next month if they make a move for him.

Ian McGarry via the Express claims that former Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud is not against making a return to the Gunners next month.

Giroud made a surprise move across town to Chelsea in January 2018, but he has fallen out of favour with the last two managers the club has brought in.

Frank Lampard favours youths starting ahead of Giroud as he has decided to develop the likes of Tammy Abraham instead.

Giroud is further down the pecking order at Stamford Bridge and a move away is the best option if he wants to save his career.

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is Arsenal’s leading attacker at the moment and according to McGarry, the Gabonese attacker is unsettled and wants out if the Gunners cannot return to the Champions League.

Arsenal expect to spend lots of money in the next summer transfer window, however, they may need to strengthen their attack next month and Giroud looks an inexpensive alternative.

Mikel Arteta hasn’t been open about his plans for the next transfer window, he would probably prioritize defensive reinforcements and to be honest, even if Giroud was available for free I am not sure he would be welcomed back.

I mean, this is the guy that declared himself a “true blue” after he scored against Arsenal in the Europa League final. Shame for him that Chelsea does not see it the same way. Maybe he should be looking for a club that wears blue.


  1. Never a Giroud fan when he was in his prime (very limited) so im even less now. Definitely, 100%, not for me. Move on not back.

  2. France wouldn’t the World Cup without Giroud’s high work rate and leaping ability, but he is simply too limited and too slow to be a consistent goalscorer

    His hold-up play is much better than Aubameyang’s/ Lacazette’s and he is a massive threat in corner kick situation. However, Arsenal have to find a younger towering striker with better skillset, such as Erling Haaland

    A tall target man like Giroud is good for plan B if we can’t score from open play in the first sixty minutes, but I believe Arteta would prefer an agile forward in the mold of Aguero and Jesus instead. Martinelli has the potential to be that type of forward, whereas Nketiah is still learning

    1. Talking about towering players, I think they are basically what Arsenal need now – skilful ones. Seeing how PGMO and their puppets keep taking away points from us every time, us winning any cup again might not be possible unless we become super impeccable in our play. We cannot kick both ball and opponents like others do without getting carded. But we are being kicked and manhandled easily because of the our players’ small sizes.

      So we need strong, towering, and skilful players who cannot be pushed about easily, and who equally cannot fall on not very obvious fouls that officials ignore when our players are on the receiving end.

    2. I think Giroud would be a good option if
      1. Auba leaves next month AND
      2. Giroud only comes on loan until the end of the season

      If both of those happen/are fulfilled we could surely use him in the later stages of the Europa.
      Otherwise no. And Auba is probably not leaving mid-season so it won’t happen.

  3. If we can get somewhere near 100 million for Abameyang and Xhaka in January and replace them with a 50 million pound cb and a 50 million midfielder then that a step forward in my eyes. Leno Bellerin Holding Umpecano Tierney Ndidi Torriera Ozil Pepe Martinelli Lacazette.

    1. @Liam please forget Upemancano, he is not quick and gets dribbled past way too much in the Bundesliga (a much slower league)! Rbl do not think he is as good as we think he is!
      A better plan would be to Sell Auba (£70m), Mustafi (£15m), Papa (£15m) Xhaka (£25m) and generate say £125m
      Then buy James Tarkowski (£30m), Lewis Dunk (£30m), Doucoure (£35m) and Ziyech (£40m) for the same amount of money. Do what Liverpool did with Suarez and Couthinho money, they generated over £200m and got the likes of Van Dijk, Allison, Fabinho and Salah etc!

      1. People asking for the club to sell Aubameyang are asking for trouble especially with the replacements being suggested.

        1. We have no money as a club and Auba would generate the most fee income! If you think Arteta can turn the current players into a top 10 side then you are more deluded than you think!
          Those who want to hog onto older players that have limited playing time in a few years time are bankrupting this club! We are the Arsenal and we want to be great again! If you don’t agree with it then you are not needed, Ciao!

  4. I’d take him back any day we lack contrast in attack. And his pressing and heading is a valuable asset not to mention his technique and work rate

  5. Me too FoSulli.
    I’d take Giroud back on a loan till May.
    He would add a powerful variation and is a beast in defense.
    Would make the change seamlessly and would be a fun character.

  6. Remember when TH14 came back on loan from Red Bulls in 2012
    and scored the winner v Leeds in the FA Cup.
    Ok it was off side but it was a special moment.
    With 3 French strikers its highly likely a French man will score v Leeds this season 🙂

  7. This clearly fake and manufactured rumour is clearly untrue. Just think for a moment and that is obvious. Let us assume, for arguments sake only, that one or both of Auba and Laca are gone by next season or even this Jan. Who is the obvious choice to rep-lace these two? Why, a 31 year old one paced AKA SLOW, has been, who had a limited long term stint as our not quite good enough striker. Now consider the fast paced high prssing game that Arteta is sure to instigate when he has the right and mostly younger fully fit team of his choice. Who would then say that Giroud, thats right, GIROUD, the one paced GIROUD, would be the first choice? Nobody! Thats who! Unless someone connected with this site was intent on starting yet another fake rumour to fill their space, I’d say!

    When you need to write at least a half dozen articles each day and there is no actual news, why then, the OBVIOUS solution comes to mind. MAKE UP ANOTHER FAKE RUMOUR. That concludes the case for the prosecution Admins Pat / Martin. Care to comment please?
    Perhaps Ian McGarry at The Express is on your payroll. OR, WHICH IS THE ACTUAL TRUTH – he has the same space to fill, in his rag, that you both do on your site and needs another fake rumour to keep us talking and to buy The Express and you are only too happy to seize on it and pass it on, thus solving your space filling problem for another hour or so. AH, THE PERILS OF HAVING TO FEED A HUNGRY SITE THAT DEVOURS BOTH ACTUAL NEWS AND FAKE NEWS IN AN INSTANT AND THEN CRIES OUT FOR MORE; STILL MORE. You see, Pat/ Martin, a sizeable number of us on here wer not born yesterday!

  8. We tried him before, and upgraded to Auba, remember?

    We aren’t a retirement home anymore, why pay him to sit on the bench and fluff chances if he plays?

    We already have Xhaka to slow our attack down, we don’t need to add a lamp post.

  9. Giroud did not apply to leave Arsenal out of his volition but was forced out. If we now decide to bring him back. There is no harm. Ps let’s have him.

  10. We need Giroud back as an excuse for the “performances” of the shirt seller. No energy after 60 minutes, had to be subbed by UE,FL & MA. Three coaches definitely see something the arm chair supporters fail to see – uselessness.
    AFC is not a dumping yard for retiring players – Socrates, Lich (remember him?), Ozil, Luiz. Thanks Giroud for the offer, sorry no thanks!

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