Ozil or Alexis Arsenal’s TOP player and key to Spurs win?

It is not just the assists that our German international playmaker provides that make him such a big player for Arsenal, but the all round quality of Mesut Ozil to see a pass and play it perfectly. he knits together the rest of the team and is often the creative spark that unlocks a determined defence.

Ozil has also disproved the previously held theories that he is lazy or that he goes missing in big games or that he is too lightweight a player to cut it in the English Premier League. There were some concerns this season about his run of games without an assist, which stretched back to the end of last season when he was stuck on one behind the EPL record of our own Thierry Henry, but they have started to flow once more and he bagged another in the comeback win over Ludogorets.

What has been most noticeable about the attacking midfielder this season, however, is the goals he has been scoring. Not just the number of them either, although seven for the season so far is fairly re,arkable as it is just one behind his best Arsenal haul of eight from last season.

It is the quality of his recent goals that has been noticeable as well, highlighted once again this week by that late winner in Bulgaria. Drive, skill and ruthless finishing as well as getting himself into scoring positions a lot more is making Ozil into a hugley influential player for us and the former Gunners striker Charlie Nicholas thinks he is the best of the current squad by some distance and in a Sky Sports report he suggested that this extra level could make all the difference in big games like the one against Tottenham on Sunday.

Nicholas said, “He comes from another planet that no other Arsenal player has found yet.

“He’s got loads of good talent and loads of good movement. Ozil was absolutely wonderful.

“He proved his point against Chelsea when they had stumbled for so long against Chelsea. He was a big player and scored a goal that day.

“They are at Spurs at the weekend and then after the international break away at Old Trafford.

“These are must-win games where big-time players need to turn up for the big events.”

Another person full of admiration for Ozil was his Arsenal teammate Hector Bellerin who did not travel due to a minor injury. He clearly watched the game though and was quick to heap praise on the4 German for his winning goal.

The Spaniard tweeted, “Mesut? I mean, we know you are good bro, but WOW!! @MesutOzil1088”

I think Alexis Sanchez might have something to say about it, but do you think Ozil is our best player at the minute? And will he be the difference against the spuds?



  1. gotanidea says:

    Actually Ozil is not small. Coquelin is smaller than him, but Coquelin’s position and style made him more competitive physically than Ozil. It is just Ozil’s way of playing, he focused more on seeing opportunities to unleash through-balls to his teammates, rather than battling the opponent physically.

    I think Sanchez is our best player at the moment. He has created the most key passes, assists and goals so far, hardworking and has changed Arsenal’s approach of the games. Before Sanchez was deployed as a central forward/ attacking midfielder, Ozil played behind Giroud and the attacks were monotonous. Now Ozil played behind Sanchez on the game plan, but in the field Sanchez often dropped deeper to get the ball or to attract the opponent, then Ozil would move forward to finish Sanchez’s through-balls.

    Ozil is doing good as a finisher. Wenger seemed to know his talent, he made Ozil switched position with Sanchez often, to finish the dangerous balls from Sanchez with Ozil’s skills.

  2. Twig says:

    Both are better ?

  3. Godswill says:

    Best player? I will say best PLAYERS. Sometimes each outshining the other in a match.
    There presence of both on the pitch now create fear in the opponents.
    I hope both will click on Sunday.
    The qualities of Ozil’s goals these days are WC. I hope he does that as often as required for us to win something big.
    If Ozil was not an Arsenal player, the English press would made his Tuesday’s goal a headline. WE ARE THE ARSENAL and we will push on. This team is different now that even me at 2-0 down I did not panic.

  4. butters says:

    Games like Tottenham is all passion, quality are not enough. I must say Coquelin, Kos and Mustafi will have to be at 100% that day and everything will fall perfectly for the gunners.

  5. Alexis the Great says:

    Of course Alexis is the better player!
    He must be teaching Ozil coz hes catching up!

  6. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Sorry to be pedantic Bob but the headline implies they are key to spuds winning the game!
    I think it should say ‘key to winning against spurs’

    1. Alexis the Great says:

      Err You are not “pedantic Bob”. Shouldn’t that be “pedantic Bolly” lol

      1. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

        LoL alex

  7. Break-on-through says:

    I hope the goal scoring is here to stay with Ozil. I loved how creative he was, and is, but I always felt he should have at least a little selfish streak in him, he was too generous. I love that Alexis is an all round player. I will love Ozil becoming an all round forward. Bergkamp and Henry, that’s what they had, all round qualities, these types of players will always be the best in the world. Suarez is arguably the deadliest finisher in the world right now, but Messi is the best in the world still because he’s an all round wizard.

  8. Wilshegz says:

    2 positions ll determine that game. the CM and CF and if it’s Cazorla, Alexis it’s gonna be a big margin win.

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