Former Arsenal star set to replace despondent Debuchy?

I am sure that there are a couple of current Arsenal fringe players that would be happy to step into the role that looks like it will be vacated by the France international right back Mathieu Debuchy at some point during the current January transfer window, but former Gunner Emmanuel Eboue is hoping that his former boss will bring him back to north London, as reported by the Daily Mail.

They might not get any more game time than the despondent and disillusioned French defender because of the excellent form that our young Spanish star Hector Bellerin has been in since last season, but I reckon that both Carl Jenkinson and Calum Chambers would be happy to be the back up option to Bellerin.

I do not know whether the loan deal that Jenkinson in on at Premier League West Ham would allow us to bring him back early but he has not been in the first team lately and they look about to sign the young Leeds right back Sam Byram as well.

And it was looking as though Arsene Wenger had decided to use young Chambers in the centre of defence or has a holding midfielder, so maybe the former Gunner who was a regular starter at Turkish club Galatasaray until a fall out with the president and manager left him out in the cold could get his wish.

Eboue said, “I came back for training and was told I would not be playing.

“The president told the manager at the time not to pick me. The way I was treated was very unfair.

“We are looking for options but I’d love to come back to Arsenal.”

The 32-year old did spend six years with Arsenal and played the 2006 Champions League final for us, but I am not too sure that he is what Wenger has in mind as a replacement for Debuchy. Would you want him back?

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  1. As much as Debuchy has messed up a chance of being an Arsenal great, I can’t help to remember when Eboue cost us 3 points on during extra time, causing needless penalty against against liverpool. Does anyone remember that match? 🙂

    1. don’t worry folks, Nobody who loves Arsenal and desperately want to play for her is signed up….ask Jackson martinez…… L()L

      EboiL….um…Eboeue (can’t believe i’m finding it hard to spell his name) sure knows how to waste his precious time with the media

    2. A bit unfair. What did Debuchy do to “mess up a chance at being an Arsenal great?”

      Debuchy committed the unpardonable sin of getting his shoulder dislocated and then watching his untested replacement rise to outshine him.

      Debuchy did not do anything wrong. He just was injured when a younger better player emerged to take the starting spot.

      1. What did he do wrong? ?
        Absolutely Everything!
        He had enough chances to re-establish himself when the opportunities were presented to him!
        But he chose to sulk instead of knuckling down and let’s be honest here, his performances this season were absolutely diabolical… it’s a shame that he is only being loaned out!

    3. I do remember Eboue giving up the penalty kick to give Newcastle the final goal when they came back from the 4-0 deficit a few years back.

      But that is often the way it is with defensive type players. Much of their good work is over-looked and their defensive lapses standout.

      When an attacker makes a mistake, it is just a chance gone begging and often quickly forgotten. When a defender makes a mistake it can stand out as the failure that cost the team critical points or even a cup title.

  2. this is ridiculous!

    Why would we bring in a 32yr old former gunner(he’s past it , so i dn’t care) to cover up for bellerin?… when we are finding it hard to offload the Likes of Arteta

    1. @SoOpa AeoN

      I’ll admit it is ridiculous, but stranger things have happened. It wasn’t too long ago that Campbell and Lehmann returned to Arsenal. I never thought those deals would happen in a million years, especially given their ages, but they did.

      1. That was when didn’t have money, now we do so it’s pointless to bring in former players that are washed up

        1. @GoonerLad

          We had plenty of money in the 13/14 season, top of league then as well, and badly needing quality reinforcements in January, and what did Wenger do…he signed a rubbish injured player for a position that didn’t even need strengthening. Taken in context, the Kallstrom signing was far worse and had nothing to do with money.

          So you can’t use the old money excuse. It was purely a delusional decision from the manager. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if he did sign Eboue.

    2. I cannot imagine Wenger would bring him back except perhaps on a low-salary, 6 month contract/loan for backup insurance if Debuchy departs. That is it. Another Kalstrom sort of signing.

    1. He cannot be better than Chambers at that position. We have passed the point of bringing in dead woods. Hey, tell us another story.

  3. i know he squashed the rumours Linking him with Arsenal

    i know he can’t just leave in january

    i know he professed his Love for Dortmund

    i know he Loves to play in spain after germany

    i know he cost arnd £63miL


    1. Sorry but Aubameyang isn’t the only option, Wenger can simply bring in an unknown player and turn him into a world beater like he did with Cazorla and Koscielny.

  4. There is a real chance of West Ham sending Jenkinson back to Arsenal and I don’t think that our club would dispute any unpaid payments for Jenkinson’s loan deal being cut short, especially if Debuchy leaves, which looks more than likely.

    As for E’booooo’ue …. There’s no way back for him, surely?
    Don’t forget that he was constantly booed from the majority of Arsenal fans, during the last few games he played.

  5. I feel like I in a time tunnel this has to be a joke.
    But then again Wenger is a cheap skate and I
    would say Eboue would be Cheap.

  6. Eboue was a has been
    four and a half years ago
    and was “let go”. (Kicked out)
    Now he’s a 4 years older
    32 year old has been.
    Surely it’s bollocks?
    But Wenger said Flamini was
    “just training” before resigning him.
    All that stuff about “They all come back to Arsenal”
    Like Flamini, Eboue is a free agent…. free free free
    Music to Arsene’s ears.
    Next it will be Bendtner Park Chamakh Sanogo
    Frimpong Diarby return to the club” they love”.
    When is the gaffers next press conference?

  7. Mathieu Debuchy has chosen to leave Arsenal for fellow Premier League side Aston Villa, according to French outlet Mercato 365

    The right-back had offers on the table from Bayer Leverkusen, Roma and Aston Villa, and has opted for Villa Park after being convinced by a talk with Villa boss Remi Garde.

  8. OT: fellow gooners, i’m looking for the rotating arsenal badge on a black background screensaver. it used to be on but was removed some time back. anyone with a link as to where i can get it please, i’d much appreciate. thanks plenty!

  9. Eboue? Oh really? We can also bring back Lee Dixon! Oh yes, Nigel Winerburn too! AHHHH Giles Grimandi…. Haba! Partick Viera would be a great addition too! Did I forget to mention Sylvan Wiltord? Really silly article in my opinion! Blahhhhhhhhh! Did I even forget Tony Adams? Add some icing on the cake and bring Chapman back too! Ridiculous!

  10. It’s not unusual for Wenger to bring back players. He brought back Henry, Lehman, sol Campbell, Flamini. He brought some back for short spell and Flamini longer

    But I’d prefer Jenkison

  11. Eboue? I’d rather bring back Remi Garde and let Emmanuel manage Aston Villa!

    At least we won the league with old Remi!

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