Former EPL goalkeeper slams Ramsdale for his performance against Leicester

Former Tottenham number one Paul Robinson was unimpressed by the performance of a shaky Aaron Ramsdale as Arsenal beat Leicester City 4-2 yesterday.

The Gunners won their second league game of the season in as many matches, and everyone deserves credit for their performance and contribution towards the victory.

However, the two goals they conceded will probably have been avoided by some good defending and better goalkeeping, especially the first one.

It was credited as an own-goal for William Saliba, but the defender had done the right thing to head it back to his goalie, who he didn’t know had left his line.

“I thought both goalkeepers were poor today, to be honest. You can’t defend the goalkeeping today. As Saliba heads the ball you look at Ramsdale’s position, he’s in what you call no mans land. Saliba’s not expecting his goalkeeper to be there,” Robinson said on Stadium Astro.

“He’s gone too high up, Saliba looks up and hopes his goalkeeper is back. But Ramsdale ends up no mans land and he causes his defender a problem.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Ramsdale was solid in the match at other times, but that lack of communication between him and Saliba has to be worked on.

We cannot afford mistakes like that against the top opponents because they will make us pay more than yesterday.

Hopefully, the players will learn from it and come back stronger.

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  1. Ramsdale is a good goalie but his brain is not engaged properly now and then. He needs to calm down, i said this last season and he is still like a rabid dog. The best goalkeepers are calculating and calm.

    1. If it wasn’t for VAR yesterday, he would have given away a penalty. It wasn’t a penalty but it looked like one but he shouldn’t have been in that position to even get involved like that. It was a rush of blood.

      1. Ramsdale Should minimize mistakes,in Crysta palace game he also made a mistake only for palace forway to squarder it.He should learn on what happened to Leno.We need a trophy this season no excuses.

  2. Ramsdale still has flaws ,….Last year he gave a cheap goal against Liverpool…..The second Leiscter goal was his faut…..he’s still too impetuous
    he needs to calme down as Seaman said once…..A work in progress….

  3. If Ramsdale doesn’t pull up his socks, we could face another goalkeeper crisis this season. Leno was harshly criticized and paid the ultimate price for similar errors. Not throwing a punch; just setting the record straight.

  4. Robinson was a poor GK at Spurs. He let in a lot of goals anytime we played them. But he’s in his comments though

  5. As a goal keeper you don’t need to leave your line unless you’ll get to the ball the same time as the opponent or before him. You also don’t need to approach an opponent when your defender is on him, it makes it easy for him to score.
    On a set piece you don’t leave your line unless you’ll get to the ball.
    You don’t need too much schooling to understand this if you’re a good goal keeper.
    With professional trainers this mistakes are still there. Not even the coaches watching can point it out.
    Goal keeping is all about positioning, if you’re not standing in the right place, there is nothing you can do, you are completely at the mercy of the quality of the player taking the shot.

  6. The sale of Leno may well prove to be a mistake as Ramsdale is far from convincing .He lacks calmness and composure,his positional sense is suspect, and he is vulnerable at the near post as he demonstrated yesterday.

    1. The American import is also a suspect Arter Arteta will need to to be serious with him I hope goalie coach is reading these msgs coz we can not fix other positions while this major area is leaking as it is

  7. You’re being too hard on Ramsdale. Saliba is a new defender, they’re yet to gel. It takes time, to know each other. He was closing the angle in case Saliba did not get there, but Saliba got there. So it’s confidence in Saliba that needs to grow.

  8. and we still won with 2 goals to spare. YAAH.
    Ramsdale is fine by me , but that sub looked suspect preseason.

  9. Arteta is not good human resources manager. Rather than let Leno leave, he would have created competition between him and Ramsdale. Klopp and Guardiola keep the value of their players at the top by rotating them since the bench is always as rich as those on the top.
    For these 2 games, he would have given Nketia at least 20 minutes per game. But he gives him a2 and 8 minutes respectively.

  10. Ramsdale is a poor keeper. His reflexes are slow, too short, poor positioning- forget top four with this fellow.

  11. You can never satisfy human beings, so Ramsdale is not good again so we should continue with Leno, at least since Ramsdale has taken over from Leno, I am not afraid of any Ariel ball again, he is still young and can correct his mistakes…… Can anybody tell me any goal keeper who has never make mistake in the world before even the so called world class keepers like Neuer, Allison, Degea( against Brentford), Mendy, Buffon etc… You guys should clam down and allow the team to focus after all we won and he saved us earlier in the match and nobody said anything about that but you all focused on his mistakes, wow such is life nobody cares about your good will but make silly mistakes and you will be in trouble…..

  12. Common! Of all comments, not this please. Reflexes slow? Have you seen his near unbeatable saves before?

    I’m so thinking your comment is a lot around sarcasm than condemnation.😁

  13. We all know Ramsdale is a work in progress. If he was able to usurp Pickford of his assir d position at the National team, then there is something good about him. His reflexes are great and saves especially one-on-one, are just near perfect. Leno is good but he is no more with us. So let’s throw some weight behind Ramsdale, leave some of these media deceits and we are good to go.

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