Former Arsenal star RIGHT to back Wenger and attack Morgan

Piers Morgan is an Arsenal fan apparently. That is what he would have you believe anyway, despite the fact that he always seems to be slagging off the players or the manager. I am not sure which part of Arsenal Football Club he actually likes.

I don´t follow him on Twitter but you don´t have to have his opinion foisted on you because of his status as a ´celebrity´and his insatiable desire to make his opinion known to us lesser mortals. But the former Arsenal and Scotland international keeper Bob Wilson does seem to follow Piers and has responded angrily to his latest rant against Wenger, as revealed by a Metro report.

Morgan had predictably called for the manager´s head after the Monaco horror show but Wilson was quick to jump to Wenger´s defence and call into the question Morgan´s loyalty to the club and his knowledge of football.

The former Gunner said, “He claims to be an Arsenal fan, but if you’re a supporter of a club you have to be through thick, thin, laughter, smiles and tears. He has never been a proper fan.

“I see him on Twitter and he drives me mad. He’s an incredibly pompous individual and he has no understanding of what it is to be the manager of a football club.

“I can only tell you this about Arsene, and I am biased to a degree, but I’m not stupidly biased. You will not find any manager ever, more dedicated to doing his job than Arsene.”

Strong words from Wilson and just what Wenger needs at this tricky moment in his Arsenal life. Morgan was not too pleased though and soon replied, on Twitter of course.

He wrote, “Bob Wilson says I drive him mad on Twitter, but he still follows me. Bit weird, no? Just press the ‘unfollow’ button mate. #afc

“I heard 60,000 Arsenal fans booing the team off the pitch last night – are they ‘proper fans’? I love @Arsenal with a passion. Disagree me over players/manager etc. But NEVER doubt my devotion to the Club. That hurts.”

Doesn´t he think his criticism of Wenger and the Arsenal players might hurt too. If you dish it out Piers, then you should be able to take it as well.

Wilson clearly believes that Wenger is dedicated and is doing his very best for Arsenal. Whether you think he should be replaced or not, that is a massive thing and so he is absolutely right to stand up to moaning Morgan. Or do you think Piers should be able to spout his criticism with impunity?

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    1. Bla! Bla! Bla! Too many folks criticising Piers Morgan and saying he is not a “proper fan” simply because his celebrity status affords him the privilege of having his opinion publicised hugely.

      Who is a “proper fan”? I bet that would be any fan that never criticises the manger when he consistently and stubbornly does the wrong things repeatedly, one that’s always satisfied with colossally dismal and embarrassing performances of the players. A “proper fan” is necessarily one that at every point in time must accept mediocrity as a standard and never worry about the swift pace at which his club is deteriorating.

      In light of the above definition given by me, which I’m persuaded is factually in tandem with the Wengermaniacs’ notion, I hereby consider myself not a “proper fan”.

    2. mediocre manure beat a poor sunderLand ……. The result…. We are already clinging one wenger most cherished and prized asset …. “The 4th place” ……. Who dares to mess up the Everton game moro??????

    3. He is saying exactly what we are all saying and 60’0000 were not happy. If Wenger plays Mertisaker today then he has no right to be Manager,and I’m a fan.

        1. I clearly stated I hoped Wenger would leave earlier this season so not sure what you are on about.

          Happy to be proved wrong by Wenger, but doubt that is going to happen this far down the line.

  1. One mistake wenger made in the monaco, was to leave ozil on when he wasn’t playing well! He should have took him off early, and brought on thomas rosicky to add some spark to the midfield! Coyg!

    1. Do you realise that Ozil covered the most distance of any arsenal player? Also created the most opportunities. Wenger’s mistake was having no proper box to box player. Cazorla is clearly not the answer there.

  2. Wengers tactics and ideas are outdated! He needs to understand that and stop suffering arsenal fc in the process!

  3. mr morgan …go fall off a pier
    (see what i did there!! cos his names piers an im saying he…ahhh f*ck it then)

    i was uppercutting a pigeon in Trafalgar square i thought….
    you know what… i really am making the most of my life

    1. Ahahahah! “UPPERCUTTING”!!! Good one, mate!!! I’m definitely including it in the 5th edition of my globally recognised KickAss Dictionary.

      Eh, guys, the 4th edition is still out there on ebay…

  4. Poor alexis sanchez i feel for him when we play rubbish and lose games, this guy always gives his all its a shame that his team mates doesn’t do the same!

    1. Ramsey does the same gives all,but always gets rubbished when he makes a few errors. Sanches gets ooh haa when he gives ball away or doesn’t pass sooner, I don’t get it. CB

  5. i just realised…nothing rhymes with silver!
    gilbert- but thats a name

    this has got Illuminati written all over it

  6. Southampton losing 1-0 to west brom was a great result for us today! Although man u went back into 3rd we gotta handle our business by beating everton and reclaiming 3rd spot tomorrow! Coyg!

    1. Amigo, if our very own super Rhino plays tomorrow, I’m afraid, Lukuku will make a proper babeque of him.

  7. Dedicated to what exactly? Bringing in mediocre players from lower leagues and turning them in to mediocre players in EPL so he can present 4th place as a major achievement and winge about other clubs advantages referees crowded schedules etc etc …. No thank you …. Morgan is a pr*** but he happens to be a right pr*** on this one!!!!

  8. Unless our team shows us something different against Everton and QPR, I am not going to look forward to our FA Cup match. After Wednesday’s humiliation, away against United doesn’t seem as appealing as it did before Wednesday’s match.

    Everyone deserves some blame.
    1. Players individually
    2. Players as a team unit.
    3. Wenger for playing Ozil and Cazorla together (or at least Cazorla number 10 and Ozil LW-) and playing not playing the wingers wider
    4. Defensive and offensive coaches/staff.

    It was a whole team effort in below standard football.

    FFS We drew Monaco (they aren’t bad but we avoided Madrid, Munich, Barcelona) and our first leg was a home game. I’m still in disbelief that we lost 1-3.

    1-2 would have been different story but blame Ox and Mertsacker for the last goal.

    Still believe we can get through but tactics and player attitude/mentality needs to change.

  9. OT…

    Since southhampton lost, this everton game will be crucial. If we win we can help separate the gap further for top 4, and depending on the liverpool man city game maybe we can close in on Man city.

    Either way, it is a MUST win game. No more fkin around

    1. I hear you buddy

      i hope Wenger and players hear you.

      If we win we will be 5 points ahead of Southampton and 1 point ahead of United @ 3rd place.

      We currently have exactly the same goal difference with united by the way—20

      Tomorrow Arsenal win and Liverpool draw or win is only comfort I can get from a horrid week

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