Former Barcelona ace wants to manage Arsenal

Xavi Hernandez has named Arsenal as one of the teams that he would like to manage in the Premier League.

His comments come at a time when the Gunners might be looking for a new manager soon.

They gambled on making the inexperienced Mikel Arteta their manager last year and he helped them to win the FA Cup and Community Shield.

But things haven’t looked good for them in recent weeks, with the club now looking at a relegation fight if things don’t get better for them soon.

Xavi has been managing Qatari side Al Sadd since last year after he retired from the game.

He is tipped to manage Barcelona in the future, but it seems like he has an eye on Arteta’s job.

The former midfielder was speaking about the Premier League teams that he would love to manage and he mentioned Arsenal.

The ex-midfielder told Sky Sports via Sun Sports: “Obviously if I had to choose, I would choose a big team, City or United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham.

“Also, [Jurgen] Klopp and [Mauricio] Pochettino and Unai Emery, many people who have gone there are doing an extraordinary job.”

Arteta will be hoping that his players get back to form when they face Chelsea in their next league game.

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  1. We don’t need another inexperience ex player turned coach come here and turn arsenal to a science practical laboratory anymore. Xavi u are better off plying and learning ur trade in far middle East. we are still trying to re over from the damage an ex arsenal player in the name of arterta has done to our precious club and ur here trying to compound matters. Oga thanks but no thanks

  2. There’s no time for experiments. It’s either Rafa or Pochettino. The two coaches have EPL experience, but Allegri will take time to adapt to EPL. Time is running out, Arteta should be replaced before the end of the year

    1. Agree. The sooner the better. Arteta is a talker not a man manager. He has lost the team – witness the ambling performances of the players. We need an experienced EPL Manager as an emergency fix. Possibly not even long term. It’s that or we will be floundering in the Championship next season, with the few rich pickings snapped up by Liverpool, Man City etc. And if you dont think this doom scenario is possible, just reflect on the likes of Man City, Charlton, Leeds in recent years who all went from EPL to Div 1 at some stage

  3. We went with experience, but not a huge name, with Emery, and it didn’t work. We then went with inexperience, with Arteta, and it’s not working.

    If we do sack Arteta, it has to be for a big name now. Someone who will instantly command respect. Only realistic options I can think of are Allegri, or Benitez. I am not keen on Poch as an option given his Spurs links, and he doesn’t know how to win a trophy.

    1. Agree. Benitez or Poch (its not about winning a trophy, its about survival). Can’t be Allegri as no EPL experience, and this is a relegation struggle

  4. Allegri will take to adapt, of which time is something that we dont have. We wanna move out of relegation threatening position as quickly as possible. Xavi is not the answer

  5. Not many options honestly – Allegri wont get asked after we got burned with Emery’s language issues. Inexperienced managers won’t be recruited as that is the main criticism of Arteta. Elite or currently successful managers will not apply as they could only tarnish their reputation (and we can’t afford them). That leaves experienced managers who have pretty much done it all already, can deal with the discipline issues of prima donnas, are available, know how to scrap, and like the idea of a project. I like Poch but he doesnt tick enough boxes. Ancellotti would have been great. Only one I see around is Benitez…

  6. I cannot believe the many ridiculous and plain wrong posts on here about who will be our next manager.

    There is no vacancy nor will there be one anytime in the foreseeable future, barring possible bad health, which is very unlikely.
    Several reasons for my thinking. 1. MA will prove himself. 2 No established top level manager would take the job under Kroenke. 3 ANY CHANGEOF MANAGER WOULD INVOLVE KROENKE IN MAJOR EXPENSE, WHICH HE WLL NOT ENTERTAIN.
    I cannot be the only proper thinker on JA and in fact I am certainly not, but sometimes it seems like it with threads like this one, which attracts the write first, think second brigade.

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