Former Arsenal star questions Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang poor finishing

Ian Wright criticizes Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s finishing against Burnley.

Ian Wright believes Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang should have gotten himself a goal at the weekend against Burnley and slammed his poor showing in front of goal.

The Gabonese attacker had just returned from missing three Arsenal games due to a ban and fans were expecting him to prove himself and lead the team to victory.

However, he spurned three clear chances in the game including when he was one-on-one with Burnley keeper Nick Pope.

Ian Wright wasn’t impressed by the captain’s performance and insisted that those were the sort of chances that he should be taking.

He, however, empathised with the attacker and claimed that rustiness may have played a part in his poor display on the day.

“You can only put it down to a little bit of rustiness,” Wright told Premier League Productions, as quoted by the Metro.

“It seems like a very poor finish, a rushed finish. You would have thought a side-foot from where he was would have sufficed.

“This one [second big chance], could he have done it first time? It’s very hard to get that touch and then get it over a ‘keeper of that size as well so that was a difficult chance.

“When you look at this chance [header in the second half]… it’s unfortunate. It’s unlucky. You want to hit the target. That’s the main thing you do there.

“You don’t try and be too precise with that header because it’s such a good ball, he’s made a good move off the defender and you just want to make the goalkeeper make save. But hit the target.”

Aubameyang has scored 14 league goals for Arsenal this season already and the team relies heavily on him for goals, his manager will be hoping that he will get back to form when they return from the winter break to face Newcastle on the 16th of February.


  1. If Auba, Lacazette, or Maitland-niles does not perform well, then supporters say that they should be sold. But when Ozil and Xhaka does the same thing, then they deserve to be given other chances. They even put pressure on Unai Emery to play Ozil

    1. I would say that there a huge amount of fans that want Ozil sold and same with Musfai and at one time almost every fan wanted Xhaka sold. There is no hidden agenda here and has nothing to do with nationality, race or religion. As an example, Theirry Henry is a black Frenchman and there is a statue of him outside the ground and he is a hero to every Arsenal fan. not so much Robin van Persie. If any Arsenal player performs badly the crowd will call for his head, if he plays brilliantly he will be revered.

      1. Well said and good but, sadly necessary, for some on here, perspective too about Henrys ethnicity. As if that matters to normal humans. It seems to matter to some dinosaurs though! There are a very few but intransigent fans who simply cannot undertsnd that to the vast majority of fans, skin colour,ethnicity, nationality and all other irrelevant factors, such as who did they previously play for(in some cases) is complete irrelevant and ALL that matters is sheer talent AND desire to fight for the team.

    2. Lacazette what he is doing for the last ten matches or so in League it is criminal act and if not Aubameyang goals Arsenal would have relagate from the Premier League for sure

  2. It was shocking, but I don’t think Lacazette, Nketiah, Pepe and Martinelli could finish those chances either

    Our forwards are faster and aerially better than Messi and Sanchez, but none of them has Messi’s and Sanchez’s composure

    Nobody is perfect, including Ronaldo and Haaland. So it’s better to play according to our forwards’ unique strengths

  3. The reazo is Arsenal ard playing the
    pass and pass or tikitika or whatever it is.
    Pool have shown pwer plus shooting from outside thr box has shown to be y
    the way
    Theyhave the trophies to prove its the way.

  4. Van Persie in his peak finished off such chances with aplomb.

    Auba is not at same level as peak Van Persie
    When he missed that goal, I knew we were either going to lose or draw that match and so it proved.
    If the right offer comes in summer, we should sell Auba.

  5. Van Persie had a good playmaker behind him in the name Santiago Carzola. He also scored more goals which were supplied by Walcott. Let’s not compare apples and oranges

    1. We are not a fit team, we are not a hungry team. The problem will remain. Look at man they had the same problem.

  6. Up until Burnley, i read Auba had scored 6 goals from 6 attempts. Say no more and move on to next real problem, not the stupid ones.

  7. He’s also the only reason we aren’t bottom of the table. Play him as a striker, bench Lacazette, and he’ll earn us more point we don’t necessarily deserve.

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