Former England boss claims Arsenal manager is unsackable this term

Glenn Hoddle has come out to claim that Arsene Wenger will still be in his job at the end of the season, no matter how badly his Arsenal side perform.

The Frenchman has been in charge in North-London for 20 years now, and has led the club to three Premier League titles, including the infamous ‘invincibles’ season of 2004, but not won a title since that year.

You can blame the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City’s billionaire owners for a large part of that, but with the income of Arsenal, they are more than able to spend their fair share, but seemingly refuse to.

Arsene Wenger is not solely blamed for the lack of spending, but has come under increased scrutiny in recent seasons for a lack of results in the Premier League, and was the subject of protests during the season by fans.

Glenn Hoddle has now moved to claim that even if Wenger was to start the campaign as badly as Chelsea did last term, the manager would still be in his job come the end of the term.

‘Arsenal have always stuck by their manager and I don’t see [Wenger being sacked] unless there is an absolute disaster of all disasters. If they started poorly and they’re in the bottom six or seven like Chelsea were last season then I still see Arsene being the manager at the end of the season,’ Hoddle told

‘I don’t think they would panic. I expect Arsenal to do very well – I think they will be at the top end of the league.’

If Wenger keeps our team in the top four this season with our squad, then I will eat my hat, but the transfer window is still open, and there has to be more signings.

Do you agree that Wenger is untouchable?

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  1. Wenger has been untouchable but this season, as he’s confirmed, will be key for his future. It’s been too long without a league and with our main top players refusing to extend their contracts for now (Sanchez and Ozil), we need to at least challenge for the title till the end.
    If our top players leave then Wenger will have to go

  2. Arsenal lived off the
    invincible’s memory for
    5 years. In 2009 New Owner
    Kroenke wanted financial stability
    and believed competing for titles was too risky.
    This suited Wenger too because he had given up competing for
    the title after being traumatized by Maurinho in 2005.
    He could have gone in style after the FA Cup win in 2014 or 2015.
    He was saved by Tottenham’s late collapse last term
    despite being left 10 points adrift of 5000-1 winners Leicester.
    He stayed on because of his addiction to the job and fear of retirement.
    While the value of the club keeps climbing the owner is happy to have him stay on.
    If your a fan of winning titles it has been a painfully dragged out process.
    If you an adherent of top 4 is good enough then you hope he is in the job forever.

    1. Davidnz, I agree with much of what you say. I do think that stadium debt was a big factor in the lack of success and having to sell our best players, up untill a few years ago.

      Then along came kroenke, saw high ticket prices, waiting list for season tickets, acceptance by fans of the top four model and stadium debt reducing and becoming more manageable. Kroenke thought, we will continue this and instead of the money going to pay of stadium debt it will come to me.

      The question is, whilst fans remained loyal to arsenal whilst paying off stadium debt, will they remain loyal if they think they are being ripped off. Will they continue buying merchandise and tickets.

  3. We all agree that wenger needs to go.
    But the question is what next?
    True that we all want trophies but at what cost?.
    Are arsenal fans ready to watch 90minutes of boring football every weekend jyst for the sake of trophies?
    Will we put up with wasting of the clubs finances to see even more frustrating players?
    Are we gonna turn into the new manure or liverpool.
    You see these are the things we need to look at before regretting later.

    Not that I am against the idea by the way

    1. Do you know what’s boring football???
      Pass-pass-pass-LOSE THE GAME, rinse and repeat, that’s what’s boring.

  4. Wenger is not getting the sack because the London-based fans are glued to him altogether living in the past glories. Now it’s not what is good to Arsenal anymore but what is good to Wenger.

    I hope they will still be with him when we get to place 6th this time around. Even West ham has seen the need to buy .

    Leicester who won the league has bought good team players. But we are still doing what we do best every time.

  5. “Don’t talk to me about Arsenal. One minute they want me, the next they don’t return my calls.” – Ashley Williams

    meaning the guy wanted to join Arsenal
    that’s why players hate to be linked with arsenal because they will just be unsettled

  6. OT: Fatboy Gooney. Joined your league. Let the best armchair manager competition begin :P.

    btw bragging rights reserved till the end of the season. 😀

    1. What’s the Code?
      Hope you joined mines 806683-217947

      Latest link Lewandoski…Wenger pull this off and be forgiven for late transfer activity.

  7. All signings at top clubs in this transfer window :

    Chelsea : Batshuayi, Kante
    Bought a decent backup to injury prone Diego Costa and also further improved their midfield with Kante. Reportedly aggressively targeting Lukaku and Koulibaly.

    Leicester : Robert Zieler,Luis Hernandez,Raul Rubio,N.Mendy,Ahmed Musa,Bartosz Kapustka.
    Having sold Kante to Chelsea already bought a replacement in Mendy. Bought a versatile forward in Musa. Bought winger Kapustka and forward Rubio in case Mahrez leaves. Also reported to have made a bid for Gabriel Barbosa.

    Liverpool : Joel Matip,Loris karius,Sadio Mane,Ragnar Klavan,Alex Manninger,Georginio Wijnaldum.
    Bought Matip and Klavan to bolster defence, Signed Mane and Wijnaldum as cover/competition for injury prone Sturridge.Signed Manninger as cover for error prone Mignolet.

    Man City : Gundogan,Nolito,Zinchenko,Aaron Mooy,Sane,Jesus,Moreno,Stones.
    Signed Nolito,Jesus,Moreno as cover for injury prone Aguero. Signed Gundogan as future replacement for Yaya and Stones as future replacement for Kompany.

    Man U : Bailly,Ibra,Mkhi,Pogba.
    Signed Bailly to strengthen defence,Ibra to groom young strikers Rashford and Martial,Mkhi to possibly replace outgoing Mata and Pogba to bolster midfield.

    Spurs : Wanyam,Janssen
    Signed Janssen as cover for Kane and Wanyama for squad depth as they will be competing in CL this year.

    So why are we the only team that have not addressed the defeciences in our team??

      1. Soopa! ..doopa ..doopadi ..doo!, I’ve got a strong!, …message for you!. Soopa! ..doopa ..doopadi ..doo!, I’m calling you, …delusional too!!.

    1. I would like to know how many of them are similar in age to our 20 to 21 year old signings. I’m guessing Klopp has bought youngsters, city bought Sane, he’s a kid, but I guess people won’t care about that because of his price.

    2. totally agree with u..and rival
      jose is doing transfers
      what we have wished for arsenal for a decade

  8. Wenger will only remain as manager if we the fans especially the London fans sit on our hands and do nothing, except of course come here and moan. If we stage united protests, do a mass walkouts at halftime, 70th, 80th minutes of matches, boycott the purchase of merchandise, believe me Wenger will be shown the door. Who stays or who goes are in our hands and not in Wenger’s or the board. We even have the power to sack the board if we pull ourselves together. We have the real power not them. We are the ones who are to make our club a club of champions once again. And the time to do it is now.

      1. Last season showed were Arsenals true support stands, and I say true because for nth Londoners they didn’t have a choice in who to support.

    1. Eblaze, I understand your sentiment but, kroenke owns over two thirds of arsenal. Only kroenke can sack the board, no-one else.

  9. Of course he’s not going to get sacked, only a complete moron would think this possible. Arsene’s consistency is unbelievable, one season coming short of what he usually gives is no reason for his backers to change their mind. As for his detractors, they’d sack him if he won the double.

  10. Wenger will leave when Wenger wants. He’s his own boss. Let’s stop pretending he has any type of pressure. If we finish outside top 4 he will say he has to stay to fix his mistakes, if we finish top 4 he says we can win title next season. Arsene will leave when he wants, bottom line.

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