Former Gunner advises Mbappe to make Arsenal move

Nicolas Anelka has advised Kylian Mbappe to move to Arsenal or another Premier League club if he is serious about winning the Ballon d’Or.

Mbappe is one of the best strikers in Europe at the moment and he has helped PSG to remain the biggest club in France.

He has also won the World Cup with the French national team, but he has still not won the Champions League.

PSG is one of the biggest clubs in Europe, but the French Ligue 1 isn’t the most competitive on the continent.

He will struggle to win major individual honours while playing for them according to Anelka, who advises him to move to England instead.

Mbappe’s current deal expires next summer and he has refused to sign an extension with the French club.

He has been linked with a move to the likes of Liverpool and Real Madrid before now, but Anelka names Arsenal as one of the clubs he should join if he is serious about winning the Ballon d’Or.

Anelka said to The Athletic: “If you want to win the Ballon d’Or, which is what you should be looking at to echo Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, you will have to compete with the best.”

“The French league is not easy, don’t get me wrong, but I think the toughest league is in England. So, if you want to be one of the best, then do what you do in Paris but with Chelsea or United or Arsenal or Manchester City or Liverpool.”

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  1. Premier League players almost never win the Ballon d’Or, so I would say its terrible advice.

    1. Agreed,
      2001 Owen at Liverpool
      2008 Ronaldo at Man Utd
      These are the only winners representing English clubs for the past 20yrs.

      1. I think TH14 was robbed in 2003(i think or 04)he should have won it instead of Pavel Nedved from Juventus.

  2. Anelka is clearly out of touch with reality. Who’s next on his list, free agent Messi?

    On a more realistic front, we should be very concerned about the clubs transfer business to date. Only two acquisitions so far and both players are not premier league ready. ESR is yet to sign his new offer, Runnarson, Xhaka and Leno perhaps are unsettled and could leave shortly.

    Player sales to date (Guendouzi and Mav) has been underwhelming at just 18M. Our midfield crisis is still to be fixed but over 50M have been set aside for a new center back.

    Pre-season training is particularly important this year because of the influx of new players.

    Considering all the above, I am changing my risk rating for the club from yellow to bright RED. We are on course for a disastrous transfer period, again.

  3. Nobody should write off Arsenal in any deal until after the close of the transfer window. Anelka’s a former player & could know something we don’t know. Clubs have their transfer policies & do their things their way.

    1. That is sensible advice. However unlikely Mbappe coming to Arsenal is, until the close of the transfer window anything could happen

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Arsenal!! That’s just made my day…

    Oh for twenty years ago… what a wonderful bygone era

  5. It could be a career move that Mbappe needs and Kudos to Arsenal2win for loyalty beyond the call of duty but I don’t see where that optimism is coming from unless its fantasy football. Sure Arsenal have pulled off the odd coup in snaring already established players such as signing Bergamp and even Ozil but besides excluding the money involved, why would anyone ranked in the top class want to join Arteta’s Arsenal when there are much better immediate options out there? Arteta is not Wegner who could transform a career. rather the opposite, I’m afraid.Still we can dream on, but we know that whoever arrives before the end of the transfer window will be a downgrade.

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