Former Chelsea man says Jesus will not score enough goals for Arsenal

Former Chelsea striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink does not think Gabriel Jesus will score enough goals for Arsenal this season.

The Gunners added the Brazilian to their squad in the last transfer window and he has been enterprising on the pitch.

He has three league goals to his name so far after six matches and that is a decent return for a new player.

However, can he score up to 20 goals in the league this term? Hasselbaink doubts that could happen even though he agrees the former Manchester City is a good signing.

He said, as quoted by The Sun

“He’s come in [and scored] three goals, made chances, made others around him play better.

“I’m still not convinced he will be 20 goals a season because if he was that then why did he not do that at Man City in a better team?

“I think he had enough opportunities [at Man City]. He is not somebody that scores goals out and out and out.

“He’s somebody that loves scoring goals and likes to link up, he’s been brilliant at it, very strong, holding the ball up.

“He’s got three goals in five matches – which is brilliant – but you expect him to score more goals. He’s a great signing.”

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We have signed Jesus to become our main striker from this campaign and the Brazilian has not made a poor start to the term.

The league season is a marathon and we need to be patient with him to get the best from him.

In the long run, he could reach 20 goals in all competitions, but we shouldn’t rely on him alone and some other players at the club have been making good contributions to its cause.

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  1. I alluded to it in an earlier post before getting accused of something wrongly. I think Jesus tries to do do much, instead of getting in the box and being our number 9. Saka and Martinelli should be great foils for him to concentrate on getting into the box and scoring. My problem with Odergaard is, he should be making hay and feeding these three and he isnt. Jesus can get 20 for us but needs to get in the box more.

    1. They don’t make the runs for odegarrd to be a supplier of through balls, Saka likes to run with the ball, he needs to attack the space behind the defence but he often receives the ball in front of the fallbacks then he has to dribble past them. Martinelli is better but still does the same imo. Jesus likes to be in the build up play also. personally imo their loads more to come from these guys, we look good, exciting and will be tough opposition to most if not all teams…

      1. Me i would push Saka, Jesus and Martinelli as high up the pitch as they are allowed. All three should be scaring the opposition like Liverpool did in their pomp.

  2. We don’t need Jesus to score 20+ goals for us to taste success this season. What we need is for the team to take the chances he creates through his hard work and spread the goal-scoring responsibility across the front line and attacking midfield.
    For instance, Odegaard missed a sitter against United yesterday. And Saka should have crossed for a waiting Jesus instead of going for goal in a tight angle. Our players need to play as a team and not as individual super stars. That’s the way to achieve success on the football pitch

    1. Only comment that makes sense, when it comes to Arsenal all ex players are experts trying to tell us what to do and the sad thing is our fan base can turn their backs on our players fast when we are down. Grow a pair and learn to stand together against all these who want us to fail. Coyg!

  3. He’s actually a brilliant players but not known for goals scoring.
    People were questioning pep for letting him go for Haland.
    Meanwhile Haland has equal his tally goals in the league for last year in just six games.
    The bottom line is you can’t have it all. you have to sacrifice one attributes for the other.
    It’s too early in the season to make conclusion but base on past events it won’t be too difficult to predict.
    However our other attackers would be the one to benefit from him the most. It is just sad that they are not as clinical as they should be.

  4. It was a blunder of epic proportions not to sign a backup for Jesus especially when we consider how we are using him. The risks of burnout, injury and fatigue will be a factor this season…world cup duties for Brazil excluded. If we cannot sign a striker in the next window, I expect us to recall Balogun from loan.

    1. RFrancis, don’t you consider Nketiah to be good enough to share the striking responsibility! I mean don’t you believe he’s capable enough alternative to cover Jesus in the Europa League & Cup matches🤔

      1. He’s probably good enough for top 6, but for top 4 and EUROPA championship, we need a more experienced and clinical finisher. We are too predictable with two strikers with no aerial presence. Nketiah has lots of potential but he needs more time to develop into a top striker.

  5. Arsenal need to be more clinical when they create chances! It’s no point getting into good goal scoring positions and not finishing it of. What they should start doing instead of always looking to walk the ball in, is too take more shots from outside of the box, getting them on target thus forcing the keeper to make a save if it doesn’t go in, which hopefully will then fall to one of their players for a simple tap in!

  6. He might be right as Jesus is a bit like an upgraded Laca. He is an all rounder, might not get 25 goals but the team aa a whole will benefit in other ways.
    I just think our other players should be working hard to get into thosw goal scoring position and be more clinical. I keep saying that we are very poor in front of goal for the amount of chances we create. And this is what put the likes of Mane and Salah a level above when compared to Martinelli, Saka etc. They were much more hungry for goals instead of just trickeries around the box..

    Lets be more clinical. Jesus, Saka, Martinelli, Odegaard, Nketia etc all have got to improve on their finishing. If they can improve on it then we will be okay.. We are creating loads and loads of chances each game but we comeout with nervy scorelines at the end.

  7. I don’t expect all the goals from Jesus, all I need is enough goals from the team, Oedegaard seems to waste a lot of chance, should take more shots, besides we need a stronger and faster midfield trio to help Jesus stay in the 18 yard box more often.

  8. Why don’t we play both Gesus and Neketia up front to demolish what ever defensive set-up.Playing 442 diamond.

    1. M y be 352 formation that will be of help both defancievely and flowing football with attack minded midfielders.

  9. Well what matters most is team contribution and scoring goals , I don’t need a striker scoring plenty of our goals and at the end nothing come out of it( eg Vanpesie, highest goal scorer for us but no trophy until he got to utd). When was the last time any man city player won golden boot but they have carried the leagues with the distribution of goals among the team.
    That’s what Arsenal is trying to achieve now, Jesus , odegaard and Martinelli have 3 goals among them, only saka has 1 goal among our attackers and is because he has not been prolific enough in front of goal in which I believe he will start very soon ( with his first goal being a boost)…
    We need team work to win trophies and not individual glory…..

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