Former England ace lends his voice to Mesut Ozil saga

Emile Heskey has become the latest individual to encourage Mesut Ozil to leave Arsenal after he was frozen out of the first team by Mikel Arteta.

The German has struggled for form over the past two seasons and he was initially given some chances when Arteta became the club’s manager.

However, he failed to impress and the Spaniard has now frozen him out of the first team.

The Gunners are desperate to get him off their wage bill as he remains their top earner and his weekly wage can cover that of at least two new players.

The German, however, has maintained that he will not be leaving the club before the end of his current deal.

He will struggle to see any team that will pay him as much as he currently earns, and the German has determined that he will stay at the club even if he isn’t being played.

Heskey, however, doesn’t think that is a smart decision and encouraged Ozil to leave the Emirates and join a team where he will be appreciated.

“For myself, I would leave,” Heskey told talkSPORT. “I would want to go and play, and be happy just to get out of that situation that he’s in.

“Looking from the outside, it looks like there’s some sort of breakdown in communication or in a relationship that he’s chosen that line.

“You’re stalling your career. You’ve come this far, from the age of nine or whatever age, to get to where you are, and you’re just going to sit there and do nothing?

“The manager has obviously shown time and time again, regardless of how you do in training, whether you have a great game or you’ve been given the captaincy, you’re not welcome.

“That’s what I see, you’re not welcome, so move on. He’s obviously taken the stubborn line of ‘I will sit here, I’m happy, you put me back in that side.’”

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  1. It is easy for Heskey or anybody else to say sell your house in London, move your wife and baby, leave your charities and friends behind and give up 18 M so you can play football somewhere else. We are assuming Artera is not playing him for football reasons. If that’s the case, Artera is to blame because the job of a coach is to get the best out of his players and find a system tailored to their strength. Otherwise coaches can discard their under performers at will and constantly ask for new players. This Ozil case is made more complicated than it should be. A world cup winner who played football with the best in the world, does not suddenly forget how to play. Imagine finding a place for Soares, Luiz, Mustafi, Holding, Kolasniac, Willock and not Ozil. That’s laughable.

    1. Let’s all agree with the obsessed fans like you. All the professionals are coming out to advice him to find another club but your likes wants to blame the club, manager, other players etc for Ozil’s predicaments. His contract will be over soon lets wait and see how all the top clubs will rush to sign up the world cup winner. FYI there are lots of players who loose form overnight in their later years; Torres, Rooney, Higuain, Mkitaryan, Sanchez, Mata, etc. Wake up! you are Arsenal FC fans and the club don’t want him so move on or go support Ozil’s next club.

      1. “All the professionals are coming out to advice him to find another club”

        You lost the argument right there and then because your statement is false.

        I am not defending Ozil. I want Arsenal to make the right decision and not commit financial suicide that will affect them for years to come. Unless of course you and other supporters calling for Ozil dismissal are ready to add 18m to the kitty.

        1. No one is saying Ozil should let go of his salary but rather be willing to find a resolution like most professional footballers will do if not wanted by a club. If the world cup winner can find a club willing to take him on loan, Arsenal FC can make up for the difference in salary. He is playing football he claims to love, Arsenal is able to get a useful player to take his place and he can leave with some dignity next year. But no he wants to seat out the final year of contract and claim victim. And how is my statement false? who else has told him to seat out the final year of his contract and do nothing unless Ozil fan club who are suppose to support the club.

          1. It is not up to him to find a club. He said he is happy at Arsenal, loves the club and supporters, willing to improve and regain his place. If Arsenal is not happy, then Arsenal should find a club for him and make the arrangements for him to leave providing both parties are happy.

    2. What are we blaming Arteta for? Getting bad eggs like ozil and guendouzi away from the squad, and winning us a trophy? What a monster. Also, really with the baby stuff? You take a plane, you live where your next job is. That is the nature of most professional footballers at the higher levels. Giving up the 18mill is the part we should hone in on and not gloss by, because it is the the obvious reason he is staying. Ozil should not be whinging to the media about wanting to play when he has the option to go somewhere else for less and has chosen not to. Ozil did not suddenly forget how to play, he is just not wanted anymore. Clubs mistake for giving him a dumb contract, but Ozil is no victim.

  2. Most people assume they know what’s best for others. Quite frankly, we all have different priorities. What was Ozil’s priority when he ditched the German FA? What were his priorities when he spoke openly about the Uyghur Muslim persecution? What are his priorities right now? Most people would do the “safe” thing. Ozil seems different. He seems to be a character that likes to defy the establishment. I love it.

    Ozil has made it clear that nobody or media blackmail will force him out of the club. He will only leave on his terms or when his contract expires. How hard is that for everyone to understand and just let the matter rest?

    1. Brother, next year he has to move from AFC as his contract expires, so if he moved this year it would be good for all, but he should have a frank discussion with the coach rather than talking to the press.He could prove us wrong by performing at the next club like Mkhitaryan or Sanchez but this man’s prioritiesare different and not for / of football. A pimple on the face and sad Arteta has to focus on an unwanted pest. Wont perform on the pitch, wont seek a transfer wont do anything worthwhile. Will go down as the EPLs worst signing since its inception. Anyways Unai was not wrong on this subject.

      1. Yes, the best case scenario would be for all parties to sit down and find a resolution that is reasonable to all concerned. But both the club and the player have chosen to fight dirty.

        I have seen many scenarios where a player wants to leave a club. He even puts in a transfer request, yet the club refuses. The player has no choice, he must continue playing for the club because there’s a signed contract. This scenario just happens to be the reverse. The club should just shut up and honor the contract. I was furious when they gave Ozil that ridiculous contract. They should take responsibility for that nonsense and not expect me to support them to denigrate the player.

    2. It’s interesting he didn’t pitch the Urghur discrimination/torture situation to his Muslim friend Erdoghan and Muslim countries in the world who don’t want to accept their own kids and kins even as refugees in their countries
      What is Ozil’s problem? He’s not interested in playing football anymore except the money. For the past two years he’s been shit. Emery found him out and now Arteta. He should stay home and collect his wages for another year and just leave us.

      1. Your comments are shit! Thats exactly what he done in his message about uig muslims…he questioned the muslim world and the world in general. Are shitty owners then acted like dicks an distanced themselfs from ozil an the poor ppl that are being persecuted… as for Özils ability, he for all his faults is still better than 90 % of our current best 11 and thats inclusing willlllllian

        1. Ozil is a finished player. And it’s completely fair to point out Ozil’s very obvious hypocrisy. Hard to call out the Muslim world when you are best friends with a dictator who treats Muslims horrible himself.

    1. The English FA and all EPL clubs recently got involved with the globalist agenda of Black Lives Matter. Different rules I guess.

      1. and what about the abuses of other ethnic minorities in / around the country he was born? Different rules ? Or is he part of a human rights club? We are a football sporting club.

      2. Good. So what prevents him to make a case of the Urghur mistreatment to cherished friend Erdoghan, the Saudis and the Iraqis?

        The one year fleece of 350k a week will definitely end. He does not seem to be a good Muslim with this attitude.

  3. I believe ozil is a very generous person. I also want him to be generous to Arsenal so as to save his career. It’s not just working for him.. If you love London.. Find a club in London and show how good you are in another premier league team. That’s if another premier league wants him.. And if a club wants him and can’t afford him.. Maybe he needs to show his generosity again.. Pardon my bad English but I hope everyone reading this get what am saying… Thank you.

    1. No twist in Ozil saga. Ozil is just living on past glory, no more good enough. Now it’s all about the pay cheque.
      Once we reinforce for the coming season, it’s over for him. Stay home and collect your money, no morality

  4. What’s going on at Arsenal? There seems to be some confusion at the top. Raul has left. What next? I’m sure Sven will be laughing by now.

    1. Raul has been sacked. Milking Arsenal with his dubious contracts with Kia Joorabchan

      Nothing to do with Ozil. Ozil
      is a total waste of money now. Not interested in playing football again. Our new number 10 is Willian

  5. It’s all getting pathetic really when fellow professionals can see Ozil’s is just clinging on to a club where he’s not wanted. With willian in the middle and the rumours that we’re looking at players like Aouar, and with Emile Smith-Rowe and Willock as cover for ACM he can stay it’s fine. won’t get a sniff of football though.

    1. Its a matter or principle! I did not like your comment…i mean i liked it at first but now i dont so why dont you jus delete your comment and then just start posting on the chelsea website? I hope you understand that am only kidding…but magine this was true…how would u feel….how do u think ozil is feeling jus now…..its plain to see that kronkes are fed up payin ozil his wage an he is now deemed bad for business as arsenal rep wud be damaged in china and other players will use ozils wage as a benchmark…shame really all about the money jus like jessy j sang

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