Former Arsenal star says they can make the top four after beating Tottenham

Paul Merson has tipped Arsenal to break into the top four at the end of this season after their 3-1 win over Tottenham.

He believes the Gunners team that won the match is quality and if they keep everyone fit and play once a week, they have a good chance of making the Champions League places.

Without European football in this campaign, he reckons the Gunners will have more than enough time between matches to recover very well.

He, however, concedes that Arsenal cannot exactly be trusted and says he would hardly be surprised if they lost their next match against Brighton.

Merson says the Gunners have to build on their recent winning run and earn more wins in their next few matches.

He still doesn’t trust them fully, but they can convince him further about their top-four chances if they beat Brighton.

He said in his column on Sky Sports: ‘If Arsenal keep those players fit and they play every week, they would have a chance of getting in the top four and cause problems. They have no Europe this season, so will have time to recover and work on the team.

‘But this is Arsenal though and has been since they last won the league in 2004, since when they have never really looked like winning the league. 

‘The game on Sunday was their bread and butter, but if they win away at Brighton on Saturday, then I will sit up. But if we talk next week and they have lost at the Amex, I would not be shocked. And that is the problem, they need to get a run of games together.’

The Gunners have most of their players fit and they could easily earn a win against the Seagulls at the weekend.

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  1. We can’t predict that after a couple of wins. Much to early. Its very hard to go from 8th place to top 4

    We must take it one game at a time and focus on winning the next match

    I will say that my spirits are higher than they were a few weeks ago


  2. One solid game from our first six does not make us top four contenders .
    I believe we have a top 4-6 squad easily but unfortunately a mid table manager and that is going to be a big hindrance IMO in the upcoming months .
    We shall see .

    1. DK, I dare Merson to say that and walk a straight line at the same time…he’s clearly trying to make amends with some within the fanbase, in light of his earlier doom and gloom predictions that weren’t well-received

  3. Pundits deal in failure because failure sells.
    Merson makes his money out of Arsenals failure.
    Arsenal winning is bad for Mersons business.
    He is paid to pedal doom and gloom.
    Peviuosly he condemned Arsenal who were bottom.
    Now Arsenal is in with a shout of returning to Europe by placing 5/6/7. Instead of praising the club turn around he has now raised expectations to an unrealistic level of top 4 so he can spend the rest of the season condemning the players and management for not making top 4.
    Then if and when we make top 4 he wil say win the title or failure.
    Then when or if we win the title he will say an unbeaten season or failure.
    Then Champions League or failure.
    The PL/CL double or failure.
    Its silly but thats what he is paid to do.

  4. A fair enough comment by Paul Merson based on past experience and Arsenal performances.
    One game at a time is an old adage, but true and relevant to where the Club is at present.

    1. I agree also with Merse, top 4 this season is attainable after the investment made in the squad. That amount of money returns are expected and with no European football this season, a massive advantage as far as preparation is concerned.

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