Former Blackburn ace claims Celtic’s achievement is better than Arsenal’s Invincibles

Chris Sutton has played down Arsenal’s invincible achievement by claiming that Celtic winning nine Scottish league titles in a row is a much bigger achievement.

The Gunners won the Premier League title in the 2003/2004 season in style as they went through the entire campaign without being defeated by any side.

Liverpool came close to matching that record this season, but the Reds were beaten by Watford in one of the surprising results of the season to keep Arsenal’s record intact.

Celtic has just been awarded the Scottish Premier League title for the ninth consecutive season, despite the efforts of Rangers under Steven Gerrard, and Sutton reckons that their achievement is bigger than Arsenal winning the title unbeaten and Leicester City winning the 2015/2016 Premier League title.

He claimed that their achievement is the biggest in British football alongside the achievements of the Lisbon Lions.

It is a wonder why Sutton would say that considering that the quality of the Premier League is higher than that of the Scottish top flight.

Rangers and Celtic are the only teams challenging for the title in that competition while the Premier League is more competitive.

And let’s not forget that Celtic won a handful of those titles when Rangers were liquidated and at to start from Division two.

The more I think about, the more ludicrous this statements sounds, next he will be saying that Blackburn winning the title was more impressive. He really has become a bit ridiculous.

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  1. If Celtic were in Prem would they go unbeaten ? They be in relegation fight
    If Arsenal were in SPl would we win 9 in row ?of course
    Heck , Norwich ,Brighton , Villa , Spurs , would walk that Leauge such is the gulf in class ( well not Spurs ) but you are my point
    Be like comparing Liverpool to the champions of Cyprus

  2. There is no comparison. With Rangers relegated to the bottom of Scottish football there was only one team in it for a number of years. Celtic haven’t exactly been a roaring success in Europe either lately.

    1. Celtic’s performances in Europe during their domination of effectively one team league tells the full story.
      As far as I know the record in all types of competitive sport is still held by the great St George Rugby League Football Club (my local club when growing up), which won 11 first grade premierships in a row from 1956 to 1966 inclusive.

  3. Given the financial muscle that Celtic would have if we were ever in premier league – which incidentally can be the biggest yawn fest ever -the fan base at home and away . They would easily win the league almost immediately that’s also why we won’t be invited in

  4. Martin, I think your picture captures what any sane football fan thinks of his statement – he really is a joke!!!

  5. Sutton tends to set out to play the devils advocate as part of his professional image but on occasion he comes across as just pure ignorant as in this case.

  6. Why does anyone care what he thinks? Most humans are biased if we are being honest with ourselves and why should we judge him by different standards to ourselves? Of course I think his statements are nonsense and so do most, if not all on here. But it is irrelevant. He played for Blackburn and is a Celtic fan too. So what does anyone expect. So he’s biased, so what! Big deal! Ignore it!!

    1. Well Jon, as he is being paid to be a pundit – self appointed expert / a learned person – who gives out such nonsense as this, we SHOULD care and refute his crass remarks, as he is demeaning our club’s achievements for the sake of a headline, just like that other “pundit” Adrian Durham!!!

      1. But then Ken we would disagree with the majority of TV pundits, very few of whom are unbiased and fewer still who have much time for Arsenal. There is Wrighty, Keown and that’s about it of the ones who care about us. The other ex Arsenal players pundits like Stewart Robson, Alan Smith and Charlie Nicholas do us no favours in general and I don’t care or expect differently.
        It is just their opinions(assuming you even believe what they say as being what they truly think, which I don’t routinely do anyway!) and so it never bothers me what non Arsenal folk or ex Arsenal folk who don’t have us in their hearts say.

        I do care what real Arsenal folk say and will be honest but I never expect to agree with everything that even my personal heroes like Wrighty and Keown say. Why should I EXPECT TO, AS ITS NOT THE WAY REAL LIFE WORKS.

        As for Adrian Durham, no sensible person gives a hoot what that self publicist says and rightly so. Ignore him! Most others do. Otherwise you just feed his enormous ego.

        TBH, I care far more what proper, unbiased, respected journos like MARTIN SAMUEL, OLIVER HOLT, PATRICK WINTER write, as they are wise and professionals, unlike ex player TV pundits(in the main). I do rate Souness a lot and respect his total honesty as he sees things, irrespective of whether or not I agree.

        1. Jon, haven’t we all done just that anyway?
          I think it was Martin who said he was going to do an article on the Pundits when it was pointed out how many of them had failed at management themselves.
          Would be worth doing and detailing out their records.

          As for caring or not, I’m surprised you don’t want to put these people in their places, when it comes to our club.
          Stay silent and the abuse continues.

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