Former Arsenal stars think Alexis Sanchez could now stay

We have to realise that a player thinking of signing for or staying with Arsenal, or any other top flight club for that matter, will be influenced quite a bit by the wages on offer, especially if it is around the £200,000 a week mark that the new Gunners forward Alexandre Lacazette is said to be on. I would even play for Tottenham for that sort of money!!!

But at the same time we still hear about how difficult it is to sign and/or keep the really top players if you are not winning or at least getting close to major trophy honours each year. That certainly seems to be true of our Chile international star Alexis Sanchez, although the striker is also reportedly looking for a big pay rise included in any new contract offer.

Hopefully Arsene Wenger will be able to offer Alexis enough money but can he offer him a real chance of winning the Premier League title? With the transfer from Lyon this week of Alexandre Lacazette he can certainly make a case, and it looks like the club are not done yet, with players like Mahrez and Lemar strongly linked and the very highly rated Kolasinac already signed on a free.

At least two former Gunners have said they believe this transfer action will go a long way to persuading Sanchez to stay at Arsenal, with Nigel Winterburn’s comments in The Mirror and Charlie Nicholas saying on Sky Sports that he is now more confident and hopeful about our star striker.

He said, “I do genuinely think they are signing a guy who if he comes in with a pedigree like Ian Wright or even the way young [Nicholas] Anelka did when he was at Arsenal – he reminds me a little of that situation.

“I am very hopeful that [Mesut] Ozil will sign. The midfield creative side will be fine- he will enjoy that and he should score some guaranteed goals for Arsenal.

“The statement is to say to [Alexis] Sanchez and others we are serious to get back challenging for the title and we are serious about getting back into the Champions League again. It is a big statement of intent from Arsenal.”

Winterburn said, “I hope the Lacazette deal leaves [Sanchez] at the club. He can play on the left, up front or in the hole. Arsenal cannot afford to bring in Lacazette then two weeks later Sanchez leaves.

“I am hoping Wenger can persuade him to stay for another season, see what happens with the team then sign a new contract.”

Do you guys think Arsenal’s transfer action will convince Alexis that we are serious about winning things?



  1. I hope it’s not true that Alexis is demanding £400,000 per week.

    Alexis should consider that we are fixing problem areas very well
    Kolsanic for LB
    Lacazette for CF
    Hopefully Mahrez RW

    I am still hoping for a defensive Midfielder or a box to box player who is equally good defensively and offensively

    We are building a good team and Alexis will still be one of the PL highest players. Hopefully Alexis will see this and sign a contract

    BTW I’m worried about Bellerin now. Arsenal and Barca may be negotiating

    1. If he pulls a Fabregas on us.. we’ll be okay. I’m sure there are plenty of youth players looking to have a go and that would solve our Ox issue.

      1. Surely it’s a load of Bull??

        Arsenal are now said to be willing to sit down with officials from Barcelona in order to hold talks over a potential move for full-back Hector Bellerin, according to Sport.

        The Spanish sports newspaper claim that the Gunners are willing to engage with the Spanish side following a conversation between the player and manager Arsene Wenger which has convinced the club to hold preliminary talks.

        They report that the Catalan giants will make their first official bid for the 22-year-old at this meeting, with a fee of £26million (€30million) suggested.

        However, this is unlikely to convince the Gunners to sell up, with the Mirror reporting that Wenger’s side will not let Bellerin depart the club for any less than £35million.

        1. Yeah I saw that too but I think it’s just crap as I think just days ago, John Cross reported that Arsenal won’t sell him and the reported 25 million or even 35 million for Bellerin when others are selling theirs for 50-60 million

    2. I read Arsenal gave Barca a short shrift. Barca have in turn said Bellerin should engineer a move.
      Good luck tho, the £100k a week contract he signed last November is for 6 years.
      I’m not even remotely concerned…

  2. never ever give sanchez 400k …he is not worth it ….give him 280k .or ask him to get off to psg or bayern…we dont need toxic players in our dressing room next season

    1. But then again, we need players in the dressing room with a strong mentality, and a will to win. We have too many at the club (Wenger included) that are just happy to coast along, picking up their fat pay cheques, without really caring whether we win or not. It seems over the last week or so, that some our fans are happy for us to back to this loser mentality, and culture of failure at the club.

      If Sanchez is really asking for 400k p/w, then of course get rid of him, but I really appreciate what he, and the protesters have done for Arsenal. There’s been a small amount of change since about April, and it’s been down to them.

      1. Bear in mind Wenger had put in a bid for both Mbappe, Mahrez and Lacazette last season before any protests or sanchez tantrums.. so nothing has changed in his intent and who he is trying to sign !

        … and he has already signed the best left back in Bundesliga . on a free !!

        We dont know Ozil or Sanchez reasons for not signing other than they want a shed load of money..

        the two of them are 20% of the team and as world class players should have pulled us over the line for at least 4th.. MESSI and RONALDO do it every season for their teams..

        1. Come on guys. We all know that the best leftback in the bundesliga and probably one of the top two in the world is David Alaba.The guy jush had an average season by his high standards. That notwithstanding , we have gotten ourselves a great player for free and I’m convinced he’ll do well for us.

      2. I wouldn’t believe the papers on this one, 400k a week. Now that people start thinking, well 300, he might be worth 300k. Then the papers go and add another 100k. This all seems made up, I don’t think they have a clue whats going on. Agent might use Chinese offer as a way of pushing it up, but I highly doubt that Alexis expects to get 400k in England. And it’s England he seems likely to prefer.

      3. The only sources reporting the 400 000 k a week are Bleacher report, The Sun and ESPN (that quotes The Mirror). That’s not very reliable now is it?
        I’d wait until I read it in Independent, Guardian or on Sky Sports.

  3. sanchez was just a good player at barca ..wenger gave him the chance and turned him world class …i bet he will not get the freedom wenger gives him at any club ……..Mr sanchez shut up and sign or go to china


  5. I would suggest that we do not allow Sanchez to leave – until the winter transfer window. In that time it might become clear that we are going to have a really good season, thereby encouraging him to re-sign or that we will not have a good season. If the second is the case we still have an opportunity to sell him. Not ideal but not a bad compromise for all parties.

  6. Well he needs to make up his mind. But one thing is for sure. Sanchez football wont get any better besides at Arsenal, as we are the ones who are giving him his freedom to play to his full potential.

  7. What the hell wrong with arsenal fan ….. i want our great days to back ….i don’t give a shit how much they pay to keep sanchez…. keep him and make arsenal great again

  8. Our mayne concerne should be rather how to replace Cazorla. Without him our game is very dull and in effective.

    1. So true
      I’ve missed him so much over the past 2 years. We win matches with him
      I don’t think we appreciated him enough when he was here. Same with Rosicky. Both little maestros

      None of our midfielders are of the same quality as Cazorla.

      We tend to appreciate top players a lot more when they are missing I guess

      1. Wrong

        It was dull until we changed formation and won 8 of our last 9 league games and the fa cup.

        We will have 5 very different centre midfielders vying for two spots. Hopefully wenger will work out which ones best suit which match.

        Cazorla should be released now or be asked to postpone the last year of his contract.

        For the front 3 the current offering of ozil alexis lacazette. Backed up by Welbeck walcott giroud perez iwobi adelaide would be my choice. Can we improve on the likes of walcott giroud perez and welbeck? Of course we can, but I’m not sure will.

  9. in as much as sanchez is a gud player ad really help us alot last season,we appreciate it sincerly bt for him to demand 400k a week! comon men dat’s vry outragious to ask.onless he just to wnt to live arsenal den gud for him bt to ask for such amount is (400k) is unacceptable period.

  10. Arsenal have not yet bid for Napoli midfielder Jorginho but he could seal a transfer if the right offer comes in for him this summer, according to his agent Joao Santos.

    This could be a decent signing IF we’re generally interested, quality DM and loves to sit back when Napoli are on attack

  11. why u guys miss cazorla i dont understand! is he a perfect CM? NO
    we need physical player in cm position who understand his role n possitioning not some creepy technical player

  12. If Sanchez stays, it will only be to run down his contract and end up leaving for free! There’s no way that Arsenal will pay him the figures that have been rumoured (£400k a week)

    1. Don’t you think a 300k will be enough to keep him?
      No other club is willing to pay those kinda wages.
      With the additions of Carvalho and Mahrez, Arsenal can go pretty far.
      And maybe try to sign a couple of talents for defense (GK,RB, CB).

  13. Can’t wait to see Lacazette Alexis Ozil in action. Lacazette and Alexis might have a bit of a rivalry in the end, hopefully anyhow. We’ll need Ozil to get back to killer ball mode. Can’t wait to see them form understandings. If Alexis goes that will take wind out of sails and sail us back other direction. That’s why I think we have a good chance of keeping him.

    1. Yeah it’s going to be awesome
      Even better if Mahrez comes

      Also interested in seeing Kolsanic play

      Before yesterday I wasn’t too interested in the summer friendlies. Now I am
      July 13th Sydney

      Also can’t wait till Bayern Munich 19th July Chelsea 22nd July

  14. I think the solution to Sanchez saga is this:
    AW should let Sanchez run down his contract, buy Mahrez or Lemar and win the PL next season. With that Sanchez will change his mind, and if he doesn’t, get a replacement. Other players will gladly come to AFC knowing we just won the league.

  15. I’m hearing all the speculation at the moment about barca interest in Bellerin. Now am I correct in thinking that most clubs when they have their “hot property” they seem to have these players valued at astonishing high figures (lets use for example pogba last year around 89 mil? maybe less, lemar has been quoted at 80 mil? roughly and mbappe around 135 mil? not sure if I got these figures right but you know what I mean). All these guys are young and very talented. I hear all the time that Bellerin is rated at one of the best right backs in the PL so we aren’t willing to part with him for anything less that 35 mil???? where does that figure come from we should be asking 60 mil minimum or more. Yes I know if we sold him it would be difficult to replace him, but if we sold for 60, 70 or even 80. That would be enough to get Lemar, invest toward another right back and if they don’t want to pay that then bye bye, see you later he has a contract with us anyway. He has a had couple of great seasons with us and now wants to go off back to spain, were is the loyalty?? we gave him his chance, we gave him the opportunity to show what he has to offer. Thanks a lot.

    As for the Sanchez situation if he really is using the 400,000k deal from china as a bargaining chip surely that means we can somehow push that deal through?? Take that money and run, if he wants to be that unreasonable, then why cant we. He cant sit and point the finger at everyone but himself yes he was scoring the goals but he lost the ball just as much as everyone else the stats don’t lie and his attitude didn’t help. Someone commented above, we gave him the opportunity when all he was doing was warming the bench at Barca, we opened that door for him, you’d think there might be some loyalty there he is coming across to me at the moment as a money grubbing little B***h. Don’t get me wrong I want him to stay cause lets face it he is awesome, great to watch, has some fantastic moments. As I said though if its true that he is using the china deal to barta then surely we can push that deal through?

    Anyways that’s my rant over. Sorry if I’ve got figures or other details wrong. Just had this on my mind for a while and fancied venting.

    Have a good one everyone 🙂

  16. I hope Alexis stays but 400k a week is madness. Alexis should win the epl for arsenal before requesting such wages…will Bayern even give him up to that? 300k will be fair enough. If he decides to leave lets sell him for £60million and buy Mbappe, Lemar, Mahrez & a Quality DM

  17. If Alexis & Ozil are both for staying we have a strong team going into the season with the additions of CDM & RW. Sead Kolasnic & Lacazette are good starts.

    Cech (4-2-3-1)
    Bellerin Holding Boss Kolasnic
    CARVALHO Xhaka
    MAHREZ Ozil Alexis

    Cech (3-4-2-1)
    Holding Boss Mustafi
    Ox CARVALHO Xhaka Kolasnic
    Ozil Alexis

    Bellerin or Ox
    Mustafi & Gabriel (Per)
    Walcott or Iwobi
    Giroud & Welbz

    Scnezney or Ospina

    1. Ramsey will start along side Xhaka in the midfield. Forget Carvalho. He is not coming. Only a Winger is coming at best.

  18. I’m excited about a striker finally arriving but until we know who else is coming and who’s going il hold judgement on what we can expect

  19. Ship sanchez off to china if he wants more than 300k. Will earn more than tevez there if all he wants is money maybe 1000k. South american players! All they want is money as they come from moderate backgrounds as wenger said.

    I personally think sanchez will stay. Lemar and goretzka! Thats all we need. And switch to a 4-3-3.

    bellerin mustafi Boss kosilinac
    ozil goretzka
    lemar sanchez

    Holding is good but not good enough to stick around in the starting eleven for a whole season. We all thought iwobi was good (by his performances at the end of second last season) and wenger thought so too and that kept him from adding attacking reinforcements for the last season.

    And Ox should look at his versatility as a positive. Look at alaba.

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