Former England captain claims Partey inferior to Man United counterpart

Rio Ferdinand has claimed that Manchester United’s Casemiro is better defensively than Arsenal’s Thomas Partey, and claims he also has a better impact for his side.

The two sides go head-to-head this weekend at the Emirates Stadium, with the visitors posing as the only team to have beaten the top of the table side in the division this term.

With all eyes on the two in-form sides, Rio has taken the chance to compare two of their midfielders, and claims that the Red Devils CM is more important to his side than the ever-present Thomas Partey.

“I think the importance to their teams… you could argue both sides quite equally – but then, when you throw the stats in, Casemiro wipes him away,” Ferdinand told his Vibe With Five YouTube channel.

“I don’t think Partey could do what Casemiro does. I don’t think Partey is good enough defensively to do what Casemiro is doing.

“I don’t think he has the impact defensively [for Arsenal as Casemiro has] for Man United.”

Casemiro certainly has impressed since moving from Real Madrid. I can’t deny that I wasn’t sure he would settle at Old Trafford, like so many have failed before him, but he is one of the players who has helped to bring a positive change for Erik Ten Hag.

Comparing him to Thomas is another story however, and I believe that we are top of the league largely because of his partnership with Granit Xhaka through the middle, with the Swiss also in top form this term.

I definitely wouldn’t trade any of our players for one plying their trade for United at present, but if Partey doesn’t overcome his injury issues of last term then we could well have to look at bringing in strong competition for his starting spot in the summer.


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  1. Well Casemiro is suspended for the game on Sunday, as he got his 5th booking of the season tonight in the Mancs draw at Palace.

  2. With way Casemiro played against Crystal Palace today Rio Ferdinand must think again. Partey is the the best player in the league at the moment. The reason why arsenal is on top.

  3. Great news United dropping 2 points and Casemiro out of the game against us. They would have gone above City and only 6 points behind, albeit having played a game more, if they had won.

  4. Who has had the better career, Casemiro, obviously. Who is better this season, Partey, obviously. Why we even debating this. Anyone who isn’t biased knows Partey has been the best CDM in England this campaign.

    1. Exactly ,and why does Rio always say this and that about arsenal, same with Gary Neville lmao who went to villiraeal and lasted 3 weeks and got sacked or was it Valencia ,to be honest I couldn’t care I don’t try to follow there career if the had one lol Gary Neville omg TTL head nipper when commentating on games, and always has to get utd in even there not playing lol

  5. Partey has not lost any game he played for arsenal this season he is better than casemiro stop being blind

  6. He says that the floor is wiped clean statistically speaking but then fails to show us the statistics ..he just gives his opinion instead. If it is true then I would enjoy showcasing them [stats] if I were in his shoes

    In my opinion, Partey is so well-rounded which makes him a force to be reckoned with. both on the ball and off the ball he is such an important player. I have not seen enough of Casemiro to put him on par or more. It is also about partnerships and the team-play, making things a bit murkier

  7. Ferdinand don’t talk utter rubbish casemiro better defensively than partly, well one casemiro hardly got a game when he joined utd and 2 , you never hear casemiro get praised in games everyweek and what would they do if you were to lose casemiro due to Injury etc, yes I’ll admit casemiro is a great player but a Thomas partly he will never be, don’t be a hater bcoz partlet is talk of the DM league all over, typical utd player or ex player doesn’t like to see arsenal win nothin, well see this weekend who’s who’s Rio, just use keep spending for overated players such as Antony, well over payed for and overated…

  8. Leave Partey alone, we love him the way he is. And as a matter of fact, they acquisition of Casemiro from costed a larger sum than Partey’s meagre purchase price. Amongst the two, Casemiro’s level of expectation from fans as regards performance is higher than Partey’s.

    Just leave Arsenal with Partey as I believe he is doin’ his job as expected of him….And, as far as we are topping the table, what more can we ask for?🤷

  9. I don’t know if this debate is worth the trouble but talking about statistics, we are yet to lose a single match which Partey started in the league this campaign; only drawing 2 due to deliberate errors by the referees. Whenever he isn’t playing, our defense becomes nervous and we concede goals.

    That’s why it’s not making sense that we aren’t signing a viable DM. Just terrible.

  10. Well if we only compare their defensive contribution then i would expect casemiro to come out on top else he would be a mediocre midfielder. Partey is a world class all rounder who can do pretty much everything from tackling, passing, shooting and dribbling.

  11. Mind games…don’t work at this point.. after all Casemero will not even play against Arsenal

    1. I don’t think it’s mind games, but it would have backfired if that was the case with Casemiro being suspended.

  12. Both are well-rounded defensive midfielders and both are absolutely crucial to their respective teams. Casemiro maybe is a bit stronger defensively but partey is possibly a bit better with the ball, however neither is particularly weak in either area.
    I do think partey is an absolutely perfect fit for the type of football we are playing and I wouldn’t swap him for Casemiro of given the choice, but equally I wouldn’t be complaining if Casemiro was playing for us.

  13. He is so good defensively that he had to resort to an attempted rugby tackle last night.Any comments Mr Ferdinand?

  14. Casemiro is good, one of the best MIdfielders in the league. I am not an Arsenal fan but Partey has been sublime. If that bullet he hit on the weekend had went in there would be no debate that could hold water. Simeone cried when Atletico sold him. Now we see why. With Odegard and Granit they have the best midfield in Europe.

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