Former Bayern Munich boss wants to become the next Arsenal manager

Former Bayern Munich manager Nico Kovac reportedly would like a crack at managing Arsenal

Arsenal’s search for a new manager is no closer to a conclusion and the list of managers who could replace Unai Emery is continually being updated.

The latest manager to be added to that list is Nico Kovac who has just been fired by Bayern Munich, according to

Kovac is one of Europe’s most promising managers and the Croatian is in England at the moment.

Kovac watched Everton take on Chelsea before heading to Villa Park to watch the Villans take on Leicester City.

Kovac will be in the stadium when Arsenal take on West Ham on Monday and he will get the chance to look at the team.

According to the same report, he has reportedly informed Arsenal’s bosses’ that he is interested in becoming their next full-time manager.

However, he insists that he isn’t job-hunting in England and he is just fact-finding as he takes time off football.

Arsenal has handed over their managerial role temporarily to Freddie Ljungberg. The Swede is yet to win a game as their manager and Monday night’s game against West Ham presents him with another chance to do so.

Kovac won the German Cup, the German Supercup, and the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich and he will be hoping to convince the Arsenal board that he can bring trophies back to the Emirates.

He certainly is a winner and a big team manager but he was fired by Bayern Munich and considering the resources he had at his disposal with the Bundesliga giants that does take some doing.


  1. Dan says:

    OMG I thought things couldn’t get any worse may as well appoint Micky Mouse the board are panicking and absolutely clueless who to give the job to shows you where we are as a club right now a complete shambles from top to bottom it will take years to rebuild and get back what we once had!!

    1. Mogunna says:

      No unless we bring back what we lost in Wenger, Kroenke fired using us to do so after sucking all he could and this club Wenger protected so long, avoiding us what we witnessed now without him! Last season was falling appart, we got lucky from everyone doing so bad, but very scary, on the edge to slip where we headed.

      Still a record from Kroenke! Never in history a club fell off so fast and badly in history! 20years killed in a matter of a year! We are dead before season started, Pepe trick was only to make sure fans bring yearly pass! A damn payement plan as for Saliba and Tierny.Budget was 45M, didn’t spend more , actually sold!

      Whoa, Prof protected and brought so much, we got so spoiled, demanding him to leave the homehe built for us! A greedy Kroenke set up for years until he got him out for being too demanding since stadium he paid for and promised to get ressources to compete for title then!

      What Kroenke did?Jerked him, ruined Suarez deal that year! Same for Kante! Of course Prof had it right; we would have been champions in a new paid for stadium, many times til this day!

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        REAL TALK… Good to see someone else gets it and ain’t following along to what pundits and social media muppets are saying…. Much respect Gooner. 👍🏿

    2. Misgana says:

      Hey, why you people are obsessed with Wenger? Isn’t he the one who protected Kroenke when he kept on ruining Arsenal? Didn’t he lie to us to get prepared for the next years’ trophy for almost a decade when he and his boss were not neer to the ambition to achieve that? Didn’t he take a very stretched responsibility beyond his ability to lead Arsenal to the current mess(remember the disastrous players’ contract management)? Didn’t he consistently try to make us believe that a top-four finish is like a trophy when wining the Ligue was possible like Leicester City did?

      Wenger was great for Arsenal only for the first decade of his reign. The later twelve years were the time where he and the Kroenke’s’ committed crime on Arsenal to quickly turn the club into what it is now. Open your eyes my friend and see what is on the ground. Wenger is done years ago and he is one of the people to blame for Arsenal’s current state.

      1. jon fox says:

        Misgana, Totally with you on allyou write. I was calling for WeNGERS HEAD AS LONG AGO AS 2008, WHEN I COULD PLAINLY SEE HOW HE HAD ALREADTY REGRESSED US FROM HIS FIRST DECADE OF GLORY. He stayed all those years too long and Gazidis was an unmitigated disaster all his time here. He was poison and he poisoned us.

  2. Hogan says:

    That would even be worse than having Emery. Just ask any Bayern supporter.

  3. Nikos says:

    All it takes is the kroanke family to sell and then plenty of cash 💰

  4. Diogenes says:

    Not impressed by this.
    As a caretaker would rather have a British manager or someone who has managed in the league, and long-term we can do so much better.

  5. PxN says:

    I’ll take him.

  6. Reggie says:

    The press will write anything to whip up the rabble, im not sure there is any legaxin it. They will keep throwing random herrings in and some will bite. I dont buy it. The board are desperate but not stupid. Well maybe they are but kovac isn’t in the frame.

  7. RSH says:

    What does he know about EPL? Sounds like he is in the same category as Emery and would just be a random name thrown into the hat. Pick someone to build the clubs philosophy around.

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