Former Everton striker claims he is on his way to Arsenal

Victor Anichebe has claimed he is on his way to Arsenal on Twitter, sending shockwaves through social media.

The striker is currently out of contract, having left West Bromwich Albion at the end of the previous term, and has been on the lookout for a new club ever since.

The 28 year-old has now claimed that he is on his way to the Emirates, leading to mass speculation that he could be set to join the club this summer.

The former Everton man is not restricted by the 11PM deadline however, due to being out of contract, and there would be no need to rush through the deal, should one happen.

Anichebe has scored a measly 24 league goals in his 186 appearances so far in his career with Everton and West Bromwich Albion combined, and hardly boasts any kind of record which would warrant a move to our big club.

I am telling myself he is on a wind-up, with his arrival bringing nothing to our club.

Kelechi Nwakali joined our club this summer, and as a fellow Nigerian, he could have proved some sort of link, but he has already left us on loan, leaving me completely baffled as to why there would be any kind of reason why he would be coming to the Emirates.

I am assuming he has allowed one of his friends access to his Twitter account for a laugh, but stranger things has happened I suppose…

Does anyone believe there could be any truth in his tweet? Could Wenger really have seen some kind of use for him within our squad?

Pat J

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  1. I don’t know why, but the Bournemouth football club badge keeps making me think it’s Lukaku with the ball on his forehead.

    1. It sounds as if you’re suffering from the transfer blues!
      Maybe its a side effect from wanting wenger to sign Lukaku along with the dissapointment of Jack joining Bournemouth? ?

      1. When I first saw the Bournmouth badge Lukaku immediately came to mind. This is some few seasons back.

  2. Victor obviously has a great sense of humour and is just trolling Arsenal, just llike every other @@@@! ? ? ?

    1. he meant he was going the UAE (United Arab Emirates).. may be he is going to play for some club there. you know how well those oily rich sheikhs pay

  3. First gossip – Eddie Howe next Arsenal manager, after AW sees out his contract
    Then – Jack goes to Bournemouth
    I hope the first gossip never comes true

  4. Sure. Wenger has rejected using Akpom this season (loan) in favor of the unwanted Anichebe.

    Maybe for 1000 a week to train with the reserves? And if that does not work out he will go to Belgium to serve as Henry’s assistant.

    1. No one gets drunk on just Air! ? His probably swigging at the bottle from under his desk, when no one is looking! ???

  5. The French manager claims that Sissoko is in London.
    I wonder who’s about to sign him… last minute dot com. ?

    1. Yep the Spuds are battling it out with Everton for Sissoko.
      Leicester have signed that Sporting Lisbon striker that we were ‘supposedly’ linked to… whats his face salami bagel or something like that. ?

      1. Sissoko to Spurs is probably done. What a powerful midfield they’ve assembled, with Wanyama and Sissoko. Wall!

  6. I wouldn’t mind Anichebe when he was younger and fit to be honest. Our team currently lacks a plan B in attack. As an example, just look at the terror Ahmed Musa struck into Arsenal fans when he came on in the Leicester game! We lack that aggressive player to come off the bench to unsettle the opposition. Anichebe would have proven to be a real handful for defenders, especially in those dying minutes 😉

  7. Jefferson montero Swansea is another of those high impact pacey players in the musa ilk. Gutted spurs are signing moussa hate that they’ve strengthened 🙁

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