Former Fox joins great Gunner in slamming Vardy’s Arsenal transfer delay

It is hardly surprising to hear that the former Arsenal and France international star Thierry Henry thinks that a Player like Jamie Vardy should jump at the chance to play for the Gunners, as the Frenchman has made no secret of his love for our great club, with which he is once again involved in a coaching role.

More surprising, however, is the fact that the former Leicester City star and current football pundit Robbie Savage thinks the same about this possible transfer, as he has no love for Arsenal and has often come across as not really liking us, often being one of the harshest critics of Arsene Wenger, individual players or the whole team in general.

But Savage used his column in The Mirror to express his opinion that Vardy is making a big mistake if the current delay continues and the striker decides to reject the chance to play for Arsenal.

He said, ” Jamie Vardy owes Leicester nothing.

“He has just fired them to the Premier League title and into the Champions League. To be honest, I don’t know what more he can realistically achieve at the King Power. Leicester aren’t going to win the title again. And although they can offer Vardy a taste of Champions League football next season, in all likelihood Arsenal can offer it every year.

“If I was 29 years old, and the Gunners were offering me £120,000 a week for the next three years , I wouldn’t think twice. I’d be off to north London.”

Our all-time record goal scorer was even more emphatic about the situation in a Metro report. Henry clearly thinks that Vardy has a screw loose and that he should have already snapped Wenger´s offer up gratefully, pointing out that as the Leicester player is almost 30 and has only a few years left at the top of his game, this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

He said, ‘He’s 29, right? You have Arsenal coming for you, and you’re telling them you’re going to think about it?.

‘Listen. All I can say is if I was playing for Leicester and I had Arsenal coming, I would have gone.’

The question is, though, will Vardy take any notice of all this or is he set to turn down what appears to be a golden chance to enjoy a few years as a Gunner?


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  1. The real question is; Why are Arsenal buggering about with Vardy, he’s a jumped up one season wonder, we should be aiming a lot higher than him.

    Withdraw the offer and tell him if he’s not fully committed to playing for Arsenal, then F right off.

  2. @ Stubil..

    I was in full support of Vardy coming to Arsenal but I can’t believe he is doing this….
    Therefore I support you….

    But, within me,I still think the deal might have been wrapped up and it will be announced after the Euros…but if am wrong and he later turns us down then I wish him a flop next season!

    1. At times i laugh at people’s comments acting like they know the future.What do you mean by he is a ”one season wonder”…Smh.What do you knw about a person’s future.All transfers is a risk depending on how you see it.Now everyone is waiting for him to flop then they will come and say”I told u so”.What kind of childish attitude is that.Honestly, i dont find it wrong for arsenal to target him since he did very well last year.Just support the guy if he ever comes because if he can do it with Leicester then he can with arsenal.After all if You didi it before then you can do it again because it’s all about you.

      1. He’s 29 years old, and in 5 years playing in the top 2 divisions has had one stand out season (last season), the season before that he scored 5 (FIVE) goals in 36 games in all appearances. That to me makes him a one season wonder.

        I never pretended to predict the future, I can only go on his record thus far. I’m sure someone out there has driven a Lada for 10 years and is happy with it, but I think I’ll stick with my gleaming AMG thanks very much.

        I don’t like him, his diving and he doesn’t fit our style of play, if he does come to Arsenal, I’ll be forced to support him as he has the shirt on, but I still won’t like him.

    2. @kev…..u laugh at ppl who thinks he’s a one season wonder?

      How bout u take the time to think/Laugh at the thought of him no shining next season?

  3. 45m pound offer for Lewandowsky with a 200K wages and see what happens. If that fails, then Draxler while we move Sanchez to the middle.

  4. i honestly think that the abuse vardy,s wife got on twitter has something to do with him changing his mind,he may not want her to go through that again!!do you agree?

  5. Never really wanted Vardy from the Onset!

    Why does it matter (to me) if he doesn’t want to come to Arsenal?

  6. Morata is the latest striker to blank Arsenal, saying that he would only consider a move to Utd or Chelsea.

    That’s great news and if anyone is watching the Spain game, you would agree that Morata is a load of ?!!

    1. Well Morata only wants a club who will give him a route back to Madrid. United and Chelsea are the only clubs who are mercenary enough to buy him with the Madrid buy back clause. So not too disappointed he prefers those two.

  7. I reckon Vardy’s gonna make the move when England is done. He wouldn’t have been sure about the reaction from England fans if done before the tournament. He will move, he might not want to be the first one to do it, because I believe that he, Kante and Marhez will be plying their trade elsewhere as of next season. So before supporters start backing themselves into a corner, keep in mind that it is still very much possible (I mean the supporters who give full backing to new signings whether or not they align with your own wishes).

  8. Random thought but maybe Vardy is waiting to see if we will go for Mahrez as well…
    From reports they have a good bromance…

    Who knows.

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